Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my complimentary eBook?

You will receive an email which will include a link and download instructions once the eBook is available for distribution.

Will I receive royalties for my book/chapter?

Royalties for monographs and contracted edited books will be disbursed in accordance with our written agreements. Chapter contributions are not subject to royalty.

May I upload my chapter to SCOPUS?

We submit all our books to SCOPUS for evaluation. As of 2017, over 7,000 of our titles were visible in SCOPUS and 40,000 titles were in process.

SCOPUS requires that the Publisher contact them directly. Title suggestions are reviewed by the independent and international Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) on a continuous basis. For more information about Scopus and their content selection policy, see

For more information or for a specific request regarding Scopus coverage, please email Alexandra Columbus at




How can I receive a certificate of publication?

Please contact Alexandra Columbus at for a Certificate of Publication.


How can I update my contact information?

Please contact Stella Rosa at for any changes to your contact information, including your name, address or University address. You will see the updated changes on our website within 24 hours.

Can translated versions of my book be published?

No. Only original, previously unpublished manuscripts can be accepted for publication by Nova.

How long should my abstract be?

Between 150 and 500 words.

How long should my chapter be?

Contributors are encouraged to submit chapters ranging from 5,000 to 35,000 words. Contributors are also invited to optionally submit an Expert Commentary of 2,000-4,000 words on innovative ideas, developments, directions, problems, and/or trends in the field.

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