Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Practical Manual of Laser Applications in Dermatology

“What a perfect opportunity to learn how lasers work in Dermatology! Nobody but a world expert in this continuously evolving, fascinating field of light technology could have done it. Ashraf Badawi was able to transform theoretically difficult concepts into simple and easily understandable explanations, without “losing definition”. All is clear and details are sharp! This is not another laser book to store on your shelf. We are talking about an extremely innovative learning experience which will be fun to read and consult. Practical tips on “how to” and “why to” will virtually transfer the reader in an advanced laser practice where all secrets are revealed. No more “clouds on the horizon” but a fantastic view on the very promising world of modern laser Dermatology. It is a “must have” for any Dermatologists and physicians who enjoy working with lasers. They will like working with light technology even more after reading this book.” – Leonardo Marini, M.D., FEADV, FAAD, Medical and Scientific Director, SDC – The Skin Doctors’ Center – Trieste, Italy. Founder President ESLD, Chair EADV Task Force for Laser Dermatology

“It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend this reference book. It clearly, concisely, and yet comprehensively presents the latest in the cutting edge field of cosmetic laser technology. Ashraf Badawi brings his expertise to a thorough and practically-oriented handbook. His passion towards lasers is evidenced through his teachings, and is as perceptible in this book as it is when he lectures on the topic in person. He is truly gifted in making even the most complex concepts clearly accessible to novices and experts alike. I believe this handbook should become required reading for anyone wishing to become well versed in laser applications.” – Nada Soueidan, MD, Consultant Dermatologist, Lebanon

“Ashraf Badawi’s Manual of Lasers is probably the most engaging, thoughtful and useful of any of the world’s major laser textbooks. Badawi’s writing is easy to read, easy to understand and, most importantly, it is easy to retain. The chapters on laser physics are magisterial in the beauty of their simplicity and the clarity of their presentation. No other explanation of laser physics have I found to be more accessible. No one has a better gift than he does for explaining the physics of lasers. The chapters on the practical applications of lasers include countless helpful practical tips, eloquent illustrations and illuminating before and after photographs. This authoritative and comprehensive book is fascinating and informative and it will be enormously useful to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and all professionals who work in the laser field. If you buy only one laser book, it should be this one.” – Dr. Christopher Rowland Payne, Past President of the European Society for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology, Founding Editor in Chief of the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, Consultant Dermatologist to The London Clinic, London

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