Volume 6 Issue 2

Volume 6 Issue 2 (Current Politics and Economics of the United States, Canada, and Mexico) $145.00

1. Maquiladoras and NAFTA: The Economics of U.S.-Mexico Production Sharing and Trade (J.F. Hornbeck)
2. Campaign Finance: Constitutional and Legal Issues of Soft Money (L. Paige Whitaker)
3. A Free Trade Area of the Americas: Status of Negotiations and Major Policy Issues (J.F. Hornbeck)
4. Interstate Marriage Recognition and the Defense of Marriage Act (Gina Marie Stevens)
5. War on Drugs: Legislation in the 108th Congress and Related Developments (Mark Eddy)
6. Gun Ban for Persons Convicted of Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence: Ex Post Facto Clause and Other Constitutional Issues (Dorothy Schrader)
7. Vaccine Policy Issues (Susan Thaul)