The Wearable Frontier: Redefining Human Augmentation (Edited Series) ***New in 2024***

The proposed series aims to explore the expansive domain of wearable computing, a transformative field bridging human-computer interaction, health, industry, and societal norms. This interdisciplinary landscape continues to evolve, integrating seamlessly with technology and altering paradigms. While it doesn’t currently have a specific association backing, it anticipates collaboration with multiple stakeholders across industries and academia.

Aims and Scope:

– Purpose: Explore the multifaceted landscape of wearable computing and its potential to augment human capabilities.
– Disciplines Covered: Interdisciplinary focus on technology, health, industry, and societal impact.
– Intellectual Level: High-quality research and innovation.
– Topicality: Addressing current innovations and envisioning the future of wearable technology. – Unique Emphases: Emphasizing seamless integration, advanced analytics, and user empowerment.

About the Series Editor:
Aryan Chaudhary, the Chief Scientific Advisor at BioTech Sphere Research, India, is a prominent figure in the healthcare and technology landscape, celebrated for his groundbreaking contributions and innovative leadership. Formerly the Research Head at Nijji HealthCare Pvt Ltd, he has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in leveraging revolutionary technologies, including artificial intelligence, deep learning, IoT, cognitive technology, and blockchain, to reshape the healthcare industry.His extensive body of work includes influential academic papers on public health and digital health, published in prestigious international journals. Recognized for his exceptional contributions, he has received prestigious accolades such as the “Most Inspiring Young Leader in Healthtech Space 2022” by Business Connect. His influence extends to senior memberships in various international science associations, showcasing his impact in the field. Recently appointed as the Chair for an ACM professional chapter and nominated as a member of the ACM U.S. Technology Policy Committee (USTPC) in the AI & Algorithms division.

Additionally, he has been elected as a regular fellow member of the International Organization for Academic and Scientific Development (IOASD) and admitted as a member of the International Association for Carbon Capture (MIACC). His influence further extends as a technical committee member of IEEE CTSoc- Consumer Systems for Healthcare and Wellbeing (CSH).

Contact Information:
Aryan Chaudhary, Chief Scientific Advisor, BioTech Sphere Research, India
Email ID:

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