ACE Inhibitors: Medical Uses, Mechanisms of Action, Potential Adverse Effects and Related Topics. Volume 2

"These two books provide a comprehensive review of angiotensin blockade in medicine. Volume 1 describes the pharmacology of angiotensin blockade. The initial chapters describe the history of the discovery of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors. The final chapters discuss new developments in angiotensin blockade. In between these are chapters that describe the utility and complications of angiotensin blockers. There are critical reviews of randomized controlled trials in nephrology that make for interesting reading." READ MORE... - Dr. Dwomoa Adu, Honorary Consultant Physician, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Ghana Medical School, Accra, Ghana

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Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling

I recommend this volume for every academic library. Students with a focus on the natural and social sciences are likely to need this volume in their studies. Professional policy makers should have access to and read this volume. Thomas Samaras' work should inspire legislators. In addition, college-educated citizens who have a general interest in the Earth's ecology will want to read it. For them, most public libraries should acquire it. Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling is an outstanding and revelatory book. - Stephen M Marson in Public Health Nutrition

This book is packed with ideas, and I challenge any reader working within the field of human growth to read even one chapter without achieving new insights into their area of expertise. - Jonathan C.K. Wells in Economics and Human Biology

...this book is worth a read for those with an interest in the evolutionary issues of human size and the impact of longevity, health and physiology. - British Journal of Sports Medicine, October 2008

...This book is packed with ideas and I challenge any reader working within the field of human growth to read even one chapter without achieving new insights into their area of expertise...To my knowledge, this book provides the most comprehensive examination to date of the hypothesis that human growth may have costs as well as benefits. - Economics and Human Biology 6 (2008)

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A Practitioner’s Guide to Pilonidal Sinus Disease

"I applaud this recent book by Dr Pravin Gupta, (an expert in the field of proctology) that dedicates itself to the management of this difficult condition. This is long overdue and is a timely addition to the available literature on this important subject. For me, it has always been a little mysterious why the management of pilonidal disease has become the perview of the coloproctologist. The book beautifully defines the nature of the disease, its etiopathogenesis, its clinical assessment and its management and it is an opportune tome for the practicing clinician unlike no other that I am aware of currently in the field." READ MORE... - Andrew Zbar, MD (Lond) MBBS FRCS (Ed) FRACS FSICCR (Hon), Professor of Surgery , Chaim Sheba Medical Center Israel

"A Practitioners Guide to Pilondial Sinus Disease by Pravin J. Gupta is a hybrid between a definitive textbook and a working handbook. It is comprehensive and detailed enough to be the former, well written, illustrated and referenced with a complete bibliography. On the other hand it is relatively small, but by no means brief, totaling 92 pages which could be considered the latter." READ MORE... - Herand Abcarian, M.D., FACS

"A Practitioners Guide to Pilonidal Sinus Disease is a comprehensive guidebook for surgical practitioners. It gives a good insight into presentation and pathophysiology of pilonidal sinus disease, along with thorough descriptions of most of the approaches in management and surgical techniques used in the treatment of it. This book offers a good insight into this condition that causes trouble to a great number of people around the world, and starting as a small problem could lead to severe complications in case of inadequate treatment. I find this book very useful and really enjoyed reading it." - Jelena Petrovic, MD, Surgeon, Department for Colorectal Surgery, Clinical Center of Serbia

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Inositols: Guide to Practical Applications in Obstetrics and Gynecology

"This book provides a comprehensive overview on the use of Inositols in gynecology and obstetrics. From their discovery in 1850 to the most recent findings, the chapters thoroughly describe historical and current knowledge on the impact of Inositols, mainly Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol, upon management of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Metabolic syndrome, Preeclampsia, Fetal programming, Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Gynecologic oncology. Results from scientific investigations and clinical applications are presented in a rigorous although simple manner. Researchers and clinicians will certainly benefit from reading this book, and will find opportunities to expand current knowledge and applications of Inositols in this relevant field." - Mónica H. Vazquez-Levin, MSc., PhD. Senior Investigator. Consejo de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas de Argentina (CONICET). Director Laboratory of Cell-Cell Interaction en Reproduction and Cancer. Instituto de Biología y Medicina Experimental (IBYME-CONICET), Argentina.

