Marketing Steps

Recommended Marketing Steps

• If you do not already have one, we recommend you create a personal website, obtaining your name for the URL (eg. You can then easily post information about yourself and your work, along with providing a link to your book’s listing on Nova’s website.
• Create an Author’s Page on Amazon by creating an account at Amazon’s Author Central: This will not only allow you to post specific information about yourself and all your books, but will also provide you with sales information from Amazon’s website (keep in mind it is not ALL sales), allow you to post reviews, etc.
• Create an Author page on Goodreads so other people can easily find your books (
• Create a personal profile on ResearchGate and Academia
Social Media – If you have any social media accounts, you can post information about your book on there, reaching out to all your followers/friends. You can post a link to your book’s listing on our website.
Personal Promotional Email – you send out an email to your friends and colleagues informing them of your book. Within the email you can state a little about yourself, introduce the book being sure to mention who you think the book may appeal to and then provide a link to your book’s listing on our website. Of course, you are welcome to provide any additional information you feel may be pertinent.
Electronic Leaflets – electronic leaflets can be created for your book. This leaflet will contain the cover of your book, a brief book description, the Table of Contents, and a form with a 20% discount with the option to purchase your book through various forms of payment. Once the leaflets are sent to you, you can distribute them as you wish. If you have any contacts who might be interested in the book, you can send them an email with the leaflet as an attachment.
Conferences – if you are attending or know of any upcoming conferences where your book may be of interest, please let our Marketing department know ( and we can contact conference organizers for possible marketing opportunities.
Bookstores/Libraries – if you know of any bookstores or libraries who may be interested in carrying your books, and if you have not already done so, please send our Marketing department ( the contact information (name and email) and we will send them information about your book. They can receive a discount.
Email List – if you have any contact information (name and email) for people you think may be interested in your book, and have not already done so, please send it to our Marketing department ( and we can send them some promotional material regarding your book. They will be entitled to a discount. Again, this may be best to come from you; however, if you wish for us to send something, you can use the attached spreadsheet as a means to enter in all the names and email addresses.
Reviews – if you know of anyone who might be interested in reviewing your book, and you have not already done so, please feel free to send our Marketing department ( their contact information (name and email) and we will consider sending them a copy of your book to review.