Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Understanding Pattern Analysis

“Mangesh M. Ghonge, Pradeep Nijalingappa, and Ahmed J. Obaid’s Understanding Pattern Analysis (2022) offers some refreshing cases of data analysis and ways to make meaning of images, structured data, and other data forms. It enriches traditional ideas of data patterns by including machine vision, machine learning algorithms, fresh engineering approaches to solving modern challenges, and richer data dimensionality through multimodal data. The space is evolving quickly and in real time, and it is hard to consider just where the current state-of-play is. For common readers and students, this work offers some refreshing reads about contemporaneous data patterns achieved computationally…Read more at >>>– Shalin Hai-Jew, Instructional Designer/Researcher, Kansas State University. Published in C2C Digital Magazine (Fall 2022 / Winter 2023)

Revolutionary Applications of Intelligent Drones

“The general public may have seen news stories of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) delivering drugs and even human organs (for transplantation) across a hospital campus, monitoring the U.S.-Mexico border, delivering food, and providing security overflight. They may have seen creative light displays as new year celebrations, with smart drones flashing their brights. Others have been used for building-based art shows, alongside high-powered light projectors. Perhaps they have handled a commercial drone to shoot footage for their social media channels or films. They may have seen fleeting visuals of military-style UAVs in news stories of a hot war. Based on consumed information and experiences, people likely have various evocations in terms of “drones” and “UAVs”. Mohit Angurala and Vikas Khullar’s Revolutionary Applications of Intelligent Drones (2022) offers a look at various practical uses of these aircraft. Their edited collection may help situate understandings of such craft in a more systematized way. Indeed, drones have been used for “drug delivery, agricultural applications, vertical structure inspection, construction site survey” and other applications (n.p.). They have been applied in medicine, agriculture, disaster management, entertainment, and military applications. During the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 pandemic, they were used for package deliveries. They may affect how people live, interact, share, war-fight, and otherwise engage…Read more at >>>– Shalin Hai-Jew, Instructional Designer/Researcher, Kansas State University. Published in C2C Digital Magazine (Fall 2022 / Winter 2023)

Sustainable and Healthy Building Environments

This book was published with scientific rigor and contains current issues as important as temperature control in the classroom to improve student learning. This edition opens up the field of reflection on the need for comfort to achieve objectives that are not exclusive to emotional stability, or simply static physical comfort (seat, posture, distance, or proximity to the points of instruction) but goes beyond that, taking into account the relationship with the city and how to achieve structures that promote health as a whole. It also takes a look into the past with a description of the Roman legacy that has been handed down to us over the centuries regarding the control of water and its mobility within the city. It is a comprehensive and highly recommended publication that will introduce the reader to a close and interesting academic world.” – Daniel Arranz Paraiso, Collaborating Professor Doctor, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology, University Foundation San Pablo CEU, Spain

Sustainable Production: Definitions, Aspects, and Elements

“This is an excellent introductory book to give comprehensive insight and indispensable basic information for readers about sustainable production. For each specific activity, readers need to study more materials about that activity to identify and follow the path of sustainable production for that activity. Therefore, this book provides a motivating text for students who want to learn, researchers who want to investigate, producers who want to produce, and all environmentally friendly people who want to evaluate sustainable production to walk on the path of world sustainability.” To read the full review, CLICK HERE >>>. – Digvir S. Jayas, Distinguished Professor, Biosystems Engineering, University of Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada

Advances in Sustainable Materials and Technology

“A very well-written and clear abstract. The Introduction is also very clear and concise. Relevance to the Objectives: Comments on the work in accordance with objectives being achieved as per the aim of the book. The novelty of this book is very clearly articulated. Overall, it is a very good book! Good Job by the authors. It was a delight to read and examine this work.” – Pankaj Sharma, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, Chitkara University, India

A Complete Perspective of Nuclear Energy

“Bringing clear and plain language and a broad perspective to the page, J. Jason Chao touches on all facets of nuclear energy in his new book. He provides examples designed to make even the most strenuous and challenging concepts easy to understand, making this book idea for newcomers as well as an interesting read for students and professionals alike. Among the topics covered are safety, waste, weapons, power plants, accidents, rockets, fusion, medicine, vaccines and proliferation, as well as some light versions of nuclear physics and nuclear fuels.” – Nuclear News (by the American Nuclear Society), July 2022 Edition, Volume 65, No. 8

