Liquid Fuels as Jet Fuels and Propellants: A Review of their Productions and Applications

To sum up, this small book (155 pages) is a “must” for any chemist and engineer working in the area of liquid jet and rocket fuels – as well as for interested students. Written by M. H. Keshavarz, the leading authority in his country when it comes to chemical rocket propulsion, the book covers many aspects of both well-established and new liquid propellants such as physical properties, toxicity, energy density, hypergolicity and stability.

This book is more than suitable for graduate students in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as for scientists and researchers involved in the field of new liquid fuels which show high performance and reduced toxicity.

Professor Dr. Tom M. Klapotke
LMU, Chemistry, Energetic Materials
81377 Munich