Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Vitis Products: Composition, Health Benefits and Economic Valorization

“The book, Vitis Products: Composition, Health Benefits and Economic Valorization, highlights the nutraceutical value of juice and wine and brings new perspectives to the sustainable use of the byproducts of grape processing. The raw materials generated from the grape processing, including seeds, skins, and leaves have, in addition to many nutrients, bioactive compounds that can be used in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries – and thus provide important income sources as well as contribute to the reduction of processing wastes.” – Luís António Biasi, Full Professor, Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil

“This important book presents an overview about the chemical and sensory composition, health beneficial aspects and economic implications of the several Vitis products throughout a considerable number of chapters. This book is focused on recent scientific and technical advances of a wide group of grape derived products and by-products, all of them performed by important international researchers. This book will be quite useful for academic staff, but also for different students, as well as for specialized professionals from the grape and wine sector.” – Jorge M. Ricardo-da-Silva, Full Professor, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Bridging the Gap: In This Era of Cancer Immunotherapy

“In this important and thought-provoking book I particularly enjoyed the chapter by S. Y. Tsao about low dose metronomic chemotherapy and the ways in which it can stimulate tumor immunity – making it a seemingly ideal partner for targeted immunotherapy. The discussion on the impact of chemotherapy dosage on immunogenic cell death and use of metronomic chemotherapy as a long term maintenance treatment strategy are especially timely.” – Robert S. Kerbel, Professor, Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

“In chapter 2, Dr. Tsao provides a highly relevant summary of our knowledge of current chemotherapy dosing and its implications on potential combinations with both immune checkpoint inhibitors as well as oncolytic viruses. Moreover, he has raised an important point of using metronomic chemotherapy as a potentially more effective and safer alternative to the standard chemotherapy dosing. A point made important by the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and known deleterious effects of standard chemotherapy on the patients’ outcomes.” – Igor Puzanov, Professor of Oncology & Medicine, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Buffalo, NY, USA

“Although high-dose vitamin C is controversial, we have solid data and clinical experience that, given upon admission to the ICU, it may well prevent “cytokine storms”: probably the cause of acute respiratory distress of chest infections, especially viral. The known pleiotropic properties of high-dose vitamin C may well facilitate its oncology adjunct role, not the least of which is for chest infections that frequent advanced cancer patients. Dr. Yuen’s very comprehensive chapters on high-dose vitamin C provide an interesting read on its rejection to rekindling.” – Paul E. Marik, Chief, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA, USA

“These chapters provide an extensive review of intravenous vitamin C for the treatment of cancer. The long history of vitamin C as a nutritional supplement to combat scurvy to a potential radio-chemotherapeutic agent is discussed.” – Joseph J. Cullen, Professor of Surgery, University of Iowa, USA 

“Although high dose vitamin C is a controversial subject among doctors, Dr. Yuen, author of Chapters 3 and 4, has managed to render this difficult task of providing an interesting, readable, evidence-based account of the issue: it’s worth trying for cancer patients running out of viable options. The case report of its combination with irradiation is also to be congratulated, as I have never seen reversal of vocal cord palsy due to tumor compression lasting 4 weeks, no matter how rigorous the oncology interventions.” – Kian Hian Yeoh, Clinical Professor, Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, National University of Singapore, Singapore

“Here is a text that surveys biomedical horizons in oncology and is also brave enough to include reflections on a venerable medical tradition. China’s traditional medicine gets a place on the map for its application in clinical oncology due to the significant body of research suggesting this ancient Experience-Based Medicine can work alongside Evidence-Based Medicine to support patient care in the modern world. Notably, the use of acupuncture in oncology has been endorsed by the US National Institutes of Health. Without such modern evidential support the case for TCM would be weak. Contributor Mark Houston is a leading scholarly TCM physician who has worked in a supportive role alongside biomedical oncology teams for twenty-five years and here provides a measured introduction to a subject that perhaps deserves more attention.” – Charles Buck, past Chairman of the British Acupuncture Council and Author of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – Roots of Modern Practice (2012)

Structural Realism and Systemic Geopolitical Analysis: Convergences and Divergences

“This book summarizes the debate for the future and prospects of geopolitical issues, under the fields of International Relations and Political Studies. It identifies and examines relevant key research issues, building a conceptual framework drawing on the application of geopolitical issues, enabling a comparative analysis, explaining also any related socio-economic consequences. Moreover, this book explores and studies various dimensions of the interaction between geopolitical issues, along with links to socio-economic development. The important task is to relate social consequences to a number of factors that are likely to be determinants and measure the extent to which they affect economy and society. This book considers both international relations political studies and geopolitical analysis, in order to research struggles to explain the converging and diverging points between the neorealist approach of international relations theory and the systemic geopolitical analysis. Therefore, the crux of the matter in the subsequent analysis is related to the common theoretical legacy of the two fields on the basis of Thucydides’s magnum opus “History of the Peloponnesian War”. Derived from the epistemology of clear description, as it is reflected by modern realpolitik, the three authors’ analysis extents from the philosophical aspects of IR theory towards the methodological contribution of Systemic Geopolitical Analysis. Hence, it is considered a study of high innovation, a starting point of many fruitful discussions on the scholars’ struggle to measure international phenomena and proceed into relatively precise predictions of cause-and-effect linkages. The findings of this book aim to be of value for researchers, policy makers and academic community. For policy makers, the value stems for a better identification and understanding of the key elements and consequences of the current geopolitical analysis and socio-economic crisis. This will allow government entities to formulate and implement programs, which will leverage areas of social policy, which require further attainment. Last but not least, the value for the academic community mainly lies on an increased knowledge about the impacts of different determining factors on social consequences resulting from the economic crisis. Finally, at policy level, the findings of this book suggest the need to establish assistance programs to develop social policies and programs, at all levels, along with the limitations and suggestions for further research. Once more, I strongly think that this book will act as a platform for further theoretical and empirical research, rendering a creative source for scientific dialogue and knowledge diffusion.” – Professor. Dr. George M. Korres, Department of Geography University of the Aegean

Lake Water: Properties and Uses (Case Studies of Hydrochemistry and Hydrobiology of Lakes in Northwest Russia)

“The Arctic and Subarctic are the regions of special interest for ecologists, bio-geographers, and conservationists. Being one of the most pristine regions of the World, having retained much of their original biodiversity, the high latitudes and their biota are facing various challenges today, from the global ecosystem changes to invasions of alien species of plants and animals. The impact of human industrial activity is also prominent in this area. The book is a collection of papers focused on a single northern region (northwest of European Russia) and a single problem – the lake ecosystems of this territory under current conditions of changing climate. It brings a comprehensive and multidisciplinary account of the state of the aquatic environment of northwest Russia, including its both organic and inorganic components. The content of this many-authored book is based mainly on research made by the authors and provides the reader with first-hand information on the topic. Another importance of this edition is since many empirical data on the aquatic ecosystems of this territory have been published in Russian and, thus, are not easily accessible for the international audience. The authors are leading Russian experts in the field who have, for decades, been conducting field studies in the region. Without doubts, their empirical results presented in this volume would be of great interest to aquatic ecologists from other countries of Northern Europe as a material for comparative analyses. Lake Water: Properties and Uses is a timely and valuable edition, which can be of great interest for practitioners of various fields – hydrochemistry, limnology, aquatic zoology and botany, biogeography, ichthyology, etc. Though it consists of several case studies, each focused on a specific and sometimes narrow, subject, the book as a whole represents a more or less full picture of the freshwater environment of the northern part of European Russia.” – Maxim V. Vinarski, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Macroecology & Biogeography of Invertebrates, Saint Petersburg State Univerity, Russia

Real-Time Cloud Computing and Machine Learning Applications

“The increasing adoption of cloud computing and machine learning for real-time applications makes this textbook very timely and valuable. Its contents are presented in an accessible form, enhanced by many clear and well-illustrated examples. Opening with a comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of both topics, it goes on to explain how to integrate them into a real-time network analytics system. Real-time examples enable the reader to gain a clear understanding of the technology and its applications. It is highly recommended for practitioners and researchers alike.” – Peter J. Fleming, Emeritus Professor, Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, The University of Sheffield, UK

Developing Teacher Competences: Key Issues and Values

“Ilshat Gafurov, Aydar Kalimullin, Roza Valeeva, and Nick Rushby’s edited collection Developing Teacher Competences: Key Issues and Values includes various research works around better understanding the public education sector in the Russian Federation (Rossiyskaya Federatsiya) in a time of reform…This book offers a sense of the teacher’s need to subsume the self (and self-interests) to the child and the profession, to a degree that may be somewhat foreign in the U.S. Universally, teaching is a giving profession, but the well-being of the teacher is important, too, for the system to work. These works differentiate between “foreign” research and the implied “domestic,” which is an interesting differentiation given the international aspects of education (and research that suggests skepticism of the ideas not developed locally, wherever “local” may be)…READ MORE– Shalin Hai-Jew for C2C Digital Magazine (Spring/Summer 2021), Instructional Designer/Researcher, Kansas State University

Advocacy in Education: Research-Based Strategies for Teachers, Administrators, and Teacher Educators

“Those who take on the myriad challenges of teaching are informed by, perhaps, idealist streaks and values. They can imagine a better world beyond the status quo and do not defend the present unthinkingly or uncritically. Many teachers play larger roles in their communities and engage socially and politically. They focus on ways to move society forward and to better the lives of people. Their positions are important ones socially, and they do not come with silencing although what teachers do on their own time does come under broad scrutiny and awareness. Teachers are people, and they have to be able to live with themselves and their actions and their advocacy.  Advocacy in Education: Research-Based Strategies for Teachers, Administrators, and Teacher Educators, edited by Elizabeth Ethridge, Jill M. Davis, Christian Winterbottom, and Amber H. Beisly, asks important questions about what issues are critical in the K12 education space and how to achieve better ends for teachers and learners, and the larger society. This collection also shows the importance of teachers recruiting allies to the issues, so as to achieve better outcomes…READ MORE– Shalin Hai-Jew for C2C Digital Magazine (Spring/Summer 2021), Instructional Designer/Researcher, Kansas State University

A Comprehensive Guide to Neural Network Modeling

“Steffen Skaar’s edited collection A Comprehensive Guide to Neural Network Modeling presents four chapters around various practical applications of artificial neural networks to represent various aspects of the world for awareness, decision-making, research, and other applications. Modeling is representational and strives to offer insights with fidelity to the world, to inform people’s consciousness and actions. This book offers some fresh ideas to the general public about how artificial neural networks (ANNs) can and are being applied in a variety of contexts. If there is one quibble, the title smacks of over-reach in claiming comprehensiveness, given the four chapters from several disciplines. Well beyond, ANNs have been applied in various practical fields, such as finance, medicine, geology, physics, and other areas (Tušek, Valinger, Benković, Kljusurić, & Jurina, 2020, p. 58). This data analytics approach seems very cyborg-ian, combining human insights and machine capabilities…READ MORE– Shalin Hai-Jew for C2C Digital Magazine (Spring/Summer 2021), Instructional Designer/Researcher, Kansas State University

Creating a Global Cultural City via Public Participation in the Arts: Conversations with Hong Kong’s Leading Arts and Cultural Administrators

“After the anthology published in 2017 that introduced us to the world of Asian collections and archives, a new work has now been published. Creating a Global Cultural City contains interviews with some of Hong Kong’s most important cultural figures. And like the previous volume, this one is well worth reading, as the authors have once again managed to extract refreshing, stimulating and thought-provoking insights from the interviewees.” – Dr. Harald Peter Kraemer, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“Rarely would a monograph offer such a panoramic view of Hong Kong’s art landscape as this one does. As readers open the chapters and read the “Creating a Global Cultural City”, they are rewarded with rich information about what representative cultural institutions in the city are doing, but the visions and characters of those cultural leaders, entrepreneurs, curators, directors, and administrators who are running the organisations. Writing in the style of a conversational narrative, Dr. Patrick Lo and his writing team have successfully made the city’s cultural map accessible reading.” – Dr. Patrick MOK Kin-Wai, Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Design, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“Interviews with these leading arts and cultural administrators offer useful insights and valuable sharings that mark an important oral history of the Hong Kong arts scene in their times. “Creating a Global Cultural City via Public Participation in the Arts: Conversations with Hong Kong’s Leading Arts and Cultural Administrators” is a must- read primer for anyone who is already, who aspires to be, or who wants to know more about the manager in a theatre, museum, dance company, or orchestra….You will gain useful insights and learn from the best.” – Heidi Lee Executive Director, Hong Kong Ballet, Hong Kong

“Hong Kong is a city full of diverse cultures, and its arts and cultural development have always been like an undiscovered treasure. This new book “Creating a Global Cultural City via Public Participation in the Arts: Conversations with Hong Kong’s Leading Arts and Cultural Administrators” brought by Dr. Patrick Lo and his writing team is bound to provide an in-depth look at them, bringing a comprehensive and enlightening reading experience for all art lovers.” – HO Ho-Tak Fashion Archivist, HKDI Knowledge Centres Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong

“You know what university professors do when they have a question about their research? They ask librarians and archivists! This book is a compendium of what some super cool librarians have to say about the arts and cultural scene of Hong Kong.” – Professor Lian-Hee Wee, Department of English Language and Literature, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

“Putting the final nail in the coffin surrounding the debate as to whether Hong Kong is a “cultural desert” or not, this collection concludes that debate through an extensive and thoroughly engaging selection of interviews, essays and other enlightenments. These readings not only highlight the diversity and extent of art and culture in Hong Kong but also bring to light the unique characters who provide the vision and leadership that has brought Hong Kong art and culture to its zenith today.” – Peter E. Sidorko, University Librarian, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“A rare look into the vital public engagement work of Hong Kong’s arts and cultural administrators, and an invaluable collection of texts for anyone considering a career in arts administration or leadership.” – Professor Ian Alden Russell Director, MA Programme in Cultural Management Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“Cultural life in Hong Kong is enjoying a renaissance both in terms of the scope of its offerings as well as in the booming of community interest in the arts. This excellent volume of “Conversations with Hong Kong’s Leading Arts and Cultural Administrators” provides must-read insights into this remarkable transformation from eminent cultural professionals who are pro-actively contributing to its momentum and success.” – Jeffrey Shaw Chair Professor of Media Art School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“Dr. Patrick Lo’s book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in understanding the thriving arts and culture landscape of Hong Kong. Through insightful interviews with a wide range of leading figures, this book builds a unique picture through the shared experiences of the key players in the arts and culture sector.” – Professor Louis Nixon, Director, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

“A deftly curated range of interviews brilliantly surveying the well-oiled mechanisms at work within the realms of creative arts and culture in Hong Kong, and simultaneously conveying the pioneering passions, creativity and community spirit of those administrators at its beating heart. A valuable reference for those aspiring to, or travelling towards a career within the sector, and refreshingly relevant for anyone anywhere, already immersed within it.” – Professor Laurence Wood MA (RCA) Associate Head of Department (Visual Arts) Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“For anyone interested in the rich history and current realities of the arts and cultural infrastructure in Hong Kong, Dr. Patrick Lo provides a long-awaited resource. Drawing together interviews with key cultural practitioners, the book builds a detailed picture of the arts and cultural landscape in Hong Kong, its unique character, its challenges and its very particular opportunities. Giving overdue attention to Hong Kong’s vibrant arts ecosystem, this book is a ‘must-read’ for arts managers and students alike.” – Professor Suzanne MacLeod, University of Leicester, UK

“What an exciting snapshot of some of the key individuals and institutions comprising Hong Kong’s vibrant cultural sector! A valuable entry point for anyone seeking to understand the city’s cultural ecology.” – Alison M. Friedman, Former Artistic Director, Performing Arts, West Kowloon Cultural District

“How exciting to see the publication of Creating a Global Cultural City via Public Participation in the Arts: Conversations with Hong Kong’s Leading Arts and Cultural Administrators! The multi-faceted arts and culture in Hong Kong is a truly unique phenomenon, not seen elsewhere in the world. This book gives us a rare opportunity to peek inside the development of this great wonder.” – Bright Sheng, The Leonard Bernstein Distinguished University Professor of Music, School of Music, Theater and Dance, University of Michigan, Helmut and Anna Pao Sohmen Professor-at-Large, Institute for the Advanced Studies, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

“This book provides the most up-to-date, first-hand accounts of the best practices carried out by generations of art and cultural administrators in Hong Kong. A must-read publication for those who are interested in pursuing a career in this field.” – Dr. Desmond Wong, Acting Executive Director, The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage (CACHe)

“Hong Kong has long aspired to become a world leading creative and media city. Curiously, we have not heard the true voice of policymakers and major practitioners of the creative sectors on how the city has recently transformed itself into a thriving hub of arts and culture in East Asia. Creating a Global Cultural City via Public Participation in the Arts: Conversations with Hong Kong’s Leading Arts and Cultural Administrators has filled that void. A must read for anyone who wants to have a deeper knowledge of Hong Kong’s creative and cultural industries.” – Professor Emilie Yueh Yu Yeh, Lam Wong Yiu Wah Chair Professor of Visual Studies, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Director of Centre for Film and Creative Industries, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

“This is an important book for three reasons: Firstly, it is a collection of excellent conversations with senior people engaged in arts administration; secondly, the conversations are all about the same experiment to grow the arts communities in Hong Kong into world excellence and finally, the driving force behind this volume is Dr. Patrick Lo who is a leading proponent of this interview approach. So this is a unique and powerful book. It is so worthwhile to read or simply to dabble. It will reward you.” – Steve O’Connor, Adjunct Professor, Former University Librarian HKPolyU

Service Robots: Advances in Research and Applications

This book covers many issues of the design and applications of service robots from classification to new areas like collaborative service robots and advances in artificial intelligence. The presentations and given examples of the service robots applications in public relations and education, medicine, agriculture, logistics, inspection and maintenance, production processes as well as in other branches, offer enjoyable reading for the novice as well as advanced readers interested in service robotics.”
Professor Emeritus Nedjeljko Peric, PhD
Director of Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Department of Control and Computer Engineering

“The editors of this book combine a collection of chapters from an international group of famous experts. The goal of this book is to combine materials that provide information for students, managers, engineers, and researchers to contribute and encourage the exploration and enhancement of the robot’s applications in medicine, agriculture, defense, logistics, construction and demolition, rescue and safety, underwater systems, inspection and maintenance, professional cleaning, production processes, as well as in other industries and the human environment. By describing their own research in the chapters, the authors of the chapters contribute to both the development of robotic technology and its applications in the latest research.”
Full Professor Avdo Voloder, PhD
Department of Mechanics and Robotics, Faculty of Engineering
University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina