Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Perspectives on Consciousness

Perspectives on Consciousness is an excellent set of essays on the nature of consciousness in relationship to profound questions regarding its spiritual presence, and also on education. This is a resource book for all universities and especially graduate libraries, as well as anyone deeply interested in these topics. It is a valuable contribution to the field of consciousness studies.”
Professor Allan Combs, Ph.D.;
Author of Consciousness Explained Better; The Radiance of Being; The Postconventional Personality

“A valuable and sophisticated contribution to interdisciplinary consciousness studies. It is intellectually challenging…”
David Livingstone Smith, Professor of Philosophy, University of New England;
Author of Less than Human, and The Most Dangerous Animal

“Poetic, profound and insightful, and replete with many jewels! Really made me think, stretching my own boundaries. That makes it dangerously good.”
Harris L. Friedman, PhD, Visiting Scholar, History of Science, Harvard University;
Author of Transcultural Competence and A Fractal Epistomology for a Scientific Psychology

The Future of Long-Term Care

“In the time of COVID-19, when many countries are realizing the particular vulnerability of the older population, this book puts the problem of caring for this group in a broad context across a spectrum of low, middle and high-income countries. It presents a variety of approaches to long-term care and shows the need for more information in order to find appropriate ways to address the health and economic needs of both the people with needs and those who care for them. This book is a must-read for policymakers and academics interested in how to approach long-term care policies but it is also useful for those who will benefit from better ways to provide care.”
Thomas J. Bossert
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

“This book is an important step in understanding and demystifying one of the most pressing issues in contemporary society ­ the provision of long-term care in societies facing demographic changes…This book presents challenges, good practices, and solutions in diverse settings, providing important lessons for not just countries with similar conditions, but also in helping low and middle-income countries in finding their own way in dealing with the increase in long-term care needs.”
Enrique Vega
Pan American Health Organization

Care of the Older African Adult

This book provides a welcome clinical resource for clinicians caring for aging adults of African descent. It focuses on unique cultural features and common health concerns as well as the health care delivery challenges facing caring physicians. It is a valuable new clinical guide that provides the necessary details to give African adults over the age of 65 holistic care to maintain physical, cognitive and psychosocial functions.”
Mark E. Williams, MD, FACP
Ward K. Ensminger Distinguished Professor of Geriatric Medicine, Emeritus, UVA School of Medicine

Urban Development and Lifestyle

“As Professor at the Universitas Pembangunan Jaya, with daily activities in lecturing, doing research, as well as water resources development planning, I really praise the Nova Science Publishers for publishing selected papers from ‘2020 International Conference on Urban Sustainability, Environment, and Engineering (CUSME 2020)’. Hence, this publication would be useful for professionals, reseachers, scholar, policymakers, and NGO. I believe that currently, many professionals would like to give more attention on development of sustainable urban. In addition, this publication could be used as reference for City authorities to make appropriate policy choices to protect the provision of equitable housing, health, and transportation services.”
Prof. Ir. Frederik Josep Putuhena M.Sc., Ph.D, Center for Urban Studies – Universitas Pembangunan Jaya

Urban Development and Lifestyle are trend issues for the cities around the world. Learning from experiences is the most effective way to support the cities to be sustainable developed. This book offers the knowledge sharing among countries which covers variety of cities’ issues. It also provides the great lessons for researchers, officers and policy makers on coping with several urban problems.”
Associate Professor Sarintip Tantanee, Ph.D., Director, Center of Excellence on Energy Technology and Environment (CETE), Faculty of Engineering, Naresuan University, Thailand

Smart Development: The Political Economy in a Post-COVID-19 World

“Arno Tausch is one of those intellectuals, rare in the modern age, who sees the big picture. He is also a polymath who combines insights from different disciplines in a theoretically rigorous manner, with the potential to contribute to wiser policy at the highest level and on a global scale, were the powers-that-be less short-sighted and (all too frequently) venal. His latest book, as is customary with his work, uses ambitious statistical models to draw correlations between a host of political, social, economic and cultural factors, on one hand, and ‘smart development’ which is environmentally sustainable, on the other. In a world rendered chronically unequal and economically fragile respectively by the underlying cause of naive capitalist globalization and the immediate disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need thought and research of this nature more than ever.”
Calum Paton, Professor Emeritus of Health Policy, Keele University, United Kingdom. Calum Paton holds an MA (PPE) and D.Phil. in Politics from Oxford University and a MPP (Master’s in Public Policy) from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He has taught in Dundee and Oxford Universities and has been Assistant Secretary (Director) of the Nuffield Trust, London, before coming to Keele in 1986, becoming Professor of Health Policy in 1993 until his retirement in 2015.

