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Cheeses around the World: Types, Production, Properties and Cultural and Nutritional Relevance

"This book takes us to a walk throughout the history of cheese by compiling a set of very interesting stories from different countries. Without doubts cheese is one of the most diverse and versatile food products, which is going to continue evolving throughout time together with us, the consumers. There is a cheese for every taste, for every palate. Living in a globalized world help us to enlighten our senses with cheeses from the most hidden places, places we have never been, but by eating them we feel transported. Similarly, with this book the reader is going to get to know about cheese, its history, production methods, health aspects, and specially about its traditional nature and the link with cultures around the world.” - Lucía Frez Muñoz, PhD student, Wageningen University and Research

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The Development of Organic Phosphorus Chemistry: Discoveries of the Nineteenth Century

"This treatise is an excellent review of the birth of organophosphorus chemistry with respect to the generation of C-P bonds. Dr. Quin has done a superb job in ferreting out the facts concerning the early work in this field in the 19th century. Four chapters compose the book with each chapter focusing mainly on work done by specific chemists." READ MORE... - K. Darrell Berlin, Regents Professor, Oklahoma State University.

"The book by Louis DuBose Quin is a first of its kind in presenting the early development of phosphorus chemistry. It does so by considering the discoveries of the three chemists that introduced the world to organic phosphorus chemistry. These are the French chemist , Paul Thenard, who discovered the first organic phosphorus compound in 1845, trimethylphosphine." READ MORE... - Dr. Robert Holmes, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements, University of Massachusetts

"In this book Professor Quin engagingly summarizes the many seminal discoveries made by pioneers of phosphorus chemistry in the 19th century who established the foundations of this important field. His coverage is thorough and orderly, and includes not only the chemistry that worked (despite the limits of laboratory apparatus, analytical techniques and bonding concepts of the period) but he also includes a number of informative synthetic attempts that failed. The author’s very careful analysis of the relevant literature enabled him to make a convincing case for choosing August Wilhelm Hoffman as the founder of phosphorus chemistry; a choice that at first surprised me, as I am sure it will other phosphorus-oriented chemists as well. Professor Quin has provided a wide spectrum of chemists with a delightful review of a field of great importance in academic as well as a variety industrial laboratories." - John G. Verkade, Ph.D., Iowa State University

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Analysis of Kinetic Models of Chemical Reaction Systems. Value Approach

"This subject of this book is the systematic analysis of kinetic models of complex reactions, with emphasis on chain reactions. The intent of the authors is to provide the conceptual background for the use of numerical models to evaluate molecular kinetic data in terms of mechanistic schemes. The book concludes with an explanation of the kinetics software package, VALKIN." READ MORE... - Frederick T. Greenaway, Professor of Chemistry at Clark University

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Proteases: Functions, Mechanisms and Uses

"Not just another book on enzymes, "Proteases: Functions, Mechanisms and Uses" is a useful guide for scientists, integrating theory and practical examples in a thrilling way." - Professor Dr. José Manuel Domínguez González, Industrial Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering Group “BiotecnIA,” Chemical Engineering Department, Science Faculty, Vigo University, Spain

"Proteases: Functions, Mechanisms and Uses" focuses on proteases from different regional sources, with applications in a wide variety of industrial processes, namely cheese production, meat tenderization, production of protein hydrolysates, among others. The book appears as an appropriate tool to disseminate the latest knowledge about functions, mechanisms and applications of proteases in relevant industrial applications. It will provide useful information for both academics (PhD, postdocs and researchers, as well as undergraduate students) and industrials, thus covering a large audience." - Andrea Gomez-Zavaglia PhD, Center for Research and Development in Food Cryotechnology (CIDCA, CCT CONICET, La Plata, Argentina)

"Proteases are extremely important both from the metabolic/biological and industrial points of view, with a wide range of applications. This book is a comprehensive, practical and focused overview of the main and more recent features related with the available sources, functions and uses of proteases. It is an excellent resource to students, teachers, researchers and industry professionals that need to deal with this class of enzymes." - Cristina Rocha, PhD, Researcher at Centre of Biological Engineering, University of Minho, Portugal

