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Ureters: Anatomy, Physiology and Disorders

"The ureters remain unnoticed in the field of urology. Richard Santucci and Mang Chen, helped by more than 20 contributors, wrote an original textbook dedicated to ureteral pathology and its treatment. The conceptualization and publication of such a textbook was long overdue, and the final product is worth the wait. This book is appropriately targeted to urologists who are familiar with trauma and reconstructions." READ MORE... - Miroslav L. Djordjevic, , MD, PhD, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade

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Sensory Integration: Development, Disorders and Treatment

"The book is intended for teachers, parents and sensory integration therapists. In an accessible, professional way, the author explains what the disturbances of sensory integration involve, what they relate to and how they manifest themselves. In the book we find a description of not only sensory integration methods, a description of sensory integration dysfunctions in selected disease entities, but also selected methods supporting the child's development, because their knowledge is essential not only for good cooperation between therapists, but also for programming therapy and optimizing support activities child development. It also presents research conducted among parents of children with learning difficulties and behavior, in whom sensory integration disorders occur." - Professor Beata Pituła, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice

"The book is a compendium of theoretical, empirical and methodological knowledge in the field of supporting the development of a child with impaired sensory integration. The work has been divided into four perfectly complementary parts, in which the author clearly, legibly and transparently discusses the basic issues that fit into the issue of special educational needs of a child with SI disorders. The first part contains analyses and reflections on the child's development up to the age of ten. The author refers here, among others, to the social-emotional, physical-motoric and cognitive functioning of the child. It also analyzes the educational environment, which has an unprecedented impact on the child's development. Part two of the monograph is devoted to a detailed analysis of sensory integration. The author discusses in it the causes of disorders, their characteristics and classification, as well as SI diagnosis and therapy. A very rich list of descriptions of methods supporting the development of a child, including a child with various types of disorders appears to be an excellent supplement here. Part four is a description of the results of the tests. The author selected a quantitative-qualitative research approach, with evident lead given to the quantitative one. The qualitative approach (three individual cases) complements the surveys. The entire work is closed with a chapter containing the author's own conclusions and self-reflection. This book is an excellent material in the field of supporting the development of a child with special educational needs, which will not only fill the gap on the publishing market, but will certainly help teachers working with children with sensory integration disorders. The book could also be used by students of pedagogical studies, serving them as a methodical guide in future professional work." - Professor Małgorzata Przybysz-Zaremba, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw

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Manual Sign Acquisition in Children with Developmental Disabilities

"For far too long, the role of manual signs in the language and communication development of children with developmental disabilities has been relegated to a position of 'not quite sign' and 'not quite language', veering between being seen as a 'sub-type of augmentative and alternative communication, and an occasional position as a footnote in discussions of sign linguistics. The unique context of children with developmental disabilities who are acquiring language using manual signs has received little recognition. This textbook breaks the mold. Bringing together expert researchers and clinicians from a diverse range of backgrounds, it highlights not only the challenges faced by children with developmental disabilities, but also their communication achievements. It richly illustrates the theoretical insights and practice implications that can be gained when close attention is paid to the developmental process of language and communication development in this very special context. The active role of the language learner is celebrated and uniquely, the reader has an opportunity to hear the personal story of someone who has walked this path. For all those interested in language and language development, this text will provide much food for thought. It sets down a marker for future research and enriches our understanding of the importance of the individual and of the developmental process." - Martine Smith, Associate Professor, Clinical Speech & Language Studies , Trinity College Dublin; Former president of the International Association of Augmentative and Alternative Communication

"It is indeed time to bring signing out of the margins and to shed light on this rich medium of communication and learning. Nicola Grove and Kaisa Launonen have accomplished this through a comprehensive text with wide appeal - from scholars of language and languages to interventionists working with people who stand to benefit from a comprehensive appreciation of the role and benefits of signing." - Teresa Iacono, Ph.D. Professor of Rural and Regional Allied Health, La Trobe Rural Health School, College of Science, Health and Engineering, Melbourne Australia

