Effect of Fuzopuncture of Placental Extract in Knee Osteoarthritis


What Are Acupuncture Points?

►Acupuncture points are specialized points beneath which dense neurovascular complexes are distributed compared with non acupuncture points.

►Acupuncture points were demonstrated to coincide with trigger points by 70% (Melzack, 1977) in terms of pain indication, and by 93% (Dorsher and Fleckenstein, 2008) with graphic superimposition of trigger points on acupuncture points.

►Stimulation of acupuncture points seems to trigger the activation of peripheral neural receptors beneath the acupuncture points and transmit the activation signal to the central nervous system, resulting in the modulation of various diseases.


What Is Acupuncture Point Injection (API)?

►As acupuncture is increasingly used for the treatment of pain and other conditions, manipulation of acupuncture needle attracts much concern among medical experts. Manual needle manipulation or electrical stimulation after needle insertion has been commonly used to strengthen the effects of acupuncture.

►In recent years, the injection of pharmacological medication or purified herbal medicine to acupuncture points is widely used to enhance and prolong the effects of stimulation of acupuncture points.

►API is a new acupuncture therapy that combines acupuncture and medication, and hence accomplishes more effective therapeutic outcomes.


Fuzopuncture: A New Therapeutic Approach to Treat Joint Disorders

► Fuzopuncture is a prominent acupuncture point injection technique used in Korea. Fuzopuncture utilizes specific acupuncture points localized on the joints, muscles acting in concert with the joints, and spinal facet joints affecting innervation of the joints.
► Injection of placental extract into acupuncture points localized on the joints prolongs drug retention time; injection into muscles responsible for the movement of the joint restores muscular balances; injection into the paraspinal facet joints relieves the spinal blok off the passage to their assigned joints, alleviates muscular tension,and resumes a functional joint activity.

Effects of Acupuncture Point Injection with Placental Extract on Knee Osteoarthritis 
– Journal of Integrative Medicine (2017)


► Osteoarthritis (OA) frequently affects the knee and causes joint pain, tenderness, limitation of movement, and impairment of quality of life resulting in a social and economic burden.
► Glucocorticoids are the most commonly used intra-articular agents, which reduce pain and improve function. Due to unwanted adverse effects of glucocorticoid treatment, a growing number of adults with OA employs complementary and alternative treatments in an effort to manage OA-related symptoms.
► A meta-analysis of 16 trials including 3,500 participants revealed that acupuncture produces statistically significant but not clinically meaningful effects on pain and physical function.


► A retrospective chart review of knee OA patients (March 2014 ~ September 2014).
► Exclusion criteria : history or presence of malignant disorders, infection or active wound in the knee area, recent history of severe trauma to the knee, history of partial or total knee replacement surgery, history of knee intra-articular injections of glucocorticoids during the past 6 months, and the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for more than 4 days before the injection.

► Fifty two patients with knee OA at average age of 65 having symptom duration of more than 3 months were studied in this report. Placental extract was weekly injected into acupuncture point ST35, BL23, BL24, and BL25 for five weeks; eight milliliters of placental extract into ST35 on the affected side and each a milliliter of placental extract to BL23, BL24, and BL25 on both sides.


► After API with placental extract for five weeks, pain was substantially decreased in patients of all Kellgren-Lawrence (KL) grades. Improvement of knee joint swelling was also apparent. Decrease of pain and joint swelling enabled the patients of all KL grades to make daily working life better to result in increase of productive time.


► Study results imply that API of placental extract is a potentially useful therapy to control pain and maintain joint functions in knee OA patients.

Therapeutic effect of API with placental extract in knee osteoarthritis