Tribology in Geology and Archaeology

"Tribology, the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion, has traditionally focussed on its technological applications, such as the issues of machine fatigue, the cost of friction in mechanical engineering and similar aspects of great economic importance. However, the present book on Tribology in Geology and Archaeology has presented the pioneering work of the author on the new fields of archaeotribology and tribology of rock art research which were never thought of before." READ MORE... - Professor Giriraj Kumar, Rock Art Science and Indian Culture, Secretary General, Rock Art Society of India

"Like the occurrence of middle-range theory has influenced the development of archaeology during the late 20th century, the publishing of this book should also bring a lasting theoretical impact to rock art research of the next decades." READ MORE... - Dr. Jin Anni, International Centre for Rock Art Dating and Conservation, Hebei Normal University, China

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Environmental Disasters and Land Grabs as Crimes against Humanity

"Laura Westra's relentless pursuit of scholarship manifests in her 40th book. It emerges from her determination to protect the environment through the principle of ecological integrity. Supported by the application of health measurement tools, Dr. Westra uses legal arguments to point to injustices imposed on the most vulnerable by the most powerful in our current economic world order. She identifies a genocidal trend against indigenous knowledge exposed using epidemiology to reveal the criminal dimensions that result in environmental disasters. While epidemiology can demonstrate impacts only after the fact, its utility lies in preventing ongoing harms and injustices through the causal mechanisms exposed from evidence and knowledge. Dr. Westra makes the connections with outrage. Her purpose is to inform humanity of legal mechanisms to re-direct its collective path towards a sustainable future." - Colin Soskolne, PhD, Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology, Professor emeritus, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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