Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Communication and Mental Health Promotion in Early Childhood Education

This book makes a significant contribution to international literature on communication and mental health promotion in an early childhood education context. More specifically, this book presents in-depth insights into the dynamics of communication and the capacity of developing mental health promotion within the context of preschool and early childhood education. The book, although not a teacher’s guide, provides useful information that will help teachers, parents, caregivers, professionals of psychology and sociology fields as well as student teachers to better understand such issues as communication problems and mental health promotion, which, unfortunately are quite prevalent in schools, even in the early grades. The chapters offer theoretical originality along with practical ideas that help inform the careful reader. Thus, from theory to practice and back again, this book will reward readers, who will better understand the centrality of interpersonal relationships and communication through mental health promotion. Such an understanding is quite crucial in improving teaching and parenting quality in most, if not all, of their issues.

English Language Education in a Global World

"The impact of English as a global language in many spheres of international life has been both rapid and dramatic. This very timely volume on the globalisation of English language education has much to offer readers. Not only does it draw together important theoretical perspectives from which to position the overall theme of the volume, but it also provides rich accounts of international pedagogical processes and practices. It sets out important agendas relating to innovation and change into the future, while at the same time including realistic debates on the challenges involved. The scale and depth of this volume will make an important contribution for several years to come." - Anne Burns, Professor of TESOL, The University of New South Wales, Australia, Professor Emerita, Aston University, UK

"This is very much a book for 21st century English language education. Focussed on the impact of globalisation on language use and language practices, the contributors raise a number of central and challenging questions in both theory and practice, critically probing key issues for teaching and learning and the place of English and Englishes in learning across a range of different educational settings. Highly recommended." - Ronald Carter, Emeritus Professor, The University of Nottingham, UK

"English is widely regarded as a global language with myriad uses and roles that are constantly changing. This thematically coherent edited book collection provides fresh perspectives on conceptual issues and informed discussions on pedagogic practices. This book is an invaluable resource for practising teachers, teacher educators, students of Applied Linguistics and researchers alike." - Constant Leung, Professor of Educational Linguistics, King's College London, UK

"This book is both informative and stimulating. The contributions provide practitioners and theorists with an impressive panorama of what is happening globally in their professional world. In selected but representative parts of that world, they focus on details and processes, often in areas not often dealt with in accessible publications. The book will appeal equally to the newcomer who seeks orientation and to the experienced reader who wants to reflect on where we are and where we are going in English language education." - William Littlewood, Honorary Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong SAR, China

"The chapters in this impressive edited book collection offer unique and fascinating perspectives on theoretical debates, issues and challenges involved in language teaching and language teacher education today. With contributions by established as well as emerging scholars, this book provides an invaluable account of how language teaching policies and practices world-wide are responding to issues raised by the globalisation of English. It will be an essential reference for curriculum specialists, researchers, teacher educators, and teachers interested in new directions in research and practice in English language education." - Jack Richards, Honorary Professor, The University of Sydney, Australia; The University of Auckland, New Zealand

"Here is a collection that gives glimpses into what is current in the teaching and learning of English around the world. Perhaps the word ‘glimpses’ doesn’t do the book justice." READ MORE... - Marilyn Lewis, The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Published in TESOLANZ Newsletter; April 2017 Issue

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Conceptual Fluency Theory and the Teaching of Foreign Languages

“Marcel Danesi’s Conceptual Fluency Theory and the Teaching of Foreign Languages is groundbreaking, highly informative, clear, and suggestive. It is a brilliant, remarkably detailed and thoroughly documented analysis of conceptual fluency theory and what it entails for second language teaching today. Throughout the style is engaging and the exposition accessible. In sum, the book provides an invaluable resource and spur for more thinking and writing about metaphor and the teaching and learning of foreign languages. This is exciting work of the first order.” - Michael Lettieri, Vice-Dean, Academic Experience, University of Toronto Mississauga, ON Canada

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