Invitation to Publish

The format (monograph or edited collection), approach and the manuscript submission date is at your discretion. If you are interested, please fill in our Book Idea Form and return it to us. If your book proposal is accepted for publication, we will send our agreement for your evaluation and signature. Your book will be published in printed and electronic formats simultaneously. Some of the benefits of publishing with us include:

– Our publication timeframe is between four and seven months.
– Each author will have their own author page in which they can include their website, social media links and, of course, their book(s)
– Each chapter can be purchased separately.
– If the published chapter is over fifty book pages, the first author will be provided with a complimentary printed copy of the book.
– The Reviews of your book will be posted on our homepage, thus providing more exposure to your book.
– Information provided in the questionnaire (such as keywords, biography, journal description and audience) will be included on our website.
– We provide a special 40% discount on all prepublication orders.
– All our books are sent to major booksellers such as Barnes & Noble and distributors such as Amazon.
–  All our books are submitted for evaluation to major indexing databases such as SCOPUS, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. As of January 2022, 11, 922 NOVA publications are indexed in SCOPUS.