See No Evil: Secularity versus Sacred Scriptures

“The topic of the book is of great importance, yet there is no comprehensive book of this nature now available for use in classrooms or for the general reader. The influence of secularization has grown dramatically and there are now many criticisms of religion from a secular perspective but there are very few, if any, responses from a responsible religious perspective. Yet there are billions of people who are adherents of the major religious traditions in our world. Professor Leightner’s book fills this gap very well. Even people fully committed to the practice of secular thinking and analysis will benefit greatly from Professor Leightner’s insights into the deepest meaning of their own traditions of thought. Professor Leightner’s book will be a major contribution to modern insight.”
Daniel Quinn Mills
Professor Emeritus, Harvard University School of Business Administration, USA

“Leightner argues that secular culture has mislead economists and society more broadly into conflating counterfeit values (evil) with the wisdom found in Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Hindu and Theravada sacred texts, causing severe personal and social harm. Those like Pol Pot (responsible for the Khmer Rouge’s crimes against humanity) persuade themselves and many others that their actions are virtuously motivated, when they are intrinsically evil. People need to step back and appreciate that evil may be contaminating their ethics. This is a message that many professionals do not want to hear, but needs a fair hearing.”
Steven Rosefielde
Professor of Economics at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Building a More Peaceful Society through Positive Intergroup Contact: An Ecologically Sustainable Approach to Community Wellness

“In Building a More Peaceful Society through Positive Intergroup Contact: An Ecologically Sustainable Approach to Community Wellness, Dr. Hoffman explores experiences of inequity in our society related to racism, racialized violence, access to healthy food, distribution of green spaces, and community empowerment. Dr. Hoffman provides evidence of the positive impact of specific interventions like community gardens, planting initiatives to improve access to healthy food, and community-based service projects which lead to feelings of connectedness and empowerment, positive intergroup relationships, and improved well-being among community members. The green space interventions described in this work provide a blueprint for building more equitable, allied, safe, and healthy communities.”
Amy Gort, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Metropolitan State University

Fostering Giftedness: Challenges and Opportunities

“The book, Fostering Giftedness: Challenges and Opportunities, is a true source of inspiration for nurturing exceptional individuals with the brightest potential to improve social, technological, economic, and cultural life. Book readers, regardless of whether they are educators, school administrators or parents, will definitely enjoy reading the book whose themes should always be prioritized in every school system.”
Professor Dr. Irena Zavrl, University of Applied Sciences Burgenland

This book will definitely aid teachers and trainee teachers in identifying gifted students and in creating an optimal environment to enable and foster the development of giftedness. Moreover, it will help in resolving doubts that many parents of gifted and talented students face.”
Professor Dr. Kurt Allabauer, University College of Teacher Education in Lower Austria

Congestion Control: Design, Applications and Protocols

“If you care about communications and computer networks and want to know how congestion control techniques work in different network platforms and technologies to not only overcome network performance degradation but also enhance network stability, in terms of interoperability and robustness, then this book is definitely a must-read! Read this book, and you’ll see how Dr. Quang Nguyen composed and edited a unique, inspiring and delightful guide to the complex domain of classical and advanced congestion control methodologies in networking, from both principles and practical perspectives.”
Takuro Sato, IEEE Life Fellow, IEICE Life Fellow, and Senior Research Professor at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

“I’m highly recommending this book because even though there are several books with a comprehensive description of various congestion control techniques in networking, surprisingly, there isn’t another on this topic that attempts to discuss and give new insight into building the efficient congestion control mechanism as a key to an efficient and robust network design. Dr. Quang has made a right step in this interesting direction, and as a professor in communications and networking, I enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to share it with my students, colleagues, collaborators and industrial partners.”
Tarik Taleb, Recipient of the IEEE Fred W. Ellersick Prize 2017, and Professor, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

Clinical Training in Undergraduate Medical Education

“Well worth reading; an excellent resource recommended to medical and health educators and those novices to teaching. It is an absolute must-read.”
Samy Azer, Professor of Medical Education, King Saud University, Riyadh, S.Arabia

“When I read the different chapters, I immediately realized how well structured the book is and how much it can bring to clinical training. Whether you decide to read the text systematically as proposed in the book or read the chapters more relevant to your specific needs, you will find the book extremely useful to improve your practice.”
Madalena Patrício, PhD, University of Lisbon, School of Medicine, Portugal; Former President of AMEE