"Enzymes are strategic tools for the green industry and, among them, proteases are of main interest because of their wide applications. This book about proteases brings together basic knowledge about sources, classification and mechanisms of reaction of these enzymes, and particular and new concepts regarding proteases of marine, protozoa or vegetal origin, proteases implications in agriculture, and powerful tools related to directed evolution, metagenomics and bioinformatics applied to the screening, development and study of new proteases with enhanced properties. For all that, this book is a very useful and comprehensive source of knowledge and information for students, academics and biotechnologists who are interested in the study, research and application of these enzymes." - Ana Torrado Agrasar, PhD, Professor/Researcher, Faculty of Sciences, University of Vigo, Ourense, Spain

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Organic and Medicinal Chemistry. Volume 2

“The new book titled "Organic and Medicinal Chemistry", edited by Dr. Bimal Krishna Banik, covers a very interesting list of topics involving syntheses and applications of compounds such as beta-lactams, pyrimidines, thiazolidinones, quiinazolines, phosphonates, phosphinates, isoxazolines, pyrroles, polyaromatics and glycosides. The applications especially focus on cancer and apoptosis. The book is highly recommended both for both experts and non-experts who are interested in these important areas." - Arnold L. Demain, Ph. D., RISE Institute of Drew University, Madison, New Jersey, USA

“The edited volume by Dr. Banik is a collection of 18 chapters. The coverage is very broad with topical areas in synthesis of bioactive compounds, heterocyclic/medicinal chemistry, and anticancer agents. It is an informative collection that would benefit researchers working in these areas." - Kenneth Laali, Ph.D., Presidential Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of North Florida

“I have looked at the contents provided by Dr. Banik. I fully endorse this book. The contents are highly adequate. In my opinion the book is extremely useful for researchers in chemistry all over the world. Each chapter is written by highly competent chemist. Consequently, I highly recommend this book for chemists all over the world.” - Narayan G. Bhat, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry, UTRGV, Edinburg, TX, USA

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Biocomposites: Properties, Performance and Applications

“This book is a valuable up-to-date addition to the existing literature on the subject of biocomposites. Although many books have been recently published in this very active field of research, most of them focused mainly on just one aspect of the domain. We must keep in mind that biocomposites represent an interdisciplinary category of materials and a linear approach is rather theoretic. This book, on the other hand, focuses on various aspects like structure and properties, performance and applications of these materials, presenting these issues in a strong interdependency, as most of the factors affecting the level of performance of these materials are acting synergistically. Hence, this book addresses to the needs of scientists from universities, academia and industry R&D from multidisciplinary backgrounds.” - Dr. Carmen-Alice Teaca, "Petru Poni" Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry Romania

"Written by top experts in this field, this book is an excellent addition to the already expanding literature on biocomposites. This book offers up-to-date studies, as well as review articles, on biocomposites. This book is strongly recommended to students, academics and researchers working on biocomposites." - Dr. Mohammad Jawaid, Department of Biocomposite Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

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Analytical Chemistry: Developments, Applications and Challenges in Food Analysis

"Analytical Chemistry: Developments, Applications and Challenges in Food Analysis represents a collection of book chapters showing the fundament of validation and instrumental set up of analytical methods that are used to analyze foods and their ingredients. The different chapters include several topics discussing the validation of analytical methods, extraction procedures, and other multidisciplinary approaches for the analysis of foods, particularly supplements originated from raw plant materials." READ MORE... - Maria Carafa, Professor, Pharmacy and Medicine, "La Sapienza" University of Rome

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New Developments in Liquid Crystals Research

"Cholesteric liquid crystals are historically the first liquid crystalline materials discovered by Friedrich Reinitzer in 1888. Since then, cholesteric liquid crystals are in the focus of scientists and engineers attracting their attention with the peculiar optical and electro-optical properties. Three of the book’s chapters are devoted to different techniques of preparation of microencapsulated polymeric particles and flakes and their electro-optical properties." READ MORE... - Lachezar Komitov, Professor, PhD, CEO Innovidis AB, Sweden, and Liquid Crystal Physics, Department of Physics, Göteborg University

"Liquid crystalline materials are an impressive class of condensed mater combining mobility and order, which gives rise to their unique properties and enables outstanding applications usually associated with liquid crystal displays that can be found in TV screens, computer monitors, tablets, mobile phones, but also in more advanced applications in photonics, telecommunications, medicine and other fields." READ MORE... - Vukoman Jokanovic, PhD, Laboratory of Atomic Physic, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca, Belgrade, Serbia

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Ultra Low Frequency Fields of Moving Bodies

