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Educational Leadership: Perspectives, Management and Challenges

  Enmeshed in unprecedented social change, leaders of educational institutions at all levels are grappling with the demands and uncertainties […]

New Delhi Book Fair (4th to 12th of January 2020)

We directly participated in New Delhi World Book Fair 2020 (4th- 12th January). Bigger and better than earlier editions, the […]

Global South: Searching for a Suitable Macroeconomic Model

For a link to the review, please click here. The New York based Nova Science Publishers has published a collection […]

New Review

“Diarrhea, whose morbidity is still a non-solved problem, still creates a great deal of anxiety among parents who look for […]

New Review

“This book is unique in the field of Quantum Mechanics and its applications. It is really different from others. It […]

New Review

The Last Farewell Embrace: Spirituality, Near-Death Experiences, and Other Extraordinary Events among Nurses “For nurses, doctors, and other medical practitioners […]

Why 40%-80% of Chronic Pain Patients are Misdiagnosed and What to Do About It

Why 40%-80% of Chronic Pain Patients Are Misdiagnosed and How to Correct That Patient Compliment Letters Comments on Indian Lectures […]

New Book Review

“Moral Development and Behavior: New Research should be on every sport pedagogist’s, coach’s, and teacher’s bookshelf; but, more importantly, should […]

New Photos Added

New Photos Added

Negotiation and Decision Making In Mergers and Acquisitions. Intercultural Due Diligence

“Effective leaders must know how to negotiate. This intriguing book by Dr. Iulian Warter is a must read for any […]

Can Biofuels Alleviate the Energy and Environmental Crisis?

“I have no hesitation in endorsing the publication of this book. I strongly encourage and recommend the students, academicians, scientists, […]

Sensory Integration: Development, Disorders and Treatment

“The book is intended for teachers, parents and sensory integration therapists. In an accessible, professional way, the author explains what […]

The Power to Care: Effects of Power in Intimate Relationships

“Written with wit and elegance, Erez Zverling provides an impressive scholarly overview of the effects power can have on people […]

Basilar Artery: A Clinical Review (2 Volume Set)

“Patients with pathology involving the basilar artery are some of the most desperate in all of neurology and neurosurgery, and […]