Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Pulmonary Vascular Disorders

“It is my pleasure to write these lines in support of the publication of this book addressing the vascular disorders of the pulmonary system. The editors have been able to convene the best specialists to address issues that range from the genetics, through the primary diseases of the vessels and ending with advanced pulmonary diseases. It is a field that has evolved very rapidly, where an authoritative review can help place together the incremental information accrued over the last decades. I commend the editors for their effort and hope this book will make the impact it deserves.”
Bartolome Celli, M.D. Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

“As knowledge of pulmonary vascular disease rapidly evolves, current summaries of this information from recognized experts in the field become increasingly necessary. This book brings together leaders from around the world to provide a unique resource. They have synthesized previous and current research addressing key areas of the disease state, in manner that will move the field forward. The authors and editors should be commended for this work in a period of exceptional challenge for everyone involved in healthcare.”
David B. Badesch, MD Professor of Medicine, Divisions of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine, and Cardiology, Clinical Director, Pulmonary Hypertension Center, University of Colorado, Denver, CO, USA

“There have been enormous advances in the understanding and management of pulmonary vascular disorders; pulmonary hypertension has been transformed from a fatal disease to a treatable condition with the introduction of effective new treatments. This book, edited by Roberto Carbone, Francesco Puppo, and Victor Tapson, brings together some of the world experts in pulmonary vascular disease to give a comprehensive overview and update of these important diseases, with discussions on their genetics, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment. As well as comprehensively discussing pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary thromboembolism, the book covers the involvement of the pulmonary vasculature in other lung diseases, such as interstitial lung diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and sleep apnoea, as well as the involvement of the pulmonary vasculature in systemic disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis and other immunological diseases, cardiovascular diseases and in pregnancy. This seminal book will be invaluable to physicians from several specialities and to researchers.”
Peter Barnes FRS, FMedSci, Imperial College London

Challenges of Law and Governance in Indonesia in the Disruptive Era I

“ICLAVE 2018 in Bali, Indonesia, is a great conference. I was lucky to be one of the plenary speakers at that conference. A lot of foreign and national participants came and contributed their valuable knowledge and share their articles. Therefore, I believe these books, a product of that conference, will benefit the readers.”
Dr. Edmon Makarim, SH, S.Kom. LL.M., Dean of Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia

“As a former participant of ICLAVE 2018 conference in Bali and also Associate Professor at Faculty of Law Universitas Surabaya, I found that this conference is rewarding and I believe that the articles from that conference, which is published by Nova Publishers, will work as significant future references for our intellectual discourse.”
Dr. Elfina Lebrine Sahetapy, Associate Professor Faculty of Law Universitas Surab

Challenges of Law and Governance in Indonesia in the Disruptive Era II

“This ICLAVE conference was first conducted in 2017 during my period as a Dean at Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia to exchange ideas, knowledge, skills, and experience in dealing with laws and policies in the 4.0 industrial revolution and 5.0 society. I am delighted that this conference continued to annually every year. And I believe that the books originated from the 2nd ICLAVE conference 2018 that published by Nova Publisher will be an excellent resource for legal scholars and the Indonesian community at large.”
Professor Topo Santoso, Dean of Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia

“Thank you so much for all participants of ICLAVE 2018 in Bali, Indonesia, 2018. I always remember this memorable conference not just because it attracted many participants from Indonesia and abroad, but also because it was the last conference presided and attended by the late Professor Melda Kamil, the Dean of Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia at that time. Four months after the conference, she passed away. I am also grateful to Nova Publishers for making our memory about the participants, discussion and our lovely Dean, alive through these books.”
Dr. Ismala Dewi, Acting Dean Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia, 2018

Glycome: The Hidden Code in Biology

“We now know that glycans embed specific information in their 3D structures recognised by other macromolecules. This book provides a wonderful and timely collection of diverse topics on the latest developments in the generation of tools to study glycans, the role of glyco codes in a range of physiological responses in mammals and plants and the impact of altered glycosylation in disease. This will be a highly valuable resource for both beginners and experts in the glycobiology field, a pivotal discipline for biology.”
Paul A. Gleeson, PhD, Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“The diverse compositions and structures of glycans and polysaccharides that modify the majority of intracellular and extracellular proteins have critical functions in most cellular biology from birth to growth, to maintenance of adulthood, to pathologies. This book identifies the very large variety of normal and pathological cellular functions and processes that rely on the glyco structures involved. I highly recommend that researchers, especially young investigators, read the relevant chapters to learn how glycobiology can have a major impact on their ongoing and future research.”
Vincent Hascall, PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA

Revision of Genus Alysicarpus Neck ex Desv. (Fabaceae) in India: A Monographic Approach

This book is the lifetime effort of Dr. Dileep Pokle. It covers 27 taxa occurring in India. He left no stone unturned in this book. Alysicarpus is a genus with numerous variations which poses problems for fixing the species delimitation. This book addresses many of the issues of identification and helps to come to a precise conclusion. The book has excellent photo plates of species and the good quality line drawings are very helpful from a visual point of view for researchers for correct identification. This book deserves appreciation for solving the species complexes of this genus that were enigmatic for a long time. There is no doubt that this book will trigger further research on this genus, bringing out many undescribed species from all over the world.”
Dr. D. Narasimhan
Professor of Botany (Retired)

“This book contains a lot of knowledge accumulated by the author who has been devoted to his research in Alysicarpus for a long time. Morphological characteristics of flowers, fruits and seeds is included, with detailed descriptions for each species with rich illustrations. A new classification system is proposed based on relationships among the species in India based on traditional methods. A further progress of taxonomy of Alysicarpus is expected based on this contribution.”
H. Ohashi
Professor, University of Tokyo (Retired)

Emerging Trends in Global Organizational Science Phenomena: Critical Roles of Politics, Leadership, Stress, and Context

“Early organizational research was rooted in studies in Great Britain and the U.S. In a short time, we found our knowledge base regarding organizations was rooted almost entirely in US culture and organizations. This led to a sense that our understanding of organizations was very much culture bound. While the world kept getting smaller, our foundations remained the same with little to inform us regarding the viability of our understanding outside U.S. borders. Indeed, there has been an increasing effort in recent times to rectify the issue, however global organizational research is extremely difficult. Language, cultural, economic, and legal differences can create substantial hurdles. This can easily produce contrasts of phenomena that may be labelled the same but are substantively different. Although a useful starting place, global research was often reduced to comparative studies across national boundaries. It is encouraging to witness scholars’ persistence in chipping away at the obstacles and boundaries, and now we find more editions such as this volume that are increasingly digging deeper into basic human, cultural, and organizational characteristics, and presenting them in a fashion that has potential to exert a lasting and indelible effect on global organizational theory, research, and practice. This volume (Emerging Trends in Global Organizational Science Phenomena: Critical Roles of Politics, Leadership, Stress, and Context, edited by Ferris, Perrewé, & Akande) includes 32 original chapters designed to expand our understanding of global organizational science research. Indeed, this volume identifies some critically important issues and results, and leads scholars in some useful and productive new directions for the future. I congratulate the host of global contributors on a notable effort.”
Dwight D. Frink
Professor of Management, University of Mississippi, USA

“General readers, managers, practitioners, students, and academics around the world need to see “Emerging Trends In Global Organizational Science Phenomena:  Critical Roles of Politics, Leadership, Stress, and Context”. With several dozen contributors from many nations, peoples and places, this book will become a classic that unites several emerging trends in global organizational sciences. Politics and leadership stand out as vital subjects that will be capturing more attention as the 21st century continues. Personal reflections are especially welcome because we all share these experiences.”
Dr. Bruce E. Johansen
Frederick W. Kayser University Research Professor, Emeritus
Communication and Native American Studies
University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA

Combating Elder Abuse in Australia and India

“This thought-provoking book brings together perspectives on elder abuse from two very different settings – India and Australia. This is a neglected, but critical issue for the wellbeing of older people and there are important lessons that can be learnt from both countries. And it is great to see the emphasis on concrete strategies to reduce the burden of this pervasive scourge.”
Professor John Beard, ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia;
Adjunct Professor, Peking University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