“Dr. Semenov is among few scientists who have drawn attention of colleagues interested in moving body detection to its ultra-low frequency oscillations and provided theoretical background to prediction of corresponding additional hydrodynamic ultra-low frequency fields in atmosphere and ocean. The text is rich in physical details and experimental data explaining limits of known moving body detection methods and providing their comparison to detection method proposed as well as endorsing validity and reality of achieved results. The book is essential for scientists or naval engineers taking a serious interest in moving body detection progress.” - Professor Sergey N. Kulichkov, Deputy Director, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Laureate of Russian Government prize in the field of physical sciences

"This book provides substantial contribution to solution of basic problem of hydroacoustics related to detection of underwater objects, for instance submarines, in their self-noise reduction environment. Major part of the book is related to description of natural and man-made ultra-low frequency field’s behavior in ocean and atmosphere. It is important that scattering evaluation methods developed in the book allow evaluation of sound field scattered by slowly oscillating moving body capable of generating ambient flow field including gravity waves and ordinary wake predict their decisive contribution to forward scattered sound signals. These results provide grounds for alternative method of submerged moving objects detection in ocean. Examples of practical detection results achieved with aid of various underwater arrays either stationary or installed on ship board published by a number of authors in the web during last decades are also adduced. These results achieved at distance ranges from several to hundred miles support theoretical predictions and provide recommending the book for acoustician and naval engineers developing acoustic systems for outdoor observations as well as for naval specialists responsible for ocean shipping situation control." - Professor Alexander V. Evtushenko, Full Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Department in Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow, Russia

"This book is written by an experienced specialist in acoustics of moving media and underwater hydroacoustics Dr. Andrew (Andrey) Semenov from Acoustics Institute in Moscow, Russia. It shows insufficiency of current state-of-the art in naval hydroacoustics and moving media acoustics related to detected objects self noise noticeable reduction. Main chapters of the book are related to the detailed description of ultra low frequency field structure and its origins in ocean and to sound scattering by moving bodies taking into account specifics of slowly oscillating moving body ambient flow including gravity waves and wake arguing their decisive contribution to observed sound signals. This approach developed by the author since the very beginning of 1980s presented in ”Acoustical Physics” journal and in “Acoustics of Moving Inhomogeneities” book published recently by Nova Science was realized in pioneer methods of moving body detection in ocean inhomogeneous media. Another impressive and informative chapter of the book is related to body detection experimental results achieved on various underwater hydroacoustics arrays either stationary or installed on ships board. These results are demonstrated in various ocean regions for wide enough target distances ranges from several miles to hundred miles. In general, book will be useful for acousticians and naval engineers developing acoustic systems for underwater or atmosphere observations, and also for marine officers involved in application of underwater naval hydroacoustics arrays for targets control in ocean." - Professor Igor B. Esipov, Full Professor of Physics Department in I.M. Gubkin’s Oil and Gas University, Moscow, Russia, Vice Editor-in-Chief of “Acoustical Physics” journal, Russian Acoustical Society Executive Board member, Acoustical Society of America member

"This book provides substantial contribution to solution of actual naval hydroacoustics problems related to submarines self-noise reduction. Few chapters of the book are related to description of natural and artificial ultra-low frequency field sources in ocean and atmosphere. Moving bodies sound scattering evaluation methods taking into account ambient flow fields related to oscillating moving body including gravity waves and wake arguing their decisive contribution to observed sound signals, mainly, for submarines in ocean are developed in the book as well. It allows providing alternative method of submarine detection. Important portion of the book is devoted to submarine detection experimental results achieved with aid of various underwater hydroacoustics arrays. These results demonstrated for wide enough submarine distances ranges from several miles to hundred miles support theoretical predictions and allow recommending the book for acousticians and naval engineers developing acoustic observation systems as well as for specialists applying underwater hydroacoustics arrays for shipping control in ocean to provide dichotomy classification of the targets detected." - Professor Victor D. Svet, Leading Research Scientist, academician N.N. Andreev’s Acoustics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

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Hydrogen Storage: Preparation, Applications and Technology

“Dr. Huaiyu Shao has been working in the hydrogen storage field for almost 15 years. I believe he just skillfully edited a must-read book for anyone in the hydrogen energy research community. Read it and get some fresh ideas from some of the most active contributors in the world.” - Xingguo Li, Professor and Director, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry in Peking University, World Famous Scientist in the Field of Hydrogen Storage, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, Beijing, China

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