"Inositol is a promising possible safe alternative treatment for amenorrhea and PCOS. This compendium outstandingly focus on new research and understanding of this alternative innovative therapy, both in metabolic and reproductive profile. I strongly recommend the reading of this book that is really unique and useful." -Professor Francesco Orio, MD, PhD, Professor of Endocrinology “Parthenope” University of Naples, Italy

"Accumulating evidence suggests that Inositols play a pivotal role in several biological processes, which are fundamental for endocrine and metabolic regulation as well as human reproduction. In this scenario, Inositols have paramount importance as potent and cost-effective compounds to counteract the underlying causes of different pathological conditions, such as metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, gestational diabetes and infertility. Although these insulin-sensitizer molecules have pleiotropic actions in different body microenvironments, the book provides a complete and updated summary for an evidence-based therapeutic approach with Inositols in the whole field of obstetrics and gynecology." - Antonio Simone Laganà, M.D., Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, “Filippo Del Ponte” Hospital, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy.

"This exhaustive and very updated book guides us through the different therapeutic approaches to the obstetrics and gynecological disorders, from PCOS and GDM to infertility. A book of great scientific value written by the main worldwide experts on Inositol. It provides an overview of the critical role played by this natural molecule, from the early discovery up to nowadays researches. I recommend this publication to health professionals and researchers who want to explore in detail this area and bring the information displayed here to their everyday practice." - Giusy Porcaro, M.D., Department of Obstetrics and Gynecological, Hospital Santa Maria della Stella Orvieto USL Umbria 2, Orvieto, Umbria

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Penile Cancer: Challenges and Controversies

"In the Western world, squamous cell carcinoma of the penis is diagnosed in about 1/100.000-1.000.000 men annually. It accounts for 0.4-0.6% of all malignancies in the USA and Europe. The rarity of this complex disease makes it a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for treating physicians, especially since many only manage a limited number of cases annually. Current management of the disease is predominantly based on retrospective data from a limited number of studies, indicating a lack of high level evidence due to the rarity of the disease and the difficulties in organizing prospective trials in this cohort of patients. The rare incidence of penile cancer in daily clinical practice combined with limited evidence based recommendations, and limited knowledge of physicians of the current guidelines frequently results in nonuniform and suboptimal management. Prof. Martins and Porf. Djordjevic have therefore assembled a panel of internationally renowned experts who have contributed chapters on various aspects of the disease, helping the physician manage penile cancer patients better and offering them the best of care. We highly recommend this comprehensive and contemporary book to all doctors interested in penile cancer, from junior doctors to those who have further advanced in their careers interested in further deepening their knowledge on the subject." - Maarten Albersen MD, PhD and Hein Van Poppel MD, PhD, Department of Urology, University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium

"Penile cancer is a devastating malignancy. The disease and its management can lead to serious impairment in psychological and functional status. This led to great challenges and controversies in its management. This is also due to the fact that it is a rare cancer which has led to paucity of clinical trials with inability to recruit large number of patients. The purpose of this book is to comprehensively account for these challenges and controversies and provide the best possible evidence-based answers to these issues. By gathering thought leaders in the field of penile cancer management, the editors of this book, Drs Martins and Djordjevic have successfully presented all these issues and provided the best available answers to such important questions. In this book, the editors did not leave a stone, unturned in the management of penile cancer. Adding to the strength of this book , the chapters are well organized, easy-to-read, and with valuable summaries and take-home messages. The recommendations provided by the authors, all internationally renowned experts in penile cancer, will greatly help managing penile cancer patients. This book is a great asset to urologists, radiation oncologists,  medical oncologists and all health care providers involved in the care of penile cancer." - Nabil K. Bissada, M.D., F.A.C.S., Professor of Urology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA

