Object-Oriented Software Engineering with UML: A Hands-On Approach

“This book presents a comprehensive object-oriented software development methodology using UML, in a rich context and with applications to several important contemporary areas.” Professor Lawrence Chung, University of Texas-Dallas “This book weaves together applying object-oriented concepts with the discipline of software engineering practices very well.” Dr. Dale Karolak, DART Container Corporation “Hard to see a […]

Adversity after the Crash: The Physical, Psychological and Social Burden of Motor Vehicle Crashes

“This book sheds much-needed light on the growing morbidity associated with motor vehicle crashes (MVCs). The editors have assembled an internationally recognized, multidisciplinary team of experts who not only describe the problem, but use the biopsychosocial model to help us understand why people with relatively “minor” physical injuries can have very poor outcomes, while people […]

Understanding Time in Taphonomy: A 30-Year Field Study in Wales

Chris Stringer, Natural History Museum, London Many palaeontologists and archaeologists study the end products of fossilisation, but rarely think about the processes that led to that end product, what was lost along the way, and how long the processes took. Peter and Yolanda have spent much of their research careers carefully recording the neglected, but […]

Phaseolus vulgaris: Cultivars, Production and Uses

“Phaseolus vulgaris: Cultivars, Uses and Production provides comprehensive information on bean breeding, production, nutrition, health, processing and utilization all in one place. This book brings light to the universal appeal of beans by acknowledging their traditional roots, affordability and important role in staple diets globally. The versatility and cultural significance of beans have caught the […]

The Rational Human Condition

“The Rational Human Condition (RHC) is a deeply provocative work whose expansive scope is necessary to achieve its enormous philosophical ambition. This systematic exploration of ‘rational anthropology’ is inspired by Kant both in philosophical approach and presentational form. After arousing contemporary philosophers from their dogmatic slumbers, RHC offers them a profoundly passionate and compassionate account […]

Critical Notes on Northern Ghana’s Development

This is a very insightful documentation in the subject area of the socio-political development history of northern Ghana. This book titled “Critical Notes on Northern Ghana’s Development: History, Geography, Politics and Development in Contention” is very precise. Being a development practitioner myself, I do recognize and identify closely with the contents herein. The book travels […]

Surgical Treatment of Femoral Neck Fractures

This book raises fundamental issues concerned with the surgical treatment of femoral neck fractures. Following a comprehensive account on the history of the treatment of femoral neck fractures, state of the art of the methods and novel techniques based on the author’s own development and experience are presented in detail. Thus, for internal fixation, the […]

The Science of Swimming and Aquatic Activities

“The aquatic environment is of great importance and interest, especially as 75% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. This book’s originates from one of the most productive laboratories studying the aquatic environment. The chapters describe lessons from aquatic animals to humans. The chapters are written by world experts and accurately describe the physiological, […]