A Discourse on Economic Development

This edited book builds upon Roy and Clark’s decades-long contribution to the study of comparative economic development. They focus on how “foundational” thinkers, such as Confucius and Ghandhi influenced views and cultural understandings of what is meant by economic development in their respective countries. A related focus is on how these views and understandings can […]

Activism, Campaigning and Political Discourse on Twitter

“This timely, truly international volume looks beyond the potential for social action afforded by Twitter for political activism, to critically interrogate how – and how effectively – its affordances are actually being exploited across a range of frontline contexts, from ‘digital Trump’ to LGBT activism in India and political trolling in Turkey. Essential reading for […]

Advances in Health and Natural Sciences

“This book has very useful information for biological sciences and brings together multidisciplinary scientific research for students and researchers.” – Professor Dr. Nagihan Gulsoy, Head of Biology Department, Marmara University, Turkey “This edited book covers a diverse range of topics in health and applied sciences from respected scholars and researchers. It brings together the work […]

Zika Virus Surveillance, Vaccinology, and Anti-Zika Drug Discovery: Computer-Assisted Strategies to Combat the Menace

“The book of Basak et al. treats, at a high level of competence, the Zika virus problems, basic biology, surveillance, vaccine design, and anti-Zika drug discovery, with a computer-aided strategy. Simple to follow, yet complex, this endeavor presents an information content about one of the top current health topics: Zika virus. The topic is genteelly […]

Mastering Science with Metacognitive and Self-Regulatory Strategies: A Teacher-Researcher Dialogue of Practical Applications for Adolescent Students

“This is a must read book for any teacher interested in fostering student self-regulation in science education classrooms. Grounded in empirical research, the author provides guidance for teachers on how to create learning environments that support and promote student self-regulatory functioning. Practical step-by-step lesson plans and related instructional artifacts are thoroughly described and ready for […]

Strategies for Deep Learning with Digital Technology: Theories and Practices in Education

“This book covers a cutting edge topic in education with strong theoretical ties to work in cognition, metacognition, and emotion, with chapters written by leading researchers in the field. Researchers and practitioners interested in the impact of digital technologies in learning will find this volume to be informative, comprehensive, and thought-provoking.” – Anne E. Cook, […]

Crimea: The History of Interaction between Man and Nature

The ancient period… on the territory of the Northern Black Sea region is a very interesting page in history…Crimea is a historical-geographical area favorable for research, as this book demonstrates. I believe that this book will be of interest primarily to readers in North America and western Europe, because, as C. Cordova writes: “little is […]

Revisiting Fibonacci Numbers through a Computational Experiment

Abramovich & Leonov’s book aims to explore Fibonacci numbers through the tools of the digital age. These range from graphing calculators to computer algebra packages enabling students from secondary mathematics to undergraduate level over a range of science and engineering disciplines to appreciate some of their properties and possibly discover some ‘new’ concepts. Martin C. […]

Cultural Genomics and the Changing Dynamics of Cultural Identity: The Scholarly Bond of Archaeology, Genealogy, and Genomics

This book is impressive. Clearly written and well-articulated, the author, Dr. Lolita Nikolova, thoroughly covers the breadth and depth of cultural genomics and cultural identity. Dr. Nikolova, an international renowned scientist, provides a valuable and contemporary approach to the study of genomics and takes complex and dense material and explains it in usable, scientific terms […]

A Crucible of Modern Sport: The Early Development of Football in Sheffield

History is very rarely clear cut, linear or precise and, although modern society has developed a seeming obsession with understanding origins and beginnings, uncovering the specific moment in time that a sporting pursuit was created is a near impossible task. Matthew Taylor has described how ‘determining a precise moment of origin for a sport is […]