Frontiers in Leukemia Pharmacotherapy

“It was refreshing to read a work that is outside my specialty and be able to follow along without having to stop and look up every other word. It was engaging, informative, and right to the point. I loved how it was scholarly, yet personal, using language like “people,” “children,” and “pediatric,” reminding me that we’re not just talking about numbers and patients, but people, just like the ones I love in my family. This subject deserves our attention.” – Justin A. Brown, D.C.

“As a nurse professional, I highly recommend this book to increase patient knowledge. The book provides an awareness of information to observe and monitor to promote the highest quality of life for the patient. As health care staff, we need to keep educating patients so they can make the best-informed decisions regarding their care. This book will be that support.” – Susan Prince, RN Nurse Manager

“This book is an excellent example of scientific researchers and clinical practitioners working together to provide an overview of leukemias and their management.” – George DeMaagd, Pharm.D., BCPS

“An excellent resource for doctors, patients, and caregivers. Enlightening and clear descriptions of end of life processes, which help caregivers with a realistic and compassionate understanding, related to stages of care.” – Cynthia Konieczny, Psy.D.

“This book reviews the main aspects of leukemia, delving into interesting topics, such as the biology of different diseases and their possible therapeutic options.” – Adrian Montano, MSc.

“A concise, yet comprehensive, overview of a challenging range of topics related to the overview and treatment for leukemias. This book is an excellent resource, not only for clinicians actively involved with treating leukemias, but for all medical professionals, students, and patients as well.” – Christopher Elder, Pharm.D., BCOP
“This book provides a thorough insight to the disease and an understanding of pharmacologic treatment regimes. It presents the information in an easy to understand format and is a resource to those studying or dealing with the disease.” – Dawn Hinson, RN, BSN, CCM, HCSA

“This book gives a detailed insight into various causations of different leukemias and lists therapies that work at various sites of the genetic and chromosomal aberrations that lead to these diseases and thus suggests potential treatments and possible cures for these conditions.” – R.W. Dunavant, MD