Journey through the World of Malaria

"The book, Journey through the World of Malaria, is passionately written, and one of the few publications rooted in a disease endemic country. The book is comprehensively covering all aspects of malariology from history to future prospects (control and elimination) and pathogenesis to epidemiology. It is trying to address recent developments in the field of malaria and includes sections on emerging drug resistance and vaccine development. The section on diagnosis is a bit limited and does not include novel approaches such a molecularly biology. The nicely illustrated book has an extensive bibliography for further reading and reference. It is well designed for MSc and PhD students (Biology/Medicine) and all those who are interested in Malaria. It is a great resource for those who are teaching in the field of infectious diseases, and malaria in particular. Be a curious traveler and go on this exciting trip in the World of Malaria.” - Dr. Henk Schallig, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Neuro-Immune Interactions in the Adult Central Nervous System

"Recent studies indicate that inflammatory cells and immunological cytokines modulate brain functions and diseases. This is a very useful book for not only students, but also post-docs and even professors, to learn recent progress in this research field. Readers will find various information about neuro-immune interactions in the adult central nervous system, from basic biology to clinical application. Chapters of this book have been written by the experts in neuroscience and/or immunology. As a researcher working on adult neurogenesis, I was particularly interested in Chapter 5 "Neuro-Immune Interactions in Neural Stem Cells of the Postnatal Subventricular Zone," which has been contributed by Dr. Oscar Gonzalez-Perez, the Editor of this book, and his colleagues. They have carefully and clearly summarized recent studies on immunological molecules that control the function of neural stem cells under physiological and pathological conditions. Hopefully this book will give readers some new ideas and contribute to the advancement of interdisciplinary research involving neuroscience and immunology." - Kazunobu Sawamoto, Ph.D., Department of Developmental and Regenerative Biology, Institute of Molecular Medicine

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Regulating Biobanks in Humans: The Use of Adult and Children Biomaterials for Clinical and Research Purposes

"Salvaterra et al provide an educational foundation on Ethical and legal and social (ELSI) and other regulatory issues in cord blood, stem cell, neonatal biobanking. Aggregated teachings from key collaborators in the field contribute historical perspective, detailed insight and analyses into ELSI issues germane to adult and pediatric biospecimen and clinical research." READ MORE... - Lisa B Miranda, President and Chief Executive Officer, Biobusiness Consulting Incorporated

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The Quest for Health Equity

"Many of us yearn for a future in which health is seen more as a basic human right to be protected than as an earned commodity to be marketed. “The Quest for Health Equity” lights the pathway between here and there. Science is needed to move us forward on that path over time, but passion is needed to get us onto that path in the first place. Much like its author, Angela Sauaia, this book is a blend of science and passion. “The Quest for Health Equity” will therefore probably become a very popular textbook for students who want to learn about this topic. For those of us who are more seasoned, this book will be a useful reminder to get back onto the path toward equity, and a useful guide for how we might move forward toward a better future." - Tim Byers, MD, MPH; Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, Colorado School of Public Health Associate Director for Cancer Prevention and Control, University of Colorado Cancer Center.

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Science of Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity in the Tropics

"The book is comprised of a series of good quality and interesting peer reviewed submissions arising from presentations made at a conference held at James Cook University, Cairns, Australia in November 2013. The major contributing disciplines are human physiology, psychology, nutrition and aspects of clinical medicine." READ MORE... - Ron J. Butterly, Ph.D

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Evidence Based Treatments for Eating Disorders: Children, Adolescents and Adults. Second Edition

"Spurred by shifts in the field of eating disorders occurring since the publication of the inaugural edition of this text, not the least of which is the DSM-5, Drs. Dancyger and Fornari once again assemble an international case of leading experts to provide and updated edition of Evidence Based Treatments for Eating Disorders: Children, Adolescents and Adults. Second Edition. READ MORE... - Reviewed by Blake A. Phillips, MD, NYU Child Study Center, Bellevue Hospital Center, NY USA. Published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

