Book Reviews

Book Reviews

The Role of Social Workers in a Broken World: A Christian Faith Perspective

“This is a must-read book for anyone experiencing (or seeking to help those who are experiencing) physical, emotional, psychological, or social trauma. Referring to these experiences as forms of “brokenness,” in his book, The Role of Social Workers in a Broken World: A Christian Faith Perspective, Dr. Samson Chama has skillfully interwoven the theory and practice of social work with Christian/Biblical principles. Both the Christian faith and the discipline of social work share in the belief that all human beings regardless of background are of inestimable value, deserving of freedom from all forms of life inhibiting experiences. Dr. Chama combines his own training as a social worker, his unflinching faith in a loving God, and draws on his own personal experiences, especially the loss of his own son, to produce a handbook that is not only indispensable for social workers, but for all Christians of all denominations who are seeking guidance through experiences of “brokenness.” I highly recommend this book.” – Gilbert O. Ojwang, Ph.D., Professor/Chair, Department of Religion and Theology, Oakwood University, Huntsville, AL, USA

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A Text Book on Water Chemistry: Sampling, Data Analysis and Interpretation

“The book on water chemistry is indeed a much needed one, especially from person like Dr Reddy who is an astute professional in the domain. During my teaching years I could sense the acute demand for a book on water chemistry as the subject is gaining immense importance over the years due to enormous water quality deterioration and rapid water contamination issues. The water chemistry monitoring and assessment has become an ardent environmental topic, and statutory obligation for bulk exploiters of water. Dr Reddy has immense experience and expertise on water chemistry being associated with hydrogeochemistry for the past three decades. I am sure he has shared all his treasure of knowledge and skill on analysis and interpretation of water chemistry data in the Book. Dr Reddy, being a member of the Editorial Board of our journal, he was regularly providing reviews and inputs to research Papers related to water chemistry. The Book will be very much helpful and cater to wide spectrum of people including students, researchers, professional concerned about water.” – Prof. D V Reddy

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A Closer Look at Criminal Justice

“The editors have gathered a rich collection of chapters, each providing valuable insight into important topics and each providing an instructional tool for the effective teaching of subjects in which student interest will be high.” READ MORE…Nicholas P. Lovrich, Regent Professor Emeritus, Claudius O. and Mary W. Johnson Distinguished Professor, Washington State University, Pullman, WA

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A Student’s Guide to Right, Left and Truth

“The current polarization of politics had created a pressing need for centrist dialogues and a recognition of enduring facts about humanity. Alan Singer condenses these debates and issues to their core. I highly recommend this book.” – Jari Elarontaj, University of Helsinki, Finland

“Alan Singer bridges the political divide using humor and history to enlighten readers. This is again a fun read, at times reminiscent of Malcolm Gladwell’s best work.” – James Westerman, Appalachian State University, USA

“The world is inundated with a terrifying avalanche of fantasy news, fishy news, fabricated news, and fake news that may well destroy our democracy. This is coming from the Left and the Right. Read the book, get wiser, and use objective facts when fighting for our democracy.” – Adam Lindgreen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

“The chapter on truth seems very timely in the age of fake-news and spin. The book has a very readable style, taking its readers easily into philosophers’ territory.” – Peter Earl, University of Queensland, Australia

“Alan Singer’s inspiring book is an invaluable guide to those who are attempting the hard balancing act between power and truth.” – Harold Paredes-Frigolett, University Diego Portales, Chile

“Dr. Singer has an outstanding ability to step back from polarized political discourse and present a harmonizing vision. The book navigates stormy waters but ultimately comes across as calming and optimistic.” – Paul Knott, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

“Alan Singer offers an unbiased insight into the contemporary political divide and convincingly makes the case for the golden-mean in economics and politics. The need to revitalize centrist policies at all levels is increasingly apparent, so now is the time to read this book.” – Achinto Roy, Deakin University, Australia

“The chapter on hopes in particular is very nice, beautifully written. If the whole book is anything like this, it should be a great read!” – Milan Zeleny, Fordham University, NY, USA

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Microbial Communication and Microbiota-Host Interactivity: Neurophysiological, Biotechnological, and Biopolitical Implications

