Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer eBook collections?

Yes. We offer subject collections, both in digital and print format. Discount pricing is anywhere between 10 to 25%. Please contact for more information. Please state which subjects you are interested in purchasing. We also offer Pick & Choose - books can be purchased in digital or print format or a combination of both. Thank you.

What kind of bulk discount may I receive?

We offer a 30% discount on all titles pre-publication.

For bulk orders, we typically honor the following discounted rates:
1-24 copies - 20% discount plus shipping
25-49 copies - 30% discount plus shipping
50-99 copies - 35% discount plus shipping
100-199 copies - 40% discount plus shipping
200 copies or more - Contact Us

Please also feel free to direct any additional inquiries to Tricia Worthington at

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