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“Diarrhea, whose morbidity is still a non-solved problem, still creates a great deal of anxiety among parents who look for something to stop the disease as quickly as possible. Racecadotril More

New Review

“This book is unique in the field of Quantum Mechanics and its applications. It is really different from others. It is comprehensive and written with an attractive personal style. In More

New Review

The Last Farewell Embrace: Spirituality, Near-Death Experiences, and Other Extraordinary Events among Nurses “For nurses, doctors, and other medical practitioners this book is a ‘must-read’. Those who have faced a More

Why 40%-80% of Chronic Pain Patients are Misdiagnosed and What to Do About It

Why 40%-80% of Chronic Pain Patients Are Misdiagnosed and How to Correct That Patient Compliment Letters Comments on Indian Lectures Trial Lawyer Dick Cranwell Nelson Hendler’s newest book does an More

New Book Review

“Moral Development and Behavior: New Research should be on every sport pedagogist’s, coach’s, and teacher’s bookshelf; but, more importantly, should be internalized and laid on the hearts of anyone who More

An In Depth Look at Hungary

“This book continues the traditions of this series and approaches some socio-economic and historical aspects Hungary’s development. The book consists of four chapters, which were written altogether by twelve contributors.” More

Negotiation and Decision Making In Mergers and Acquisitions. Intercultural Due Diligence

“Effective leaders must know how to negotiate. This intriguing book by Dr. Iulian Warter is a must read for any executive involved in negotiating mergers or acquisitions.” – Hershey H. More

Can Biofuels Alleviate the Energy and Environmental Crisis?

“I have no hesitation in endorsing the publication of this book. I strongly encourage and recommend the students, academicians, scientists, regulatory, and policymakers to glean through the adaptable solutions the More

Sensory Integration: Development, Disorders and Treatment

“The book is intended for teachers, parents and sensory integration therapists. In an accessible, professional way, the author explains what the disturbances of sensory integration involve, what they relate to More

The Power to Care: Effects of Power in Intimate Relationships

“Written with wit and elegance, Erez Zverling provides an impressive scholarly overview of the effects power can have on people in various domains, from intimate relationships to society at large. More

Basilar Artery: A Clinical Review (2 Volume Set)

“Patients with pathology involving the basilar artery are some of the most desperate in all of neurology and neurosurgery, and the treatment of this pathology is among the most challenging. More

A Discourse on Economic Development

This edited book builds upon Roy and Clark’s decades-long contribution to the study of comparative economic development. They focus on how “foundational” thinkers, such as Confucius and Ghandhi influenced views More

Trends in Copepod Studies. Distribution, Biology and Ecology

Please find a review of the book “Trends in Copepod Studies – Distribution, Biology and Ecology” here.  

Activism, Campaigning and Political Discourse on Twitter

“This timely, truly international volume looks beyond the potential for social action afforded by Twitter for political activism, to critically interrogate how – and how effectively – its affordances are More

Frontiers in Leukemia Pharmacotherapy

“It was refreshing to read a work that is outside my specialty and be able to follow along without having to stop and look up every other word. It was More

Advances in Health and Natural Sciences

“This book has very useful information for biological sciences and brings together multidisciplinary scientific research for students and researchers.” – Professor Dr. Nagihan Gulsoy, Head of Biology Department, Marmara University, More

Zika Virus Surveillance, Vaccinology, and Anti-Zika Drug Discovery: Computer-Assisted Strategies to Combat the Menace

“The book of Basak et al. treats, at a high level of competence, the Zika virus problems, basic biology, surveillance, vaccine design, and anti-Zika drug discovery, with a computer-aided strategy. More

Translational Research: Recent Progress and Future Directions

Click here for the Book Review Click here to Buy the BookMore

Mastering Science with Metacognitive and Self-Regulatory Strategies: A Teacher-Researcher Dialogue of Practical Applications for Adolescent Students

“This is a must read book for any teacher interested in fostering student self-regulation in science education classrooms. Grounded in empirical research, the author provides guidance for teachers on how More

Self-Regulated Learners: Strategies, Performance, and Individual Differences

C2C Digital Magazine – Reviewed by Shalin Hai-Jew, instructional designer at Kansas State University, USA

Sociology, Children and Family – 2018

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