Critical Notes on Northern Ghana’s Development

This is a very insightful documentation in the subject area of the socio-political development history of northern Ghana. This book titled “Critical Notes on Northern Ghana’s Development: History, Geography, Politics and Development in Contention” is very precise. Being a development practitioner myself, I do recognize and identify closely with the contents herein. The book travels the road of the historical development pathways of northern Ghana in breadth while providing details in the subject matter as well. It highlights the challenges, the achievements, and the prospects in this field of study, in an easy-to-read manner. It certainly is a ‘’my course book’’ for students in development politics who would want to come closer to the underpinnings of development histories in general and of northern Ghana’s in particular.

Professor David Millar
Millar Institute for Transdisciplinary and Development Studies
Bolgatanga, Ghana
Former Pro Vice-Chancellor
University for Development Studies (UDS)