Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a chapter from a book?

Almost all chapters published by NOVA can be purchased at a flat rate of $50.00. If you are interested in purchasing a chapter, please contact Please indicate the name of the chapter AND book. We are currently working on making chapters purchasable on the website. Please check back for updates.

Is there any fee to publish?

There is no fee to publish with us. However, if your manuscript has color figures and/or the manuscript requires English editing, you might be subject to a fee.

Can I self-archive my work?

Authors of articles published by Nova are permitted to self-archive the submitted (preprint) version of the article at any time, and may self-archive the accepted version 6-12 months after publication. We are considered a Yellow Publisher.

How can I pay?

You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or JCB through Stripe or PayPal. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer or check, please contact Vera Popovic at After entering your payment details, the order will be created and an invoice will be automatically sent to the email we have on file.

What does NOVA Publish?

Nova publishes a wide array of non-fiction titles, that can be broken down into three categories: Science and Technology, Medicine and Health and the Social Sciences. We rarely publish memoirs, cookbooks or other types of non-fiction. If you are thinking about publishing with us, or need a recommendation on a different publisher, please contact Alexandra Columbus at

Why is my book not in Barnes & Nobles?

We provide all our Titles to Barnes & Nobles and similar retailers. It is then up to the bookstore to decide whether or not they would like to have the book available in their bookshops. In generally, since the books we publish are very specialized, our books normally fit better and are more likely to be adopted by more specialized bookstores, such as certain University bookshops. If there is a specific bookshop in which you would like your book included, please contact Lisa Gambino at

How do I request permission to use material from one of your titles?

We have partnered with Copyright Clearance Center for permission requests. Please go to and search by ISBN. For any additional requests, please contact Alexandra Columbus at

How long will it take for my book to be published?

From manuscript submission to having a book available normally takes a 4-6 month period. If an author needs a book available in time for a specific conference or event, please contact Alexandra Columbus at

I have a book idea. Who do I contact?

We always look forward to hearing from you! Please fill out the Book Idea Form (under Available Forms) and you will receive a reply within 48-72 hours. You can also contact Stella Rosa directly at with any questions or for additional information.

How do I submit my ideas for my book cover?

During the publication process, we will ask you to submit any book cover ideas that you may have. You can also email the Art Department at any time at Once the artists create a mockup of the cover, you will be sent an email with the image to approve/reject or modify. Please note that we cannot always accommodate your requests as there are certain limitations to the artwork/images we can use (for example, with copyright). However, we always do our best to accommodate.

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