"I am honored to write this endorsement for “Manual Sign Acquisition by Children with Developmental Disabilities.” This book is an indispensable addition to the growing body of work on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). The book not only provides an in depth overview of research and practice in the use of manual signs with individuals who present with a wide range of language learning disabilities. The book also courageously and innovatively presents a description of the synergies between two fields that have been traditionally antagonistic and seen as separate: Deaf studies and Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Too often professionals have had to choose between communication options that are artificially pitched against each other, e.g., manual signs versus aided communications. When in fact, manual signs, gestures and other unaided means of representation are an essential element of a full range of semiotic tools available to us, humans, in our constant search for connection and shared representation." - Professor Gloria Soto Department of Special Education, and Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, San Francisco State University

"The editors, Grove and Launonen, and their contributors offer an important, alternative perspective to language and communication development in deaf and hearing children with additional disabilities. In particular, they emphasize the need for disabled children who use sign-based interventions to be placed in language-rich environments, using holistic and multimodal approaches to enable them to achieve their full communication potential. This book is a valuable tool for both parents and practitioners making decisions on how to maximize their children’s opportunities to become effective communicators." - Dr. Katherine Rowley, Deafness, Cognition and Language (DCAL) Research Centre at University, College London and City, University of London

"I am delighted to see the publication of this book on such an important topic. Those who work with deaf children are noting that signers with additional needs present demands for a different range of skills in their teachers. This volume will be of great assistance to them." - Rachel Sutton Spence PhD., Sign Language Studies department, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

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The Benign and Malignant Prostate

"This excellent book is a carefully-edited compilation of 15 chapters, six covering benign prostatic hyperplasia, one on prostatitis and nine covering adenocarcinoma of the prostate. Each chapter is written by at least one urologist with contributions from radiologists and an oncologist, most working in the UK. The book reads easily and is well-illustrated. It discusses causes, diagnosis and surgical and non-surgical management of these conditions. The book is up to date, well-referenced (quoting studies to 2013) and clinically-relevant. The chapter covering diagnostic imaging of prostate cancer, for example, focuses on the highly topical development of multi-parametric MRI and fusion targeting of biopsies and is illustrated with 28 figures. The book would be valuable as a reference for urological resident/trainees studying to pass Boards or FRCS (urol.) examinations and for practising urologists." - Dr. Simon Brewster, Urological Surgeon, Churchill Hospital, Oxford

"This book on the benign and malignant prostate forms part of a series entitled “Renal and Urologic Disorders”, published by Nova Science Publishers, New York. It addresses all issues relating to the prostate from its anatomy to the more recent advances in Robotic surgery. The authorship is mainly from the United Kingdom, some of whom, as the Editor mentions in the preface, are experts in these fields, but all of whom contributed on topics well known to them and in which they have a regular and daily clinical exposure." READ MORE... - John M. Fitzpatrick, MCh, FRCSI, FEBU, FCS(Urol)SA, FRCSGlas,FRCS, Head of Research, Irish Cancer Society, Professor of Surgery Emeritus, University College Dublin

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The History of Cesarean Section

"The book offers a fascinating medical history on Caesarean Section to both obstetricians and the medical community alike. It begins from the Book of Genesis, from the early days of Babylon and ancient Egypt, and displays in colorful, yet in historical and medical accuracy, the development of the concepts, art, and opinions that have accompanied it from the outset to its expansion into a mainstream general medical practice performed in the West and the world over." READ MORE... - Prof. Shifra Shvarts, Moshe Prywes Center for Medical Education, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

"Professor Samuel Lurie, a member of the International Society for the History of Medicine and a regular contributor to this journal has performed a great service to his colleagues in compiling this short account of the history of cesarean section. As the author notes the procedure has intrigued mankind through recorded time and in many ways the history of this operation reflects the progress of medical practice through the ages." READ MORE... - Kenneth Collins

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Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

"Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL)is a very common condition and is the most common type of hearing loss, it can affect all age groups from newborns to elderly .Congenital SNHL is considered as neurodevelopmental emergency which mandates early detection and intervention , because hearing is the foundation for spoken language and literacy . Sudden SNHL is a medical emergency which must be treated seriously. Many published articles suggested a link between untreated SNHL and cognitive impairment in elderly. The huge diversity of causes of SNHL, requires appropriate investigations to determine the exact etiology of SNHL in individual cases. Better understanding of the pathophysiology and mechanisms leading to SNHL would greatly help in prevention, control, cure or appropriate rehabilitation of the condition. I am really very pleased to see a great work such as , Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment published and available for clinicians and researchers.

There are many otolaryngology, otology and audiology text books, however very few dedicated for hearing loss, and much less dedicated for Sensorineural hearing loss. I do believe that there were some gaps in the available clinical knowledge needed for optimal management of SNHL, advanced basic and clinical research have bridged many of these gaps, but majority of busy clinicians do not have the luxury of time to dig in thousands of publications to get clinically useful information. This book with its excellent seventeen chapters provides up to date, organized, well presented information supported by the outstanding expertise of the contributors. I do encourage Otolaryngologists, Neurotologists and Audiologists and all medical and health care specialties dealing with SNHL or its consequences to read this book. Finally, I want to congratulate the editors, and all other contributors as well as Nova Publishers, of this phenomenal work. Knowledge is power. " - Alfarghal Mohamad, MD, AuD, Consultant of Audio-vestibular medicine, King Abdul Aziz Medical City-Jeddah, KSA

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Immunological Pathogenesis of Sepsis and Use of Hemosorption for Treatment of Cancer Patients with Sepsis

"Dr. Natalia Anisimova is an outstanding immunologist at the Blockin Russian Cancer Research Center in Moscow, headed by Prof. Kesilievsky. An outstanding author, Dr. Anisimova brings her vast knowledge in chemistry, biology, and clinical application into this text. In this most recent book written by Dr. Anisimova, she deals with the pathological condition of sepsis." READ MORE... - Gianfranco Baronzio, MD, Scientific director of LM Cell Factory, Terni, Italy

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Reflections: A Dream Quest

"This book was written for the rational, educated reader who is suspicious that ancient wisdom had something important to say. Author George Elder tackles the immense topic of dream interpretation, offering his own dream history to test a view that combines contemporary neurophysiology and dream interpretation schema from cultures around the world."READ MORE... - Dale Cyphert, Ph.D., University of Northern Iowa

"An intriguing look at the nature of dreams via Elder’s examination and interpretation of his own. Elder recounts a number of dreams from various times during his life, and considers the conditions which may have caused the particular stories that played out while asleep." READ MORE... - Sayward Ayre, Ph.D., author of Tribute to Og: Memories of a Future Lifemate

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Short Bowel Syndrome in Children: Current Practice and Future Perspectives

"Short bowel syndrome (SBS) in infants and children continues to be a major cause of morbidity and mortality in spite of all the advances that have occurred in the last thirty years in the management of congenital and acquired abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract. This is the case currently in spite of major advances in nutritional support, both enteral and parenteralnutrition, intestinal transplantation and advanced therapies for support of the failing liver. The management of patients with short bowel syndrome is complex, requiring a comprehensive approach that frequently necessitates long-term use of parenteral nutrition." READ MORE... - Hua Yang, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Chairman, Department of General Surgery, Xinqiao Hospital, Third Military Medical University

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Commonly Used Biomarkers in Dentistry: A Handbook

"Dr. Anila has comprehensively covered the various lesions in oral pathology with a relevant table on its immunohistochemical assessment in this book. The differential diagnosis at the end of each topic is also very useful." - Dr. Karthikeyan Ramalingam

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