“As President of the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA), I strongly recommend Dr. Shankardass’ edited book on elder abuse to professionals, policymakers, academics and students alike. It provides a comprehensive and cutting edge overview of elder abuse prevention and intervention services as well as legal rights and policies from an international human rights perspective. Dr. Shankardass, a foremost expert in elder abuse, has brought together a world-class group of scholars who contribute their insights and expertise to further knowledge and understanding of this issue.”
Susan B. Somers, JD, President, International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, New York, USA

“The response to elder abuse and neglect is unique to each jurisdiction (country, region). This book provides a nuanced understanding of the political, social, public health, community and legal responses to this problem in India and Australia. It presents an overview from different disciplines and raises important issues that need to be considered to develop adequate practices such as gender, capacity (or cognitive health), role of families, rights of older persons, … It deserves to be read widely.”
Professor Marie Beaulieu, Ph. D., MSRC/FRSC, Co-Director, WHO Collaborative Centre, Age Friendly Communities/Elder Abuse, Sherbrooke, Canada;
Chairholder, Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults

Craniospinal Vascular Diseases and Endovascular Neurosurgery

“Completing the book, Craniospinal Vascular Diseases and Endovascular Neurosurgery, was a major task and the editors did remarkably well. I am well aware of the difficulties involved in editing a multi-author book. The book is well organized and would be an important addition to literature and very useful for specialists in the field. In my personal capacity as well as in the capacity of 1st Vice President of WFNS, President of the World Federation of Skull Base Surgery Societies and Honorary President, AASNS, I recommend this book.”
Basant Misra, Professor of Neurosurgery Department of Neurosurgery and Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
P. D. Hinduja National Hospital & MRC, Mumbai, India

A Comprehensive Guide to Lamb Waves

“In recent years, the studies on Lamb wave-based damage detection in thin-walled structures have increased by leaps and bounds. An appropriate compilation of these works is essential so that the new researchers in the field would have a consolidated formation to begin with. In other words, they would have a ‘guide’. The book, A Comprehensive Guide to Lamb Waves, is truly such a guide. The book not only focuses on fundamental aspects of Lamb waves but also addresses various issues related to the experiments, finite element simulations, and algorithms. The chapters are rich in content, well organized, and easy to understand. I congratulate the Editor and Authors for their sincere efforts and highly recommend this book to the readers.”
Dr. Javad Rostami, KTP Associate, Ultrasonic Engineer
School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
University of Leeds, UK

The Knotted Cord: An Update on Transgenerational Alcohol

This book will be of great interest to a range of practitioners and students working with children, adolescents and their families. This includes those working in medical, psychology, social work and educational settings. It addresses a much under recognised condition: Neurodevelopmental Disorder Prenatal Alcohol Exposure (NDPAE), that is only now being given the attention it deserves. NDPAE may impact on the lives of so many young people who have learning difficulties, behaviour issues and problems in school and residential settings, yet it is often not thought about or considered. Dr. O’Malley has updated his earlier work to include the latest thinking and research on NDPAE. He has vast experience internationally in diagnosing and treating the condition. He is one of the foremost practitioners and thinkers in the field. He promotes a “systems of care” approach which involves parents and a multidisciplinary range of professionals which is very practical and helpful. As a forensic psychologist specialising in working with children and adolescents in the child care systems of Ireland and the UK I have found his work most illuminating and his advice invaluable. I warmly recommend this up-dated edition and believe it is a “must read” for anyone who wishes to learn about NDPAE.” – Dr. Bill Lockhart, PhD, OBE, Forensic Psychologist

“This impressive overview covers much that is presently understood about the deleterious impact a pregnant mother’s alcohol consumption has on her developing fetus. An updated and expanded survey, this is much broader in scope than the original text…O’Malley’s offering is a rich trove of information and insight about an urgent public health, economic and societal crisis… READ MORE>>– Joe Martin, co-founder of both the homeless rescue Downtown Emergency Service Center and the Pike Market Medical Clinic, Seattle, Washington, USA