“A fascinating and contemporary book about networks and how microorganisms communicate and interact. This book has a plethora of interesting and thought provoking facts. Although it contains many technical words and biological jargon, the text is still understandable and it keeps the reader captivated. The analogy between the microorganism and humans is allegoric… This highly informative book should be made compulsory reading for anyone interested in microbiology, gastroenterology, bacteriology, endocrinology and neurology. It could be used a supplementary text in teaching biology, medicine, and even ethology.” – Dr. Ronald Herman, Humanities, Science and English Teacher, DIS

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Human Trafficking: Beyond the Borders Into India

“An important contribution on a much neglected area, addressing human trafficking from Nepal and Bangladesh to India, and the human rights challenges posed. This book deserves to be widely read.” – Satvinder S. Juss, Professor of Law at King’s College London, UK

“This book, through its empirical works, is an evidence-based examination of sex trafficking to include the identification of specific travel routes, and modus operandi as applied to this most significant crime against humanity. A welcomed addition to any course on sex trafficking.” – Kimberly A. McCabe, Professor of Criminology at University of Lynchburg, USA

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Cold War: Global Impact and Lessons Learned

“Allison L. Palmadessa’s Cold War: Global Impact and Lessons Learned (2019) appears at a timely point in human history. It offers a patchwork of insights about the Cold War; what are lessons learned from these particular works and do the lessons learned enable better handling of human tensions, and also provides some very insightful extracted themes.”READ MORE…Published in C2C Digital Magazine (Fall 2019 / Winter 2020). Reviewed by Shalin Hai-Jew, instructional designer, Kansas State University, USA

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An Introduction to Capstone in Applied Analysis: A Fundamental Guide for Students and Instructors

“This is an excellent reference for anyone interested in applied analysis, especially for students and teachers working on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) capstone projects. It is an easy to read textbook that will help build mathematical foundations needed for capstone projects with plethora of examples in wide range of applications.” – Sudhir Shrestha, Ph.D., Department of Engineering Science, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California

“A surge in undergraduate and capstone research has been noticed in the past several years. This is due to the great explosion in the advancement of technology. The traditional class courses taken are not enough anymore. This book aims to facilitate students and instructors working in capstone and undergraduate research projects. The book is written well, carefully designed for undergraduate students in mathematics and applied sciences. We see that we are looking at a very analytic and easy to read map in the exciting area of capstone projects, written by an experienced mathematician. It is certainly a must-read book. We strongly and enthusiastically recommend it for usage in classroom or as a study guide for capstone projects.” – Ioannis K. Argyros, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma

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Shyness Logophobia Mutism: Diagnosis and Therapy

“The work by Zbigniew Tarkowski and Ewa Humeniuk is devoted to mutism, a disorder that is heterogeneous in terms of its clinical manifestations and of even more complex etiology. The authors made an effort to examine the phenomena related to mutism that are complementary to it and partly explain its complexity. A great deal of the study is concerned with the notion of shyness and logophobia, the phenomena that outstandingly explain the genesis of mutism”…READ MOREProfessor Waldemar Tłokiński

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Agroecology: Insights, Experiences and Perspectives

“It was a great pleasure to know about the present work that seeks to re-establish the link between human life and living soil, its ecological relations, bringing experiences of family producers from southern Brazil and other Brazilian regions, populations linked to land and nature. As well as current legislation, the important activities of NGOs, organic certifications, biodiversity, agroforestry systems, the use of microorganisms, homeopathy. Surely this work will interest readers who have already realized that they need to improve their way of seeing and practicing agricultural activity in an ecosystemic, syntropic, holistic, resilient, natural context, with its numerous environmental services essential to ensure superior life, including ours.” – Ana Primavesi, Agronomist, Retired Teacher at the Federal University of Santa Maria, Agroecological Consultant Patron of Agroecology in Brazil

“While Latin America remains (largely) “enferma de tranquilidad” about the increasing use of pesticides, this book is important because it shows that there is another way to reduce environmental contamination and protect people’s health. This way is agroecology.” – Rodrigo Valdez de Oliveira, Coordinator of Gaucho Forum against the impacts of pesticides / FGCIA, Brazil Federal Prosecutor

“This magnificent work was born in the cradle of the United Soybean Republic in disputed territories. In it, you understand the diametrical and temporal between the near and distant future.” – Sebastião Pinheiro, Professor Juquira Candiru Satyagraha

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