Practical Applications of Dental Oral Research (Edited Series) ***New in 2024***

The goal of this book series is to dedicate one book a year on a specific domain of clinical dentistry (e.g., temporomandibular dysfunction, implants, oral lesions treatable [or not] by laser) by examining the fundamentals of oral biology, dental science research, and discussing the clinical implications and applications of the experimental findings in that specific domain. Specific domains covered in the book series will be identified and discussed by a forum of specialists (i.e., practicing clinical dentists with research interest and background, oral biology researchers, research departments of dental companies [e.g., Biolase, Henry Schein, Invisalign]). Once a topic is identified, the senior editor will seek out an expert in that specific area of dental and oral science to act as the lead editor of that specific book in the book series. They will work together to produce a table of contents and to invite the authors of each chapter.

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