Clean Energy Systems with Internet of Things Technology and Applications

Clean Energy Systems with Internet of Things Technology and Applications

Target Topics:
• Global clean energy interconnection using IoT
• A path towards achieving low carbon economy using IoT
• Photovoltaic systems and solar energy engineering in IoT applications
• Hybrid energy systems in clean energy using IoT framework
• Application of nanotechnology in the clean energy system in an IoT environment
• Multi-energy system and grid using IoT applications
• Developing energy markets using IoT edge computing
• Analysis on large power grid safety control by applying IoT technology
• Assessment on smart grid design and security using IoT platform
• Clean energy forecasting and sustainable consumption using advanced IoT technology
• Nexus between technological advancement in IoT and clean energy economics

Special Issue Editor Affiliation and Contact:
Dr. Muhammad Zakarya
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology
Sohar University
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Co-Editors Affiliation and Contacts:
Dr. Santosh Tirunagari
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
School of Science and Technology
Middlesex University
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Professor Jinguang Han
School of Cyber Science and Engineering
Southeast University
E-mail address:

Dr. Peiying Zhang
Associate Professor
China University of Petroleum (East China)
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Call for Papers Announcement: 05 April 2024
Manuscript Submission Deadline: 30 December 2024
Manuscript Acceptance Deadline: 25 February 2025
Expected Publication: 20 May 2025
Targeted Number of Papers: 5 to 8 (but not more than 8 papers)