"Medicine’s evidence-base moves inexorably forward, sometimes in small steps and sometimes in major jumps, and medical editors constantly face questions regarding when to justify publishing new editions. Since publication of the first volume of Evidence Based Treatments for Eating Disorders: Children, Adolescents and Adults in 2009 several significant shifts have occurred in the eating disorders field that merit an updated presentation of findings to help inform clinical decision-making." READ MORE... - Joel Yager, M.D., Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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Meeting Mental Health Needs: Service Delivery in Israel

"In the period of mental health reform and the transfer of mental health care to the community this book is a valuable and practical contribution to the literature that will benefit health care providers, medical administrators, social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists and families of individuals with special needs in mental health domains. The book is essential for all professionals in the field of community mental health." - Moshe Kotler, MD, President, Israel Psychiatric Association and Director Beer Yaakov-Ness Ziona Mental Health Center, Israel

"This book is an important contribution to the understanding of the patients with severe mental illness and the mental health services in Israel. The field of mental health has been neglected for many years. In July 2015 the responsibility for mental health care will be transferred to the health funds, which are already in the process of establishing the service. It is the right time now to focus on fulfilling the needs of the patients and to consider these needs in their planning. The book is based on studies done in Israel and as such may be very useful to policymakers and mental health professionals. Congratulations to the authors for their contribution to improve mental health services in Israel and worldwide." - Professor Zvi Zemishlany, Director, Geha Mental Health Center, Israel, Past President of the Israel Psychiatric Association, Board Member of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA)

"The book Meeting Mental Health Needs presents broadly for the first time and academically in an in-depth fashion, mental health services in the State of Israel from the combined perspective of health needs and the organization of services by the Israeli system." READ MORE... - Shifra Shvarts, PHD, Professor

"Patients with mental disorders have more unmet needs than healthy individuals, though; the frequency of unmet needs varies substantially across need domains. There is a major gap between a need for help and the actual help received from mental health services." READ MORE... - Professor Eliezer Shalev, MD, Dean, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Professor, Minnie and Ruben Finkelstein Academic Chair Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

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Posture: Types, Exercises and Health Effects

"This is an evidence based book on the biomechanics, function, and rehabilitation in posture. This includes descriptions of pathologies and rehabilitation in sports medicine, with clinical examples in rowing, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, dance, cycling, and therapeutic yoga. The PURPOSE of this text was to present a collection of work on the various aspects of posture including its evolutionary trend of knowledge, and its rehabilitation." READ MORE... - F. Buck Willis, PhD, FACSM (Galveston Clinical Research Foundation)

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Green Care: For Human Therapy, Social Innovation, Rural Economy and Education

"While the connection between horticulture and human health has been known for most of human history only recently have researchers begun to systematically examine this connection from the perspective of Western science and institutions. The edited collection of articles, Green Care for Human Therapy, Social Innovation, Rural Economy and Education, assembled by Gallis Christos, includes a wide-ranging collection of recent scientific research on the links between horticulture and society, through the lens of what has come to be known as ‘green care.’" READ MORE... - Matthew DelSesto, doctoral researcher in Sociology at Boston College and a horticultural therapist, USA

"Green Care: For Human Therapy, Social Innovation, Rural Economy and Education,edited by Christos Gallis, is a compilation of writing from all over the world about the importance of nature on human health and in therapy. Although Green Care is not a new concept, this work sparks new ways of thinking about issues surrounding it." READ MORE... - Naomi Rombaoa, Project Coordinator at the Center on Disability Studies, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, USA

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ACE Inhibitors: Medical Uses, Mechanisms of Action, Potential Adverse Effects and Related Topics. Volume 1

"These two books provide a comprehensive review of angiotensin blockade in medicine. Volume 1 describes the pharmacology of angiotensin blockade. The initial chapters describe the history of the discovery of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors. The final chapters discuss new developments in angiotensin blockade. In between these are chapters that describe the utility and complications of angiotensin blockers. There are critical reviews of randomized controlled trials in nephrology that make for interesting reading." READ MORE... - Dr. Dwomoa Adu, Honorary Consultant Physician, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Ghana Medical School, Accra, Ghana.

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