The Flood Psychology

Noah’s flood accompanied by the deterioration of the human spirit during that time, as intellectual chaos took an original form, this flood came as a reaction to the inconsistency with the natural law. But Noah found himself safe in the eyes of God, and his construction of the boat was not a defensive mechanism against […]


Additional description Why has US President Joe Biden promised to mobilize the world if Amazonia’s destruction does not stop? What were the structures and processes of globalization that contributed to the construction of its contemporary material and symbolic representations? How Amazonia’s full submission to the market and to the process of predatory privatization has contributed […]

Candidate molecule for an antiviral drug against COVID-19

As part of the candidate molecule for the antiviral drug against COVID 19, chlorogenic acid can be considered; it, along with other polyphenolic acids, is widespread in the plant world and is found in various products, most of all in green coffee beans. The composition of roasted coffee contains chlorogenic acid, but it is almost completely destroyed by heat treatment. The following foods are
also rich in this chlorogenic acid: sunflower seeds, chicory, blueberries, artichoke, apples (the concentration of chlorogenic acid varies from 5 to 40% depending on the variety), barberry,
eggplant, Jerusalem artichoke, sorrel, pear, hop cones, cranberries, stevia leaves tobacco and others. In studies of hundreds of plant and herb species that are thought to be candidates for new antiviral agents, an agromic variety of active phytochemicals has been identified, including flavonoids, terpenoids, lignans, sulfides, polyphenols, coumarins, saponins, furyl compounds, alkaloids, polyines, thiophenes, proteins and peptides. Some volatile essential oils of commonly used culinary herbs, spices and herbal teas also exhibit a high level of antiviral activity. Some of these phytochemicals have complementary and overlapping mechanisms of action, including antiviral effects, either inhibiting the formation of viral DNA or RNA, or inhibiting the activity of viral reproduction. With this combination of circumstances, methods are needed to link potential antiviral efficacy and laboratory research. It has been proven that there are many potentially useful medicinal plants and herbs awaiting evaluation and use for therapeutic use against genetically and functionally diverse virus families.

Stretch, Tilt and Wobble – Recurring Cycles in the Earth’s Evolution

Stretch, Tilt and Wobble – Recurring Cycles in the Earth’s Evolution

With the advance of modern science and our systematic transcending of magic, mysticism and religion as potential sources of reasonable and logical explanations for the phenomena of the natural world, our lives and cultures (note human sacrifice in various cultures designed to appease the gods,) we have enhanced our knowledge significantly. With these advances, we have devised better ways of understanding our world, our species, and its connection to the evolution of the universe and the major changes impacting life on earth.

Today, our collective attention is focused urgently on climate change and the impact of human civilization and economic production on global warming as a consequence of humans having destroyed forests, burned wood, coal, oil and gas, as well as destroying life forms that would have helped to mitigate our impact on the environment. Our more scientific approach to life provides an opportunity for us to examine the real factors that have led to our evolution to this point in time. The impact of extraordinary solar flares from the sun, cosmic radiation from deep space, asteroids and meteor showers, among other factors, have driven major changes in our climate and physical environment. Similarly, major volcanic eruptions due to tectonic shifts, regular reversals of our magnetic field, subduction and upwelling of continents caused in part by regular stretching, axis precession; the tilting and wobbling of the earth as it follows its elliptical orbit around the sun while rotating on its irregular axis are factors that have all played a part in creating the Shiva Dance of Ice ages and global warming. These influential phenomena have led to drastic changes in sea levels, the extinction of innumerable species and influenced the way life on earth has evolved, with some authors even linking major extra-terrestrial phenomenon to the rise and fall of entire cultures such as Egypt, the Mayans and Gobekli Tepe.

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