The Visually Disabled and the Elderly in the Age of IC Technologies

“This is a timely and useful volume of papers. Technological advances seem to be a daily occurrence, challenging social and educational institutions to keep pace. Realizing the inclusion and equality for persons with disabilities and the growing challenge of an aging population combined with increasing incidence of Alzheimer’s and other dementias will require making full use of technology. This volume provides useful guidance in meeting these challenges with scholarly rigor but presented in a way that will be easily understood by those engaged in the field or students. As a bonus, this volume brings insights and learning from Spain and the Spanish speaking world which are often difficult to access for English speakers. While technology may seem remote from the world of human rights and inclusion, it has become a major force in realizing these goals and this book makes a strong contribution.” - Tim Stainton, PhD, Professor and Director, Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship, University of British Columbia

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Quality of Life and Intellectual Disability: Knowledge Application to other Social and Educational Challenges

“If one is looking for an in-depth insight into the manifold aspects of the concept of quality of life, I would strongly commend the book Quality of Life and Intellectual Disability, for its encyclopaedic scope, perceptive contributions and immediate relevance to the field of intellectual disability. It merits an easily accessible place on the bookshelf of all practitioners who actively seek ways to enhance the quality of life of people with an intellectual disability.” - Dr. Robin Jackson, Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Learning Disability Studies University of Hertfordshire, UK

"Learning how all people with disabilities can achieve the highest quality of life possible is the next great challenge. This book provides an exciting action plan to make it happen." - Dr. Paul Pagliano, Associate Professor, School of Education, James Cook University, Australia

“…an encompassing text on the emerging topic of QOL and its relationship to individuals with a disability, their families, and the professionals that support them. This book can help contribute towards creating positive changes in today’s society.” - James Cairns, M.A., International Journal of Child Youth and Family Studi

“The book…. provides a very timely overview on the various key aspects of what are essential to an individual and their family that can lead to happiness and a feeling that one’s quality of life has been fulfilled..” - Seth M. Keller, MD, Co-Chair NTG, Past President AADMD

“This masterly summary of the application of Quality of Life research could not have been published at a more opportune moment, coinciding as it does with world-wide debates on making a reality of the new post 2015 Development Goals and the existing international Human Rights Conventions….” - Peter Mittler, Emeritus Professor of Special Needs Education, University of Manchester, UN consultant on disability and education

“The volume is rich in ideas and insights and gives due recognition to the importance of empirical evidence, as well as underlying values. It is well- organized and systematic in its treatment of the topic. I was particularly pleased to see Quality of Life being extended beyond disability to encompass a broad range of individuals, as well as families and systems. The book deserves to reach a wide audience.” - David Mitchell, Adjunct Professor, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

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