Cover Suggestions Form

Cover Suggestions Form

Nova’s Art Department welcomes cover ideas and suggestions from authors and editors publishing with us. Below is a list of elements which Nova is open to author/editor input on.

    Please put “N/A” or “No Suggestion” as your response for any field for which you have no strong preference. For any questions, please contact the art department by emailing or


    Adobe Stock Images
    Nova’s preferred source for cover imagery is Adobe Stock ( This library contains thousands of photos and illustrations which are high-quality and commercially available for use on our many book covers. Below you may include links to any image options on Adobe Stock which you feel are appropriate for your book’s cover design.

    Additional Web-Sourced Images
    Alternatively, Nova is open to suggestions from additional web sources, so long as they meet our criteria for image quality, content, and commercial viability. Below you may submit links to any images not originating from Adobe Stock which you would like Nova to consider. It’s worth noting that images submitted via the field below must be reviewed to ensure that they’re available for Nova’s purposes.

    Original Images
    Lastly, Nova is open to image suggestions which originate from your own work or research. Examples include photographs or illustrations which you or someone you know have created. All original images must be submitted as high-quality image files (JPEG, PNG, or TIFF) with a minimum pixel-density of 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch, sometimes called DPI.) Please note that an additional release form may be required for submissions of this nature. These images should be emailed to


    If you have decided not to submit any cover images, please explain any suggestions or ideas you may have regarding the content of your book’s cover design (i.e. “I would like an image of a water molecule.”)

    Please detail any preferences you may have for the font(s) featured on your book’s cover design (i.e. if you would prefer a serif typeface over a sans-serif, etc.)

    Color Palette
    Please outline any colors or color combinations which you would like Nova to incorporate into your book’s cover design. Alternatively, feel free to list any colors which you would like us to avoid.

    Please detail any preferences you have regarding your book cover’s layout. Feel free to provide links to any existing book covers which you would like us to use as a source of inspiration.

    Back Cover Text
    Below you may provide a brief (1,500 characters or fewer) book description for use on your title’s back cover. Please note that all back cover text is subject to in-house proofreading. Alternatively, feel free to provide any endorsements or reviews which you would like included, so long as they don’t exceed the previously established character limit.

    Please upload the copyright-free images: