Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Adolescent Dating Violence: Outcomes, Challenges and Digital Tools

“The book Adolescent Dating Violence, with recourse to current scientific contributions, invites us to reflect on the new challenges of the 21st century, which have perpetuated a violence without temporal or geographical limits among adolescents. Dating violence, as an important predictor of domestic violence, requires urgent preventive measures, which are developed in this important editorial initiative…”READ MORE…Mauro Paulino, Coordinator of Mind – Institute of Clinical and Forensic Psychology, Lisbon, Portugal

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Political History and Economic Policy of the Greek Civilizer Alexander the Great

“This book provides a lot of information about salaries, taxation, public spending, and exchange rates, among others, during Alexander the Great’s (356-323 B.C.) campaign in Asia. It is a very interesting read and an excellent source for economists, political scientists, policy makers, and historians. It is also a fascinating read for everyone who is interested in understanding one of the most important periods in human history. Dr. Kallianiotis, who is an expert both in public finance and in Greek history, is doing a great job in providing all the economic data and explaining how Alexander the Great spread, through his campaign, the Hellenic breakthroughs in science, philosophy, literature, medicine, and mathematics, among others, to most of the known world.” – Dr. Christos Pargianas, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Scranton, PA, USA

“Dr. Kallianiotis combines in a unique way different historians’ views in order to explain the Hellenic values. This book is an excellent source for economists, political leaders, policy makers, and historians as it addresses various aspects of the Alexander’s political history and economic policy with its surpluses. It also provides information on numismatics (currency, coins, and their values) which is important in facilitating price comparisons and exchange rates with respect to the U.S. dollar and the Greek drachma. Dr. Kallianiotis, who is a professor in finance, has done a superb job in providing us with the foundations and historic lessons from the Hellenic Studies in order to address today’s economic and social issues.” – Dr. Iordanis Petsas, Professor of Economics and Department Chair, Department of Economics and Finance, University of Scranton, PA, USA

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Intercultural Education: Critical Perspectives, Pedagogical Challenges and Promising Practices

“This book offers an impressive geographical coverage of the ways intercultural education has been conceptualised, practiced and debated across the world. It critically assesses the potential and limits of interculturalism as a policy framework for governing diversity and as a pedagogical tool. A true reference for anybody interested in the central question of our time: how to live together in diversity?” – Marco Antonsich, Loughborough University, Loughborough, England

Intercultural Education: Critical Perspectives, Pedagogical Challenges and Promising Practices, edited by Cinzia Pica-Smith, Carmen N. Veloria, and Rina Manuela Contini, provides a strong international sense of how interculturality manifests in different educational contexts. The efforts at promoting intercultural understandings stands to benefit humanity by ensuring less social strife and perhaps enabling increased opportunities for all. This work captures well the combination of points of view from different points-of-view and spaces… Read more at >>>“– Shalin Hai-Jew, Instructional Designer/Researcher, Kansas State University. Published in C2C Digital Magazine (Fall 2021 / Winter 2022).

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Pediatric Cardiac Postoperative Handbook

Postoperative care of children with heart disease is a complex endeavor with plenty of opportunities for mishaps. Clinical teams taking care of these patients are usually comprised of physicians and nurses with very diverse background and experience. This Pediatric Cardiac Postoperative Handbook addresses the need to provide a concise and practical text for quick reference while at the same time covering the wide palette of issues a provider confronts while taking care of these patients. An ample range of topics is covered, from basic concepts of cardiopulmonary bypass and the resulting systemic response to specific postoperative management of patients with biventricular and single ventricle defects. We believe it will be a much valued resource for novel and experienced clinical providers in the pediatric CICU in the international setting. Dr. Torres Pacheco and the distinguished team at Hospital Beneficencia Portuguesa should be commended for this fantastic achievement. – Ricardo Munoz, MD, FAAP, FCCM, FACC, Chief, Division of Cardiac Critical Care Medicine, Co-Director, Children’s National Heart Institute, Children’s National Hospital and Alejandro Lopez-Magallon, MD, Senior Cardiologist, Division of Cardiac Critical Care Medicine, Children’s National Hospital

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Modelling Heat and Mass Transfer in Freezing Porous Media

“Heat and mass transfer processes in porous media under phase transition conditions have a great scientific and practical interest in solving many engineering and technical problems. In this connection, several important examples are used: food preservation by freezing technology; cryopreservation and cryosurgery; permafrost of natural soil in harsh-climate regions such as Canada, the United States and North-East Asia; thawing and refreezing of soil around buried pipe lines, etc…”READ MORE…Professor Victor Melamud, Director of Ilan Ramon Youth Physics Center, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

“The analysis of scientific and engineering literature in the area of heat and moisture transfer in porous media (in particular in soils) with phase changes reveals that, although relatively wide series of the periodical papers exist, considering different aspects of phase transitions in freezing soils, the number of books involving these directions of study is very restricted and were published in 1980’s to 1990’s…”READ MORE…Professor Lev Khrustlev, Department of Geocryology, Moscow State University

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Parasomnia Dreaming: Exploring Other Forms of Sleep Consciousness

Parasomnia Dreaming is a fascinating and important book about the world of dreams emerging with abnormal sleep related behaviors and experiences – the parasomnias. Top experts contribute their research findings and valued clinical and neuroscience perspectives, along with perspectives from literature and the artistic creative process. The parasomnia dream reports will open many eyes and pique curiosity while setting the stage for this engrossing book.” – Carlos H. Schenck, M.D., Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School, Author, Sleep: The Mysteries, The Problems and The Solutions

“The wide continuum of dreaming, visionary, and dissociative phenomena associated with the multiple states of sleep — so well reflected here in Pagel’s volume — offers an important corrective to any simple reduction of these dream-like states to ordinary fantasy and daydreaming. It is only this wider continuum that helps to explain the importance of such states as sources of creativity and insight throughout traditional cultures.” – Harry T. Hunt, Professor Emeritus in Psychology, Brock University, Author of The Multiplicity of Dreams

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Relativizing Newton

“The presented ingenious physical conclusions of the new IR theory are well understandable, because one needs just a high-school level of mathematical skill to follow them. So I wish that the book will become a bestseller educating the next generation of physics students.” READ MORE…Dr. Hermann Otto, Professor Emeritus of Materials Research and Crystallography, Clausthal University of Technology, Germany

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Contemporary Issues in South Asia

Contemporary Issues in South Asia presents a rigorous and lucid analysis of the problems being faced by South Asia in contemporary times. By compiling the conceptual as well as empirical research analysis, Dr. Gagan Deep Sharma has done a commendable job for the future researchers and policymakers with a particular focus on South Asia. The chapters based on philosophical underpinnings on South Asia, particularly indicate towards holistic solutions to challenges of post-modern times. The inter-disciplinary nature of the book makes it extremely valuable for the researchers from various fields of study.” – Tapan Sarker, Associate Professor, Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Australia

In times when materialistic approach is taking a center-stage in human lives, it is heartening to note that Dr. Gagan Deep Sharma has edited a volume that talks about South Asian philosophies and approaches as solutions to the challenges being experienced by societies globally. The book Contemporary Issues in South Asia is a rich and informative collection of conceptual and empirical analyses focusing on social, anthropological, political and economic issues. The fact that the book has been written in an eloquent and accessible language augurs well for the readers. I am sure the book would prove to be valuable for both academicians and practitioners. – Dr. Marta Hawkins, Associate Dean, London School of Science and Technology, United Kingdom

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What Mum Taught Us: Valuable Lessons and Outstanding Hospitality, Including Precious Mesopotamian Recipes

“A human being is a creature who needs another person. From their earliest years, people learn collaboration with others and the life in community. Every person is born and develops in a family – an institution present in epochs and cultures, a basic social unit consisting of a group of people interrelated by the bonds of marriage and kinship.” READ MORE…Ewa Ogrodzka-Mazur, Professor. Ph.D. hab., University of Silesia in Katowice Institute of Education, Faculty of Ethnology and Educational Science, Poland

“This book, wrapped in gastronomy, reflects a family’s love for their mother, Bathqyomo Marine Khoury-Issa. Her five children with love pay their mom respect and homage in this book and make sure that her work and pilgrimage through this world remains for posterity.”READ MORE…Laura Alonso (Professor, PhD, University of Extremadura, Department of Education, Teacher Training College, Cacerea, Spain), and Eduardo Alonso (Civil Engineer, Texas, USA)

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Transformative Words: Writing Otherness and Identities

“Dr. Juhani Ihanus has done a remarkable job in examining the interface of the theoretical, philosophical, and interdisciplinary foundations of bibliotherapy, poetry therapy, and transformative writing. Beautifully written, Ihanus writes with passion, taking into account the critical importance of language and creative expression in a social and cultural context. This book, appropriate for professional and general audiences, has the potential to contribute to the well-being and growth of individual, groups, and communities.” – Nicholas Mazza, Ph.D., Dean and Professor Emeritus at the College of Social Work, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA, editor of Journal of Poetry Therapy, author of Poetry Therapy: Theory and Practice, and editor of a 4 volume series, Expressive Therapies

“’Welcome to the space of writing,’ Juhani Ihanus says, bringing wisdom as well as deep knowledge and practice of biblio/poetry therapy. These are powerful processes, benefiting from his explanation and explication. Be bold! Use your own pen or pencil as you go along, allow this text to help you develop your own story-making. Take the journey towards insight and inspiration through writing, with Juhani.” – Dr. Gillie Bolton, author of The Writer’s Key: Introducing Creative Solutions for Life

“The author’s knowledge of psychology and literature as well as his deep scholarship give a convincing basis for his views on the transformative resources of words and narratives.” READ FULL REVIEW IN The Journal of Poetry TherapyPaavo Manninen, Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

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