Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Putting Privacy in Perspective: Exploring the Evolution and Implications of Privacy in U.S. Society

“In Dr. Hough’s book, a compelling case is made that the four kinds of Privacy she describes were not very much present in past societies.” READ MORE…David Brin, Scientist, Best-Selling Author and Tech-Futurist

Putting Privacy in Perspective offers a quick, readable and provocative survey of how privacy has evolved in this country from colonial times through the Industrial Revolution to the modern age. Its somewhat surprising conclusion is that people in the post-Civil War era enjoyed much more solitude, intimacy, and anonymity than either the founding generation or our current computer-driven era.” – Christopher Slobogin, Milton Underwood Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University

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Introduction to Communication Sciences

“An expert on ancient and contemporary languages of India, and an outstanding pioneer in the field of acoustic phonetics of Indian languages, Dr. S. R. Savithri’s book on Introduction to Communication Sciences is a treasure cove for all seekers in the area of Speech Science. This book covers fundamental and advanced concepts of speech production, perception, regulation, and their implications in a nutshell. The five chapters in the book use many illustrations and clearly describe the process of communication and its components; biological and neurological bases of speech production; fundamental concepts related to the nature of sound; auditory mechanism and functions related to the perception of sound; and historical developments and scope of practice with special emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature, global issues, and technology. Dr. Savithri’s clear elucidations of complex concepts of speech science is a must read for all beginners, advanced learners, and professionals in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology.” – Rangamani G. N., Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS, Professor and Fulbright Scholar, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, St. Cloud State University, MN USA

“The textbook ‘Introduction to Communication Sciences’ by Prof. Dr. S. R. Savithri is a highly welcome contribution to teaching speech pathology/audiology and phonetics. It provides a fresh and exciting perspective on the field, building on the author’s wealth of research and teaching experience in a vibrant multi-lingual environment. Importantly, the book incorporates some valuable insights of ancient Sanskrit scholars – first known phoneticians, as part of a historical review of the field. The book is remarkably clearly written, with various – often quite complex – concepts and topics presented in a very accessible way and amply illustrated. As such, the textbook will serve as a valuable resource for students and young researchers in speech/audiology and phonetics.” – Alexei Kochetov, Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Advances in Artificial Intelligence Systems

“Artificial intelligence is an important field of research and I congratulate the Editors, Dr. V. Rajinikanth and Dr. K. Kamalanand for bringing out this excellent book entitled “Advances in Artificial Intelligence Systems”. This book is sectioned into six chapters and each chapter provides excellent information on some of the recent algorithms in the field of computational intelligence along with their applications. Computational intelligence algorithms such as Social Group Optimization, Convolution Neural Networks, Firefly Optimization and Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithms-II are explained along with few applications in the field of biomedical diagnostics and process control. This book will be highly useful both as a research reference and as a learning medium.” – Dr. P. Mannar Jawahar, Senior Professor and 8th Vice Chancellor, Anna University, Vice Chancellor, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences

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Best Human Resource Management Practices and Firm Performance in the Pacific Island Countries

“The book is a valuable resource for both scholars wishing to study more about HRM in hotels in developing small islands, and for HR managers who want to study and improve their day to day working process.” READ MORE…Erez Katz Volovelsky, student of Professor Leo Dana, Associate Professor of Management, The University of Canterbury

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Quantum Mechanics Upon Theorems

“The basic concepts and pictures of quantum mechanics in this textbook are easy to understand due to using the mathematical and analytical mechanics methods, the concepts, pictures, and equations, are self-contained.” READ MORE…Zhang Xin-Wei, Professor, Academician of Chinese Engineering Academy

“…In terms of a series of interesting stories in the processes of development of quantum mechanics, this textbook emphasizes some experiences and lessons which are worth to note for the future development of the physics.” READ MORE…Chongyu Wang, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Some Problems in the Theory of Engineering Systems (Geometric Approaches)

“Unconventional approach to the solution of the Inverse Problem of Kinematics – a classical problem of Mechanics which leads to the development of new approach to the Terminal Control of mechanical objects movement. The present method has both theoretical and practical value. The novelty of the research consists in the use of spinor geometry’s mathematical apparatus. The latter gave an efficient and simple solution of Inverse Problem of Kinematics, which should be useful in practical problems of robotics.” – Tamaz Natriashvili, Professor, Doctor of Sciences, Principal of R. Dvali Research Institute of Machine Mechanics

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Agricultural Systems in the 21st Century

“The book as the title mentioned addresses many of the future challenges mankind is facing in terms of use of resources, scarcity and sustainability. In 10 chapters investigations or case studies from nearly all parts of the world are presented. Hence the geographic scope is very wide as well as the topics treated. For the reader this provides a lot of discussion points. The editor leaves it to the user to critically review the different approaches and recommendations, for example from organic farming to genetically modified organism.” – Dr. Willibald Loiskandl, Head of Institute, Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management, BOKU-University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

“Agriculture, nowadays, is challenged in many ways for sustainable food production particularly under current climate change scenery, the consequences of which we are experiencing even in our daily activities.” READ MORE…Nicholas E. Korres, Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences, University of Arkansas, AR, USA. Published in the Journal of Agricultural Science, Vol. 7, No. 6, 2015

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Contemporary Approaches of the Scientific Theory of Place Marketing – Place Branding in Globalized Conditions and Economic Crisis

“This impressive book offers a systematic, multi-perspective overview of place marketing approaches that will benefit students, researchers and practitioners alike. It is a much welcome contribution to the discussion.” – Professor Can-Seng Ooi, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

“A riveting and insightful book on the development of place marketing in times of economic turmoil. Androniki Kavoura presents theoretical know-how, the roles of business and social environments, trends, and future outlooks of place marketing and branding. An engaging and thorough contribution, useful to both scholars and practitioners.” – Dr. Stathis Kefallonitis, School of Business, State University of New York at Oswego, USA

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Oral Cancer: Symptoms, Management and Risk Factors

“The book has a very attractive, colorful, eye catching cover, comprised of very high resolution imaging studies. The book is printed on high quality paper in easily readable font. Dr. Hao has selected an outstanding group of authors, all experts in their respective fields. Fourteen of the eighteen chapters in the book have been written by authors from Asia which is completely understandable given the high incidence of oral cavity cancer in that region.” READ MORE…Eugene N. Myers, MD, FACS, FRCS Edin (Hon), Distinguished Professor and Emeritus Chair, Department of Otolaryngology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

“The content of the book concentrated on the clinical challenge of oral cavity cancer from aetiology, evaluation and treatment options with discussion of results – this is a very medical book and avoids involvement of the non-medical members of the “multidisciplinary collaboration team” who look after the psychology, rehabilitation and terminal care of the many patients who demand an equal amount of time from the health service as does the diagnosis and therapeutic management.” READ MORE…Professor Patrick J Bradley, MBA FRCS

“The book, although authored by international experts, draws primarily from a vast experience with oral cancer in Taiwan and emphasizes a collaborative approach that members of the editor’s multimodality health care team have utilized to improve patient outcomes.” READ MORE…David W. Eisele, M.D., F.A.C.S., Andelot Professor and Director, Department of Otolaryngology, John Hopkins University School of Medicine

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Emotions, Temporalities and Working-Class Identities in the 21st Century

“This book is a masterful approach to the mismatches in temporal orientation that need to be negotiated by those whose life expectations break down during economic crises. Through the complex analysis of power structures, life course narratives, structures of feeling, emotions and identity processes, the authors in this collection propose a new and challenging vision of class.” – Susana Narotzky, Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Barcelona

“This timely collection skilfully pulls out threads that reveal the complexity, evolution and contradictions of social class identity. The contributors’ focus on temporality and emotions fills a major gap in literature making this an essential sourcebook for academics, students and policy-makers.” – Professor Vasilios Ioakimidis, Director of the Centre for Social Work and Social Justice, University of Essex

“It should be noted that the volume is a significant contribution to the exploration of the anthropological and social dimensions of social class. The authors successfully examine the vicissitudes of social stratification in an eloquent and systematic manner.” – Stavros Tombazos, Associate Professor, Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cyprus

“Class issues are back forcefully : This is an excellent and insightful collection of empirical and theoretical essays on the making of working-class identities today. Very timely and well-researched, it draws not only on the global state-of-the-art debates but most importantly, grounded in Greece, the book contains brilliant macro-sociological extrapolations, drawn from the most violent austerity ‘laboratories’ of the European Union.” – Nicos Trimikliniotis, Professor of Sociology, Social Sciences and Law, at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Nicosia

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