"Drs. Martins and Djordjevic have put together a very comprehensive reference book on the challenges and controversies in the management of penile cancer. There is no question the care of penile cancer patients has significantly suffered from being the recipients of often heterogeneous and non-evidence-based treatment in large part resulting from the paucity of cases seen at many centers and failure of adoption of treatment standards or guidelines. Thought leaders on the subject matter who have contributed to this book demystify what are suitable and best practice standards versus questionable therapeutic approaches that jeopardize optimal treatment outcomes in terms of oncological and quality of life endpoints. In addition, contributing authors share clinical and surgical concepts and clinical pearls they have refined in their practices through critical assessment of their own results and techniques. It is without question that readers will benefit in reading this book and incorporating some of its concepts in their day to day practices as it relates to the care of penile cancer patients. After all, we owe it to our patients to continually strive to improve ourselves in terms of the knowledge and approaches we tailor and personalize to their care." - Philippe E. Spiess, M.D., MS, FRCS(C), FACS, Senior Member, Department of GU Oncology and Tumor Biology, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida

Sensory Integration: Development, Disorders and Treatment

"This book is intended for teachers, parents and sensory integration therapists. In an accessible, professional way, the author explains what the disturbances of sensory integration involve, what they relate to and how they manifest themselves. In the book, we find a description of not only sensory integration methods, a description of sensory integration dysfunctions in selected disease entities, but also selected methods supporting the child's development, because their knowledge is essential not only for good cooperation between therapists, but also for programming therapy and optimizing support activities child development. It also presents research conducted among parents of children with learning difficulties and behavior, in whom sensory integration disorders occur." - Professor Beata Pituła, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland

"This monograph is a compendium of theoretical, empirical and methodological knowledge in the field of supporting the development of a child with impaired sensory integration. The work has been divided into four perfectly complementary parts, in which the author clearly, legibly and transparently discusses the basic issues that fit into the issue of special educational needs of a child with SI disorders. The first part contains an analysis and reflections on the child's development up to the age of ten. The author refers here... to the social-emotional, physical-motor and cognitive functioning of the child. It also analyzes the educational environment, which has an unprecedented impact on the child's development. Part Two of the monograph is devoted to a detailed analysis of sensory integration. The author discusses the causes of disorders, their characteristics and classification, as well as SI diagnosis and therapy... The entire work is closed with a chapter containing the author's own conclusions and self-reflection.

This monograph by Ms. Izabela Bieńkowska is excellent material in the field of supporting the development of a child with special educational needs, which will not only fill the gap in the publishing market, but will help teachers working with children with sensory integration disorders. The book could also be used by students of pedagogical studies, serving them as a methodical guide in future professional work." - Professor Małgorzata Przybysz-Zaremba, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw

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Studies of Rhesus Monkeys and their Behaviors

“The Rhesus monkey is one of the most widely studied species by investigations at all levels. From the etiological, behavioral, physiological, pharmacological, and overall biomedical points of view, this species has been very important to generating knowledge. This book represents a great effort made by its editors and authors to gather information that is relevant to anyone interested in Rhesus monkeys, and primates in general. In addition to demonstrating the importance of the Rhesus monkey as a model for scientific study, it presents scientists with an overview of the principle physiological and behavioral characteristics to take into account any time this species is studied. A recommended read, this book maintains a balance between physiology and behavior. It treats the Rhesus monkey as both a biological entity with its own physiological characteristics, and as a social unit, demonstrating its complex social organization.” - Dra. Andrea Herrera-Solís, Investigador en Ciencias Médicas “C”, Hospital General Dr. Manuel Gea González, Subdirección de Investigación Biomédica, Therapeutic effects of cannabinoids

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