Plant Ontogeny: Studies, Analyses and Evolutionary Implications

“Dr. Diego Demarco has gathered in this book a large cast of researchers of recognized relevance in studies of plant morphogenesis. This book addresses different plant structures with an emphasis on ontogenetic processes. The various chapters cover topics ranging from case studies to texts with revisionary emphasis and allow us to realize the relevance of ontogeny for the understanding of plant structures or organs. The focus on the processes of development and morphogenesis gives the different chapters the proper interrelationship, which makes this work a reference in these aspects so little explored in the textbooks. Therefore, this book deserves attention not only for the peculiarity of its focus on morphogenesis but also for its potential as an educational resource, being relevant to both scientists and students.” - Dr. Élder Antônio Sousa Paiva, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

“This book is a very important contribution to plant morphology: original studies on ontogeny of flowers and secretory structures, on development of leaves and of specialized organs of parasitic plants, and on the diversity and development of arrangements of inflorescences, provided by prominent researchers, bringing new light to our knowledge of the structure, biology and evolution of several groups of vascular plants. The high quality of the book contents reinforces the persisting relevance of accurate anatomical analysis to botany.” - Dr. José Rubens Pirani, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Our increased understanding of the phylogenetic relationships of plants makes it possible to revisit the organismic world in all its beautiful details. This contribution is an excellent illustration of the importance of combining anatomical and developmental studies, as it is clear that we know so little about the structure of plants. The book is a welcome addition to our understanding of developmental processes in the morphology of plants. Although the writing of “Plant Ontogeny” appears as an almost entirely Brazilian enterprise, it highlights a welcome Renaissance in morphological studies that appears to take the lead mainly outside Europe." - Dr. Louis P. Ronse De Craene - Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK

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Phaseolus vulgaris: Cultivars, Uses and Production

“Phaseolus vulgaris: Cultivars, Uses and Production" provides comprehensive information on bean breeding, production, nutrition, health, processing and utilization all in one place. This book brings light to the universal appeal of beans by acknowledging their traditional roots, affordability and important role in staple diets globally. The versatility and cultural significance of beans have caught the attention of many product innovators as beans find their way into product formulations and culinary creations during a time of heightened interest for plant-based products, environmental concerns and rising healthcare needs. A great effort to bring topics on beans from along the entire value chain for convenient access.” - Pulse Canada, the National association representing pulse growers in Canada

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