Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Modelling Heat and Mass Transfer in Freezing Porous Media

“Heat and mass transfer processes in porous media under phase transition conditions have a great scientific and practical interest in solving many engineering and technical problems. In this connection, several important examples are used: food preservation by freezing technology; cryopreservation and cryosurgery; permafrost of natural soil in harsh-climate regions such as Canada, the United States and North-East Asia; thawing and refreezing of soil around buried pipe lines, etc…”READ MORE…Professor Victor Melamud, Director of Ilan Ramon Youth Physics Center, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

“The analysis of scientific and engineering literature in the area of heat and moisture transfer in porous media (in particular in soils) with phase changes reveals that, although relatively wide series of the periodical papers exist, considering different aspects of phase transitions in freezing soils, the number of books involving these directions of study is very restricted and were published in 1980’s to 1990’s…”READ MORE…Professor Lev Khrustlev, Department of Geocryology, Moscow State University

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Parasomnia Dreaming: Exploring Other Forms of Sleep Consciousness

Parasomnia Dreaming is a fascinating and important book about the world of dreams emerging with abnormal sleep related behaviors and experiences – the parasomnias. Top experts contribute their research findings and valued clinical and neuroscience perspectives, along with perspectives from literature and the artistic creative process. The parasomnia dream reports will open many eyes and pique curiosity while setting the stage for this engrossing book.” – Carlos H. Schenck, M.D., Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School, Author, Sleep: The Mysteries, The Problems and The Solutions

“The wide continuum of dreaming, visionary, and dissociative phenomena associated with the multiple states of sleep — so well reflected here in Pagel’s volume — offers an important corrective to any simple reduction of these dream-like states to ordinary fantasy and daydreaming. It is only this wider continuum that helps to explain the importance of such states as sources of creativity and insight throughout traditional cultures.” – Harry T. Hunt, Professor Emeritus in Psychology, Brock University, Author of The Multiplicity of Dreams

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Relativizing Newton

“The presented ingenious physical conclusions of the new IR theory are well understandable, because one needs just a high-school level of mathematical skill to follow them. So I wish that the book will become a bestseller educating the next generation of physics students.” READ MORE…Dr. Hermann Otto, Professor Emeritus of Materials Research and Crystallography, Clausthal University of Technology, Germany

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Contemporary Issues in South Asia

Contemporary Issues in South Asia presents a rigorous and lucid analysis of the problems being faced by South Asia in contemporary times. By compiling the conceptual as well as empirical research analysis, Dr. Gagan Deep Sharma has done a commendable job for the future researchers and policymakers with a particular focus on South Asia. The chapters based on philosophical underpinnings on South Asia, particularly indicate towards holistic solutions to challenges of post-modern times. The inter-disciplinary nature of the book makes it extremely valuable for the researchers from various fields of study.” – Tapan Sarker, Associate Professor, Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Australia

In times when materialistic approach is taking a center-stage in human lives, it is heartening to note that Dr. Gagan Deep Sharma has edited a volume that talks about South Asian philosophies and approaches as solutions to the challenges being experienced by societies globally. The book Contemporary Issues in South Asia is a rich and informative collection of conceptual and empirical analyses focusing on social, anthropological, political and economic issues. The fact that the book has been written in an eloquent and accessible language augurs well for the readers. I am sure the book would prove to be valuable for both academicians and practitioners. – Dr. Marta Hawkins, Associate Dean, London School of Science and Technology, United Kingdom

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What Mum Taught Us: Valuable Lessons and Outstanding Hospitality, Including Precious Mesopotamian Recipes

“A human being is a creature who needs another person. From their earliest years, people learn collaboration with others and the life in community. Every person is born and develops in a family – an institution present in epochs and cultures, a basic social unit consisting of a group of people interrelated by the bonds of marriage and kinship.” READ MORE…Ewa Ogrodzka-Mazur, Professor. Ph.D. hab., University of Silesia in Katowice Institute of Education, Faculty of Ethnology and Educational Science, Poland

“This book, wrapped in gastronomy, reflects a family’s love for their mother, Bathqyomo Marine Khoury-Issa. Her five children with love pay their mom respect and homage in this book and make sure that her work and pilgrimage through this world remains for posterity.”READ MORE…Laura Alonso (Professor, PhD, University of Extremadura, Department of Education, Teacher Training College, Cacerea, Spain), and Eduardo Alonso (Civil Engineer, Texas, USA)

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Transformative Words: Writing Otherness and Identities

“Dr. Juhani Ihanus has done a remarkable job in examining the interface of the theoretical, philosophical, and interdisciplinary foundations of bibliotherapy, poetry therapy, and transformative writing. Beautifully written, Ihanus writes with passion, taking into account the critical importance of language and creative expression in a social and cultural context. This book, appropriate for professional and general audiences, has the potential to contribute to the well-being and growth of individual, groups, and communities.” – Nicholas Mazza, Ph.D., Dean and Professor Emeritus at the College of Social Work, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA, editor of Journal of Poetry Therapy, author of Poetry Therapy: Theory and Practice, and editor of a 4 volume series, Expressive Therapies

“’Welcome to the space of writing,’ Juhani Ihanus says, bringing wisdom as well as deep knowledge and practice of biblio/poetry therapy. These are powerful processes, benefiting from his explanation and explication. Be bold! Use your own pen or pencil as you go along, allow this text to help you develop your own story-making. Take the journey towards insight and inspiration through writing, with Juhani.” – Dr. Gillie Bolton, author of The Writer’s Key: Introducing Creative Solutions for Life

“The author’s knowledge of psychology and literature as well as his deep scholarship give a convincing basis for his views on the transformative resources of words and narratives.” READ FULL REVIEW IN The Journal of Poetry TherapyPaavo Manninen, Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