Service Robots: Advances in Research and Applications

This book covers many issues of the design and applications of service robots from classification to new areas like collaborative service robots and advances in artificial intelligence. The presentations and given examples of the service robots applications in public relations and education, medicine, agriculture, logistics, inspection and maintenance, production processes as well as in other branches, offer enjoyable reading for the novice as well as advanced readers interested in service robotics.”
Professor Emeritus Nedjeljko Peric, PhD
Director of Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Department of Control and Computer Engineering

“The editors of this book combine a collection of chapters from an international group of famous experts. The goal of this book is to combine materials that provide information for students, managers, engineers, and researchers to contribute and encourage the exploration and enhancement of the robot’s applications in medicine, agriculture, defense, logistics, construction and demolition, rescue and safety, underwater systems, inspection and maintenance, professional cleaning, production processes, as well as in other industries and the human environment. By describing their own research in the chapters, the authors of the chapters contribute to both the development of robotic technology and its applications in the latest research.”
Full Professor Avdo Voloder, PhD
Department of Mechanics and Robotics, Faculty of Engineering
University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Urban Development and Lifestyle

“As Professor at the Universitas Pembangunan Jaya, with daily activities in lecturing, doing research, as well as water resources development planning, I really praise the Nova Science Publishers for publishing selected papers from ‘2020 International Conference on Urban Sustainability, Environment, and Engineering (CUSME 2020)’. Hence, this publication would be useful for professionals, reseachers, scholar, policymakers, and NGO. I believe that currently, many professionals would like to give more attention on development of sustainable urban. In addition, this publication could be used as reference for City authorities to make appropriate policy choices to protect the provision of equitable housing, health, and transportation services.”
Prof. Ir. Frederik Josep Putuhena M.Sc., Ph.D, Center for Urban Studies – Universitas Pembangunan Jaya

Urban Development and Lifestyle are trend issues for the cities around the world. Learning from experiences is the most effective way to support the cities to be sustainable developed. This book offers the knowledge sharing among countries which covers variety of cities’ issues. It also provides the great lessons for researchers, officers and policy makers on coping with several urban problems.”
Associate Professor Sarintip Tantanee, Ph.D., Director, Center of Excellence on Energy Technology and Environment (CETE), Faculty of Engineering, Naresuan University, Thailand

Congestion Control: Design, Applications and Protocols

“If you care about communications and computer networks and want to know how congestion control techniques work in different network platforms and technologies to not only overcome network performance degradation but also enhance network stability, in terms of interoperability and robustness, then this book is definitely a must-read! Read this book, and you’ll see how Dr. Quang Nguyen composed and edited a unique, inspiring and delightful guide to the complex domain of classical and advanced congestion control methodologies in networking, from both principles and practical perspectives.”
Takuro Sato, IEEE Life Fellow, IEICE Life Fellow, and Senior Research Professor at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

“I’m highly recommending this book because even though there are several books with a comprehensive description of various congestion control techniques in networking, surprisingly, there isn’t another on this topic that attempts to discuss and give new insight into building the efficient congestion control mechanism as a key to an efficient and robust network design. Dr. Quang has made a right step in this interesting direction, and as a professor in communications and networking, I enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to share it with my students, colleagues, collaborators and industrial partners.”
Tarik Taleb, Recipient of the IEEE Fred W. Ellersick Prize 2017, and Professor, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

Auto Oscillations of Flow Inhomogeneities

“This new book, Auto Oscillations of Flow Inhomogeneities, written by Dr. Semenov will draw attention of various specialists interested in detection, prediction and suppression of moving inhomogeneities auto oscillations generated by stationary subsonic and supersonic flows in the presence of solid bodies producing narrow band sound and vibrations. Book provides experimental and theoretical background for prediction of corresponding additional hydrodynamic and sound fields in atmosphere and ocean. From our point of view one of most important results presented in the book is related to theoretical explanation of unexplained before type of ultra-low frequency atmospheric sound field observed near seas and oceans. In particular, specific auto oscillations phenomena, so called, ‘voice of sea’ related to interaction of heavy gale wind with chopped sea surface. Recently our institute was involved in development of its experimental measurement means necessary to control ‘voice of sea’ in environment. One of the next pioneer steps in the book is experimental proof of vortex role in flow inhomogeneities auto oscillation excitation and sound generation. It is shown that vortexes observed in body – flow interaction are mainly specific sources of flow energy losses; they can hardly contribute substantially to sound field generated due to auto oscillations. The text is rich in physical details and experimental data explaining conditions of known auto oscillations phenomena observation and providing their prediction methods as well as endorsing validity and reality of achieved results. The book is essential for any scientist, acoustics engineer and developer of sound production instruments taking a serious interest in auto oscillations application as well in its consequences suppression progress.”
Prof. Sergey N. Kulichkov, Deputy Director, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Laureate of Russian Government Prize in the Field of Physical Sciences

This book is written by an experienced specialist in acoustics of moving media and underwater hydroacoustics, Dr. Andrew (Andrey) Semenov from Acoustics Institute in Moscow, Russia. It shows insufficiency of current state-of-the art in moving media acoustics related to auto oscillations of flow inhomogeneities observed in wide range of science and technology phenomena from musical instruments to powerful rockets and airplanes. Proper understanding of auto oscillations physical mechanism is necessary to develop efficient sound sources, say, musical instruments based on flow auto oscillations as well as to suppress noise produced by airplane and missile engine jets during flight, take off and landing. Main chapters of the book are related to the detailed description of various auto oscillations phenomena observed at flow subsonic and supersonic velocities including conditions of stationary flow power transform to flow inhomogeneities oscillation, amplification and detection. This approach developed by the author together with his coauthors A.V. Rimsky-Korsakov and L.A. Bazhenova allowed better understanding physical background of so called ‘vortex sound’ phenomenon including nature of sound source and sound power dependence on Reynolds number. These results presented from the very beginning of 2000’s in Acoustical Physics Journal has attracted attention of many acousticians and engineers. One more interesting book item is related to auto oscillations of powerful rocket provided with engine of a lot of jets situated on its first stage bottom along circle. This phenomenon observed experimentally was predicted by author. Another impressive and informative chapter of the book is related to ‘voice of sea’ phenomenon generated in interaction of heavy gale wind with chopped sea surface. In general, book will be useful for acousticians and technology engineers developing acoustic systems based on flow inhomogeneities auto oscillations or interested in narrow band sound radiation reduction in airplanes development and shipbuilding.”
Prof. Igor B. Esipov, Full Professor of Physics Department in I.M. Gubkin’s Oil and Gas University, Moscow, Russia, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Acoustical Physics Journal, Russian Acoustical Society Executive Board Member, Acoustical Society of America Member

This book provides noticeable contribution to solution of actual hydrodynamics and aeroacoustics problems related to control of airplane and ships structures noise and vibrations related to ambient flow inhomogeneities auto oscillations. It also provides description of various corresponding sound generation phenomena. Chapters of the book are related to description of physical mechanism of various natural and artificial sources of sound field provided by auto oscillations from musical instrument and various whistles to atmospheric acoustic phenomenon observed in interaction of heavy gale wind flow with chopped ocean surface and powerful rockets. Important portion of the book is devoted to model experiments related to acoustic resonators positioned in subsonic fluid flow. It allows finding out the role of vortexes in auto oscillation excitation and sound generation. Next portions of the book are devoted to linear approach to auto oscillations of supersonic jets and review of contemporary approach to flow – body interaction auto oscillations analysis. To conclude it is worth to note that wide enough range of presented results applications is demonstrated allowing recommending the book for acousticians and engineers developing various auto oscillations acoustic systems as well as for specialists interested in suppression of auto oscillations noise in ships and various flight vehicles.”
Prof. Victor D. Svet, Leading Research Scientist, Academician N.N. Andreev’s Acoustics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

This book demonstrates new approach to actual hydrodynamics and aeroacoustics problems related to noise and vibrations generated by flow inhomogeneities auto oscillations based on instability of flow boundaries. Feed – back mechanism of auto oscillations is based on stationary flow energy transform into flow oscillation energy in conditions of negative acoustic resistance of ‘body – flow’ oscillation system. Main basis of problem statement is evident from book Introduction already. First chapters are devoted to various subsonic and supersonic auto oscillation problems where instability conditions are derived with aid of powerful mechanism of flow boundary stability dispersion equation solution (mainly in Chapter 2). Taking into account complexity of problems stated for supersonic flows, this method allows restricting their solutions by linear approach for infinite jets, while feed-back mechanism is explained with aid of Wiener-Hopf techniques. Phenomenon of noise spectrum discrete component generation for cold supersonic jets is investigated and explained as well. Classical problem of so called ‘vortex sound’ or Aeolian tone observed in ‘cylinder – flow’ interaction is discussed in chapters 3 and 4, while in Chapter 5 original explanation of ‘voice of sea’ phenomenon is proposed. This book is recommended for acousticians and engineers working in the field of aeroacoustics and hydrodynamics developing various auto oscillations acoustic systems as well as for specialists interested in suppression of auto oscillations noise in flight vehicles.”
-Dr. Michael A. Mironov, Head of Department, Academician N.N. Andreev’s Acoustics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Acoustical Society Executive Board Member, Acoustical Society of America Member