BEYOND SPECIAL RELATIVITY – Looking for the intrinsic properties of spacetime

BEYOND SPECIAL RELATIVITY  Looking for the intrinsic properties of spacetime Below you can read the presentation of our new book, which will be available in the coming months. We hope it will intrigue you! What is time? And space? How are these two apparently opposed elements indissolubly linked? The book starts from man’s intrinsic need […]

Do we need Metal Matrix Composites in the future?

Developing production technology tries to respond to unlimited human needs. Meeting these needs requires the development of new products or an increase in the supply of raw materials  Although polymer-based, recycled and natural resources are used as raw materials, it does not reduce the importance of metal-based structures. However, there is a need to use […]

AI-Enabled IoT for Smart Healthcare Systems

The book provides details of applying intelligent mining techniques for extracting and pre-processing medical data from various sources for application-based healthcare research. This book would provide insight to the learners about Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Sustainable Computing. This book reveals the applications of AI and IoT in smart healthcare and medical systems. It also […]

New Zealand Inflation Surge

The RNZ Business article posted online Feb 25 at 2:29, says, “the governor of the RBNZ Adrian Orr said oil prices had been the most notable driver of inflation pressure for New Zealand…” If it is, then the aggregate supply curve shifted up to the left, reduced real output (% – 0.3 in Sep 2021), […]

Computer Aided Bridge Engineering

The Computer Applications for the design of Bridge Deck-Girders, Abutments, Piers and Pile Foundations are in AASHTO LRFD, are described in detail in the softcopy volume ‘User’s Guide for Hands on Practice with Computer Applications’ for the book ‘Computer Aided Bridge Engineering’ is available for download from web site ‘’.

Green Energy Harvesting Techniques for Sustainable Internet of Things

IoT ecosystems consists of diverse heterogeneous IoT devices. These devices consumes power. Different Green energy harvesting mechanisms may be employed . This leads to power saving, imporved performance, increased life-time, envrionment saving. Still a long way to go for producing sustainable ways to gear up these IoT devices with power using green energy harvesting mechanisms.

ABCs of COVID-19: Airway control, CPR, Basic/Advanced Cardiac Life Support with special regard to COVID-19 spread

It is well established that a substantial portion of patients with COVID-19 deteriorate, become critically ill and die eventually. Airway interventions are the ‘A’ of the alphabet of all resuscitative procedures, which can save the lives of the victims of COVID-19 and many other life-threatening emergencies. On the other hand, resuscitative procedures pose the greatest risk for disease transmission. Unlike many other personnel, one of the most important problems healthcare worker (HCW) face in CPR / ACLS is being unaware of the given patient’s infection status or contagiousness related to COVID-19. Aerosolization is triggered primarily by procedures including CPR, laryngoscopy, endotracheal intubation (ETI), ventilation management, and other advanced interventions. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is vital in all procedures and interactions with patients in pandemic period. For example, If ETI and ventilation is performed with a closed circuit, the risk of transmission is very low if a ventilator with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is used. Mouth-to-mouth breathing is being abandoned in this pandemic era. The aim of this chapter is to highlight the indications and drawbacks of these maneuvers in the pandemic era, together with necessary protective measures for HCW.

How is quantum ground state brought to its excited state?

Following the idea is my theory called Periodic Quantum Gravity and Cosmology, which is Chapter 1 in the book “The Wave Equation: An Overview” In this theory, the universe arise from the fundamental substance of the universe which is infinite indivisible and perfectly motionless like ocean without waves. All fundamental particles are created in […]

The modified fishbowl for online active learning classrooms

Introduction Active learning means engagement with the course elements and is best manifested when students are busy doing classroom activities and complete outside class work and assignments (Shawer, 2022a; Shawer, 2017). Since positive relationships between academic success and active learning have been established across many disciplines, a professional responsibility is placed on every teacher to […]

The modified fishbowl for active learning classrooms

Introduction Active learning takes place when students get engaged with the course elements, take responsibility over learning, are motivated to pursue inside and outside classroom learning, and when they are active participants in classroom activities. Since a large volume of research confirms that active learning improves both the process and outcome of learning, instructors should […]

Common Visual Art in a Social Digital Age

In the past year and a half of the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 pandemic, many people have had to go to ground in a time of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders.  This has meant that large swaths of the world’s population have had to distract themselves.  One pastime has been to create common art, using a variety […]

Ecological Reciprocity: A Treatise on Kindness

“Ecological Reciprocity is a profound reminder of the fragile life support systems we receive from every ecosystem in this anthropogenic epoch of the planet. In their lifetime epic journey of ecological protection of nature, the Authors wonderfully portray their unparalleled creative conscience and emotional intelligence.” – Ugyen Tshewang, PhD, Bhutan’s Ministry of Agriculture, former Governor […]

“AN INTRODUCTION TO MEDICINAL HERBS” (Book, Edited by M. Emerald, Ph.D., Dr. Sc.)

The book “An Introduction to Medicinal Plants” is an important contribution to a science and research, which helps better understanding of an importance of sustainable farming, and a potential of medicinal plants in medicine (drugs discovery and development), skincare and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, creation of natural products, and biotechnology. It provides a valuable information for Academic, biotech, pharmaceutical and agriculture professionals, students, medical doctors, and natural products manufacturers.

Is there any equation to describe the accelerated expansion of the universe from the Big Bang to this day?

Yes. Wave equation (24) in following quantum gravity theory gives continuous accelerated expansion of the universe from Big Bang to present day. Data from the solution of this wave equation is at the back of the article: Periodic quantum gravity and cosmology, Ch. 1 in the book “The Wave Equation: An Overview”.  

Advances in Health and Disease; Effect of Acupuncture Point Injection of Placental Extract in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Advances in Heath and Disease, Volume 35 This book compiles eight chapters, each presenting a unique perspective on issues relating to health and disease. Chapter 1 describes the use of the newly invented technique called acupuncture point injection therapy, which combines acupuncture and medicine, for treatment of complex regional pain syndrome. Chapter 2 reviews recent […]