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Ethiopia: Social and Political Issues

“This is a timely publication on Ethiopian issues which readers – experts on Ethiopia or not – will find to be a useful source to present and future challenges facing the Ethiopian state. The book consists of four sections, dealing with governance, health, gender and law, and the eleven chapters are authored by a variety of international scholars, including a good number of Ethiopians, from a range of disciplines. The book was published only a year after the country got a new Prime Minister, Dr Abiy Ahmed, opening up for profound changes in the political and economic landscape of the country. Although most of the research the chapters are based on took place prior to this, some of the authors have been able to relate to the new political climate emerging after the change in political leadership. Especially the last chapter of the book, Dessalegn Rahmato’s analysis of land deals, rural unrest and political crisis, is an up to date account both of the elements that led to unrest under Meles Zenawi and his successor Hailemariam Dessalegn and which eventually led to Hailemariam’s resignation in favour of Abiy. As always, Dessalegn presents a succinct and well documented analysis which serves well as the final chapter of this book. Also the chapter on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), by US scholars D. K. Hudson and S. C. Roach addresses an issue in process still of national and regional importance and actuality.” – Harald Aspen, Associate professor, Department of Social Anthropology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

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Plant Ontogeny: Studies, Analyses and Evolutionary Implications

“Dr. Diego Demarco has gathered in this book a large cast of researchers of recognized relevance in studies of plant morphogenesis. This book addresses different plant structures with an emphasis on ontogenetic processes. The various chapters cover topics ranging from case studies to texts with revisionary emphasis and allow us to realize the relevance of ontogeny for the understanding of plant structures or organs. The focus on the processes of development and morphogenesis gives the different chapters the proper interrelationship, which makes this work a reference in these aspects so little explored in the textbooks. Therefore, this book deserves attention not only for the peculiarity of its focus on morphogenesis but also for its potential as an educational resource, being relevant to both scientists and students.” – Dr. Élder Antônio Sousa Paiva, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

“This book is a very important contribution to plant morphology: original studies on ontogeny of flowers and secretory structures, on development of leaves and of specialized organs of parasitic plants, and on the diversity and development of arrangements of inflorescences, provided by prominent researchers, bringing new light to our knowledge of the structure, biology and evolution of several groups of vascular plants. The high quality of the book contents reinforces the persisting relevance of accurate anatomical analysis to botany.” – Dr. José Rubens Pirani, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Our increased understanding of the phylogenetic relationships of plants makes it possible to revisit the organismic world in all its beautiful details. This contribution is an excellent illustration of the importance of combining anatomical and developmental studies, as it is clear that we know so little about the structure of plants. The book is a welcome addition to our understanding of developmental processes in the morphology of plants. Although the writing of “Plant Ontogeny” appears as an almost entirely Brazilian enterprise, it highlights a welcome Renaissance in morphological studies that appears to take the lead mainly outside Europe.” – Dr. Louis P. Ronse De Craene – Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK

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Social Policy on the Cusp: Values, Institutions and Change

“Human societies have made enormous progress during the course of the last century, but few seem satisfied with the status quo. Wars, disease and the devastating consequences of intense material inequalities such as prejudice, discrimination and social conflict plague the modern era. Yet scholars of social policy struggle to put forward convincing solutions. Professor Mohan and his colleagues deliver a coherent and credible response to this challenge. As well as setting out a comprehensive explanation of today’s economic and social problems, they provide an alternative way of thinking about the future of social justice as a normative and political ideals. In articulating these insights, this book will be essential reading for scholars and students of the social sciences, and practitioners in a range of public and other human services.” – Dr. Mark Hyde, Plymouth University, Plymouth, United Kingdom

“Based on the conceptual, illustrative, and prescriptive perspectives, two bright scholars on two sides of the Atlantic and sharing a common vision of a better world, have combined their efforts to produce this excellent work on futuristic social policy applicable globally… Functional and dysfunctional factors have been pointed out and their outcomes for human condition have been suggested using the European models where hope and happiness is slowly to take the place of despair and destruction. The work is monumental in content and scope and of extreme importance to scholars and students of social policy in different cross-cultural contexts.” – Satish Sharma, Professor and Former Director, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

“This is a fascinating book about the possibilities to find algorithmic solutions for the big problems facing today’s politicians and designers of social policy. We are entering a new world with ever expanding possibilities to use digital techniques to solve many of the urgent problems that face contemporary societies all over the world. The authors discuss both the benefits and the risks of using advanced technology to promote the pursuit of equality and sustainability that play such a big role in the public discussion today.” – Leif Nordberg, Professor emeritus (Statistics and Econometrics), Åbo Akademi University, Finland

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An Interdisciplinary Approach towards Academic Education on Sustainable Building Design

“The monograph is clearly structured and written in a way that can serve as a tool for various experts and professors in the field of sustainable building design education. The topics presented cover some of the key aspects of sustainability in contemporary building design. Through individual chapters, a strong integration of scientific research findings into the educational process is visible, as individual research topics emerge as guidelines for teaching and effective collaboration through interdisciplinarity.” READ MORE…Nataša Ćuković Ignjatović, PhD MSc.Arch BSc.Arch LEED AP BD+C, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architectural Technologies, Belgrade, Serbia

“I recommend this manuscript for publication as a scientific monograph that can be used in university teaching and which could serve as an incentive for academics to think about starting new courses based on different forms of teaching while engaging experts from different scientific fields.” READ MORE…Dr. Lea Petrović Krajnik, Assistant Professor, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban Planning, Spatial Planning and Landscape Architecture, Zagreb, Croatia

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