Sequencing and Scheduling with Inaccurate Data

"Often the problem data of a scheduling instance such as the processing times, the setup times, the release dates or the due dates are not exactly known before a particular solution algorithm is applied. This observation may substantially restrict practical aspects of scheduling theory. Within the last 40 years, several approaches have been developed for scheduling problems with inaccurate data depending on whether the data are given as random numbers, fuzzy numbers or whether they are uncertain (which means that they can take values from a given interval). This edited book considers the four major approaches for dealing with such problems: a stochastic approach, a fuzzy approach, a robust approach and a stability approach." READ MORE... - Dr. Erwin Pesch, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University in Siegen

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The Evergreen Guide: Helping People to Survive and Thrive in Later Years

"The Evergreen Guide showcases the type of group oriented, multi-disciplinary program that elevates elder care. What makes this work significant is that it is more than theory; this book shares the hands-on therapeutic programing at St Patrick’s University Hospital in Dublin. Declan Lyons, editor, opens the door to this program to give a glimpse of progressive care for elders with acute mental illness." READ MORE... - Kathie Erwin, Ed.D., LMHC, NCC, National Certified, Gerontological Counselor, Assistant Professor, Regent University, Author of “Group Techniques for Aging Adults, 2nd Edition.”

"The book, edited by Declan Lyons, is based on a program begun 10 years ago in Dublin, Ireland, that focuses on the treatment of hospitalized mentally ill adults who are 65 years of age or older. The Evergreen Program is a collaborative, multidisciplinary program intended not only to alleviate these patients’ symptoms of mental illness but, in addition, to help them develop those skills and attitudes that enhance successful discharge from the hospital and optimal adjustment to the challenges and opportunities associated with aging." READ MORE... - Reviewed by Alan J. Swope, PhD, ABPP, Professor, California School of Professional Psychology (San Francisco) of Alliant International University

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The Malthusian Century

"This is an extraordinary work of a powerful and restless mind, a man of sharp wit, a voracious reader and researcher, freed from the constraints of academic specialization." READ MORE... - David L. Schalk, Kenan Professor of History, Emeritus, Vassar College

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Rational Suicide: Is It Possible? Reflections on the Suicide of Martin Manley

"Rational Suicide: Is It Possible? is a wonderful manuscript, which is interesting, instructive, easy reading, and provocative with new and usual information to general readers. I strongly recommend this book to both professionals and general populations." - Zhang Jie, Ph.D., Director and Professor, Center for China Studies, Department of Sociology, SUNY Buffalo State

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Reflections: A Dream Quest

"This book was written for the rational, educated reader who is suspicious that ancient wisdom had something important to say. Author George Elder tackles the immense topic of dream interpretation, offering his own dream history to test a view that combines contemporary neurophysiology and dream interpretation schema from cultures around the world."READ MORE... - Dale Cyphert, Ph.D., University of Northern Iowa

"An intriguing look at the nature of dreams via Elder’s examination and interpretation of his own. Elder recounts a number of dreams from various times during his life, and considers the conditions which may have caused the particular stories that played out while asleep." READ MORE... - Sayward Ayre, Ph.D., author of Tribute to Og: Memories of a Future Lifemate

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Short Bowel Syndrome in Children: Current Practice and Future Perspectives

"Short bowel syndrome (SBS) in infants and children continues to be a major cause of morbidity and mortality in spite of all the advances that have occurred in the last thirty years in the management of congenital and acquired abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract. This is the case currently in spite of major advances in nutritional support, both enteral and parenteralnutrition, intestinal transplantation and advanced therapies for support of the failing liver. The management of patients with short bowel syndrome is complex, requiring a comprehensive approach that frequently necessitates long-term use of parenteral nutrition." READ MORE... - Hua Yang, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Chairman, Department of General Surgery, Xinqiao Hospital, Third Military Medical University

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Psychology of Mindfulness

"Given the scope and depth of recent mindfulness research, the title of Kimiyo Murata-Soraci’s (2014) edited volume, Psychology of Mindfulness, marks out an ambitiously broad domain. Indeed, it is difficult to think of an area within the field of psychology as it is currently practiced for which mindfulness would not prove relevant in some way." READ MORE... - Reviewed by Donald R. Marks and Amanda Aster

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Creating Empowerment in Communities: Theory and Practice from an International Perspective

"The book explores and illustrates how inclusive communities can be created and sustained through the development and implementation of empowerment strategies, utilising the framework of the Dynamic Synergy Model. This model describes and illustrates three types of empowerment: self-empowerment, peer empowerment, and community empowerment. It also touches on combinations of these types, thus producing synergistic models of empowerment. Besides being aimed at policy makers and managers working within the whole range of health and social environments, I also recommend this new book to the full range of health and social professionals directly working at the ‘coal face’. The book builds on earlier empowerment books essentially focussed on issues related to older people written by the authors and others, by also considering issues related to a variety of younger groups." - Professor Duncan Boldy, PhD, MSc. BSc (Hons), CertEd. , Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia

"This international, interdisciplinary compilation of chapters revolves around the model called the Dynamic Synergy Model. Using a human rights perspective, it offers human service providers a mechanism with which to intervene for a variety of population and target levels." READ MORE... - Professor Uma A. Segal, University of Missouri–St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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Global Geometry of Space-Times with Shells

"One can never learn too much about elementary solutions of General Relativity. In this book, the authors provide a general global description, using Israel matching conditions, of spherically symmetric spacetimes with thin shell sources, charged or neutral, in spacetimes that are themselves asymptotically Schwarzschild or Reissner-Nordstrom, and have various charged/neutral interiors. This book will provide an authoritative, useful, basis for further explorations of the Einstein-Maxwell system, and its extensions both to wider models and more complex sources.” - Stanley Deser, PhD., Professor Emeritus of Physics, Brandeis University, USA

"Thin shells and surface layers are increasingly used to model gravitational collapse and phase transitions in general relativity and cosmology. However, a textbook treatment of these topics is still hard to find in the current literature. This book nicely fills the gap. The techniques are illustrated by focusing on the dynamics of charged spherical shells in a variety of backgrounds. Recommended for students and practitioners who want to add this useful tool to their armory.” - Werner Israel, Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria, Canada

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Cosmic Ray History

"The book is very useful and comprehensive review of the milestones and of selected important results in cosmic ray (CR) physics obtained since its discovery until present, in the series of Space Science, Exploration and Policies of NOVA. Division into five parts including the chapters within each of the part, is done based on extensive and detailed knowledge of the important subjects related not only to CR physics, but also to high energy physics, physics of the atmosphere, space plasma physics etc." READ MORE... - Karel Kudela, Professor, Institute of Experimental Physics, Former Head of Space Physics Department of IEP SAS in Kosice and PI of Cosmic Ray Observatory on Lomnitsky Stit.

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