Studies of Rhesus Monkeys and their Behaviors

“The Rhesus monkey is one of the most widely studied species by investigations at all levels. From the etiological, behavioral, physiological, pharmacological, and overall biomedical points of view, this species has been very important to generating knowledge. This book represents a great effort made by its editors and authors to gather information that is relevant to anyone interested in Rhesus monkeys, and primates in general. In addition to demonstrating the importance of the Rhesus monkey as a model for scientific study, it presents scientists with an overview of the principle physiological and behavioral characteristics to take into account any time this species is studied. A recommended read, this book maintains a balance between physiology and behavior. It treats the Rhesus monkey as both a biological entity with its own physiological characteristics, and as a social unit, demonstrating its complex social organization.” - Dra. Andrea Herrera-Solís, Investigador en Ciencias Médicas “C”, Hospital General Dr. Manuel Gea González, Subdirección de Investigación Biomédica, Therapeutic effects of cannabinoids

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