An Open Letter in Support of Alexey Navalny

This is an open letter to our readers and visitors. It marks more than three months since political prisoner Alexey Navalny was illegally arrested on January 17th as he returned from Germany where he had been recovering from an attempted assassination by the Putin regime. He is currently exhibiting severe symptoms of a neurological disorder, has been losing feeling in both his arms and legs with fears from his doctors that is he is immediate danger of dying.

We are writing this letter in support of Alexey Navalny. Silence is consent and we can be silent no longer. We believe that every voice counts and, along with hundreds of thousands of people, call on the Russian government to free Alexey Navalny and provide him with proper medical treatment and care. You can find more information here as well as on social media.

Best regards,

Nadya Columbus
Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
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