Stem Cells in Translational Biomedicine

Stem Cells in Translational Biomedicine is a peer-reviewed book series dedicated to the vast yet still untapped potential of stem cell behavior. The scope of the series ranges from contributions on stem cells that are characterized by totipotency to those that are terminally differentiated from pluripotent and multipotent cells and have acquired the lineage markers. These pathways include homing of the various lineages to the different parts of the living body evolving into multiple organs. This book series aims to serve in the development of therapies such as through autologous stem cell transplantation and stem cells that are engineered for expression of desired genes necessary to correct genetic alterations or deleterious mutations. Topics to be considered for publication include embryonic, hematopoietic, neural, mesenchymal, cardiovascular, and endothelial stem cells, as well as issues concerning stem cells in disease, congenital cytopenias, infection, cancer and leukemia, autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s, the retina and glaucoma, aging, therapy, regenerative medicine, and translational research.

Stem Cells in Translational Biomedicine maintains an active international editorial board and review board.
Please click here to view the editorial board and to learn more about the peer-review process and instructions for submitting your work.

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