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Basilar Artery: A Clinical Review (2 Volume Set)

“Patients with pathology involving the basilar artery are some of the most desperate in all of neurology and neurosurgery, and the treatment of this pathology is among the most challenging. More

A Discourse on Economic Development

This edited book builds upon Roy and Clark’s decades-long contribution to the study of comparative economic development. They focus on how “foundational” thinkers, such as Confucius and Ghandhi influenced views More

Trends in Copepod Studies. Distribution, Biology and Ecology

Please find a review of the book “Trends in Copepod Studies – Distribution, Biology and Ecology” here.  

Activism, Campaigning and Political Discourse on Twitter

“This timely, truly international volume looks beyond the potential for social action afforded by Twitter for political activism, to critically interrogate how – and how effectively – its affordances are More

Frontiers in Leukemia Pharmacotherapy

“It was refreshing to read a work that is outside my specialty and be able to follow along without having to stop and look up every other word. It was More

Advances in Health and Natural Sciences

“This book has very useful information for biological sciences and brings together multidisciplinary scientific research for students and researchers.” – Professor Dr. Nagihan Gulsoy, Head of Biology Department, Marmara University, More

Zika Virus Surveillance, Vaccinology, and Anti-Zika Drug Discovery: Computer-Assisted Strategies to Combat the Menace

“The book of Basak et al. treats, at a high level of competence, the Zika virus problems, basic biology, surveillance, vaccine design, and anti-Zika drug discovery, with a computer-aided strategy. More

Translational Research: Recent Progress and Future Directions

Click here for the Book Review Click here to Buy the Book More

Mastering Science with Metacognitive and Self-Regulatory Strategies: A Teacher-Researcher Dialogue of Practical Applications for Adolescent Students

“This is a must read book for any teacher interested in fostering student self-regulation in science education classrooms. Grounded in empirical research, the author provides guidance for teachers on how More

Self-Regulated Learners: Strategies, Performance, and Individual Differences

C2C Digital Magazine – Reviewed by Shalin Hai-Jew, instructional designer at Kansas State University, USA

Sociology, Children and Family – 2018

We are pleased to provide you with our 2018 titles in sociology. To view our titles simply click here.    

Crimea: The History of Interaction between Man and Nature

The ancient period… on the territory of the Northern Black Sea region is a very interesting page in history…Crimea is a historical-geographical area favorable for research, as this book demonstrates. More

Revisiting Fibonacci Numbers through a Computational Experiment

Abramovich & Leonov’s book aims to explore Fibonacci numbers through the tools of the digital age. These range from graphing calculators to computer algebra packages enabling students from secondary mathematics More

Cultural Genomics and the Changing Dynamics of Cultural Identity: The Scholarly Bond of Archaeology, Genealogy, and Genomics

This book is impressive. Clearly written and well-articulated, the author, Dr. Lolita Nikolova, thoroughly covers the breadth and depth of cultural genomics and cultural identity. Dr. Nikolova, an international renowned More

Liberia in the Twenty-First Century: Issues and Perspectives

This book is a significant multidisciplinary effort to bring together the range of issues, which Liberia faced as it entered the 21st century. It marshals empirical data and draws from More

Recollections of Pioneers in Xenotransplantation Research

The American Journal of Transplantation has published a review of David KC Cooper’s book, Recollections of Pioneers in Xenotransplantation Research, published by Nova Science Publishers.

A Crucible of Modern Sport: The Early Development of Football in Sheffield

History is very rarely clear cut, linear or precise and, although modern society has developed a seeming obsession with understanding origins and beginnings, uncovering the specific moment in time that More

Liquid Fuels as Jet Fuels and Propellants: A Review of their Productions and Applications

To sum up, this small book (155 pages) is a “must” for any chemist and engineer working in the area of liquid jet and rocket fuels – as well as More

Object-Oriented Software Engineering with UML: A Hands-On Approach

“This book presents a comprehensive object-oriented software development methodology using UML, in a rich context and with applications to several important contemporary areas.” Professor Lawrence Chung, University of Texas-Dallas “This More

Adversity after the Crash: The Physical, Psychological and Social Burden of Motor Vehicle Crashes

“This book sheds much-needed light on the growing morbidity associated with motor vehicle crashes (MVCs). The editors have assembled an internationally recognized, multidisciplinary team of experts who not only describe More

Renal Replacement Therapy: Controversies and Future Trends

“As a specialist, I always want to know what is the state of the art. But I also want to know where the future lies, and to be aware of More

Understanding Time in Taphonomy: A 30-Year Field Study in Wales

Chris Stringer, Natural History Museum, London Many palaeontologists and archaeologists study the end products of fossilisation, but rarely think about the processes that led to that end product, what was More

Phaseolus vulgaris: Cultivars, Production and Uses

“Phaseolus vulgaris: Cultivars, Uses and Production provides comprehensive information on bean breeding, production, nutrition, health, processing and utilization all in one place. This book brings light to the universal appeal More

The Rational Human Condition

“The Rational Human Condition (RHC) is a deeply provocative work whose expansive scope is necessary to achieve its enormous philosophical ambition. This systematic exploration of ‘rational anthropology’ is inspired by More

Corporate Social Responsibility of Social Economy Enterprises

This book has a double attraction. In the first place, the topic addressed is undoubtedly of interest, as it helps to clarify the meaning of CSR and its close connection More

Critical Notes on Northern Ghana’s Development

This is a very insightful documentation in the subject area of the socio-political development history of northern Ghana. This book titled “Critical Notes on Northern Ghana’s Development: History, Geography, Politics More

Andalusia: History, Society and Diversity

A brilliant collective work that is undoubtedly the best published version of the analysis on the different aspects of the semi-peripheral condition of Andalusia. It is an obliged reference for More

Surgical Treatment of Femoral Neck Fractures

This book raises fundamental issues concerned with the surgical treatment of femoral neck fractures. Following a comprehensive account on the history of the treatment of femoral neck fractures, state of More

The Science of Swimming and Aquatic Activities

“The aquatic environment is of great importance and interest, especially as 75% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. This book’s originates from one of the most productive laboratories More

Recent Advancements and Applications in Dosimetry

This is a multi author book that reviews dosimetry for several newly emerging radiation treatment modalities. It consists of 16 chapters, each covering a specific topic, with a total of More

Essays in Political Anthropology – Reviewing the Essence of Capitalism

“How should government leaders and corporate investors make the hardest decisions like whether to risk helping sick people or hostages in another country? This is not actually a moral decision More

Monetary Unions – Background, Advantages and Disadvantages

“The establishment of the euro area has been one of the most important events in the economic history of Europe. Almost 20-year lifetime of the Economic and Monetary Union leads More

Agriculture – 2017

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