Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Rehabilitation in Neurotrauma: Current Concepts, Practices and Recommendations

“There is a scarcity of books on the topic of rehabilitation following neurotrauma in the existing neurosurgical literature, yet neurotrauma occurs so frequently, and is the condition that neurosurgeons, especially those in the LMIC countries in the Asian-Australian region and in the rest of the world, encounter the most. As neurosurgeons, whilst we may not be directly involved in the rehabilitation of these patients (although we would have operated on many of them immediately following the neurotrauma), knowing and understanding what management and further care they will need following our neurosurgical interventions is an important part of the care continuum. I applaud and highly commend Prof. Virenda D Sinha and the authors of this book for their tremendous effort to give us a book that will help and update us in managing patients who suffer the aftermath of neurotrauma. It is what most of us need in the continual care of our patients. I am sure the readers will appreciate the efforts that have gone into the publication of this book, and I am thankful to Prof. Sinha and his team for this book.” – Dr. Seow Wan Tew, President, Asian Australasian Society of Neurological Surgeons (AASNS)

New Frontiers in Creativity

“Shulamith Kreitler’s New Frontiers in Creativity has collected the work of international experts from “Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Portugal, Romania, Russia, and USA,” and they bring fresh methods to the study of creativity, including neurophysiology, statistics, and mathematics (Kreitler, 2020, p. x); they also identify greater ranges of populations who create “ranging from the dyslexic to the elderly” (p. x), and they address a range of domains in which creativity is newly applied. This book is comprised of three parts: Creativity from Specific Perspectives (Part 1), Creativity in Specific Populations (Part 2), and Creativity in Specific Domains (Part 3). New Frontiers in Creativity is an ambitious collection of insightful works that wrangle with complex issues of human creativity in general and in specific domains. While many of the 13 chapters are based on informed deep literature reviews, some works share primary (qualitative) research. These chapters offer fresh insights to creativity theorizing, research, and applied practice…READ MORE
Shalin Hai-Jew for C2C Digital Magazine (Spring Summer 2020)
Instructional Designer
Kansas State University

The Discovery of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep

“This is a superb review of the literature of sleep and wakefulness from an individual who has first-hand knowledge of the events leading to the discovery of REM sleep. Dr. Gottesmann provides new information as well as a unique perspective regarding this seminal event. I highly recommend this book to those interested in the any aspect of the critical scientific findings that led to the discovery of REM sleep.” – Michael H. Chase, Professor, Department of Physiology, UCLA School of Medicine, Center for Health Sciences, CA USA

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