Advances in Clinical Dentistry Research

Advances in Clinical Dentistry Research is a multidisciplinary book series that publishes original scientific studies, case reports, and reviews on all topics of oral medicine including maxillofacial and oral surgery; prosthetics and restorative dentistry; operative dentistry; endodontics; periodontology; orthodontics; dental materials science; clinical trials; epidemiology; pedodontics; oral implant; preventive dentistry; oral pathology; specifics on new instruments and diagnostic equipment; modern therapeutic drugs and devices; and basic oral sciences. It is the intention of this series to build a bridge between basic and clinical sciences for the benefit of patients and clinicians.

Advances in Clinical Dentistry Research maintains an active international editorial board and review board.
Please click here to view the editorial board and to learn more about the peer-review process and instructions on submitting your work.

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