Complex Dynamics and Foundational Physics

Hello All, For those interested, here are two links to my research works in Theoretical Physics, Nonlinear Science and Complexity Theory and Beyond the Standard Model Physics:  

The Nova Science Impactor

There is no longer a fire season, but perpetual fire; necessitating a breakthrough in wildfire suppression technology. Imminent innovation promises the implementation of a dozen new classes of Directed Energy Bean (DEB) technologies. According to parameters of Einstein’s unified field theory, the structure of matter extends into 7 additional spatial dimensions beyond the 3D currently observed. Consider an atom in 3-space as a rosebud; in the 7D space, between two relativistic instants in time, the rosebud blooms and collapses into a bud again. Physicists think of an atom as a particle-in-a-box (cavity in spacetime). Considering an oxygen atom as the head on a Jack-in-the-box with time being turning of the crank; if the spring holding the lid on the box is kept from releasing by a resonant interference force, oxygen valence electron quantum waves can be suppressed momentarily from reentering 3-space in a periodic cycle – no oxidizing reaction – no fire. The proposed DEB wildfire suppression generator is an integrated trilevel device: 1) Dynamic fire grid mapping transduced into a quantum computer from an infrared digital camera with a programmable 3D fiducial grid, dynamically imaging the wildfire domain both in area and heat range. The suppression beam is correlated with the grid pattern of the camera in order to cover the wildfires area with 3D altitude and heat range included. A buffer zone beyond the wildfire circumference is added to the suppression beam’s coverage array. This imaging system is readily described by the theory of quantum holography as in clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). 2) Operationally, automated vacuum energy DEB technology has commonality with laser (generation of coherent energy emission) principles. But instead of a gain medium with mirrors confined in 3-space plasma tubes or semiconductor diode materials; DEB emission occurs by the energetics within resonant vacuum cavities instead of excited atoms. Aligning the fire pattern array with resonating properties of the spacetime vacuum is achieved by an advanced form of quantum computing to transduce fire grid data with dynamic precision. Creating a precisely correlated wildfire grid enables the DEB to focus suppression energy efficiently on the area of the fire, it’s 3D contours and also adapt to the thermodynamics of hot-spots. 3) “Freezing” the fire grid by laser cooling techniques prevents reignition of hot embers.

Implications of static and dynamic effects of economic integration for investment inflows and outflows using theories on industrial location: A theoretical debate

The basic theory of customs union, first presented and explained by Viner in 1950 and later extended and modified  by Meade in 1956, Lipsey in 1957and 1960, Gehrels in 1956-1957, and others, provides the theoretical foundation on which the theory of integration rests. Viner’s (1950) analysis was modified and added to by relaxing some of […]

Examining regional intensity of trade in Africa and implications for intra-Africa trade in the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a continent-wide free trade area that will pave the way for a continental customs union. This study conducts an assessment of the current state and extent of intra-Africa trade for the period 2001-2018. The results give some insights into the foundation which the current regional economic communities […]

A New Kind of Banking: Mahdia (Well-Guided) Banking Model

There are many sustainable banking systems existing where green banking gets the highest priority but the entire banking system is rarely explained in a single model. Different parts of the banking issues explain different factors like green banking and Basel-III for assessment of capital requirements. Some authors have explained ethical practices in banks but not […]

Research Focus and Publications

The Americas’ Multi-Polar Displacements as A New Pattern in Haitian-French Guyanese Migrations Romanovski Zephirin* ABSTRACT Migration shifts over time. The attractive immigration policy of French Guyana, which allowed Haitians to migrate in the early 1970s, was changed into a repulsive one in the mid-1980s. This dramatic change modifies migrants’ linear trajectories from the Haitian departure […]


In the Journal Cell , May 27th 2021, is a paper titled Parental genome Unification is Highly Error-Prone in Mammalian Embryos. What is described is the complex union of the male and female genomes following fertilization. The complexity of this process leads to chromosome errors and formation of micronuclei which changes are incompatible with healthy […]

Series of Videos about my book with Nova on Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

I published in 2016 a book about Quantum Mechanics, its foundations, interpretation and much more. The book presents many new results and extensions of the field, mainly of results I’ve been deriving in the past 20 years. They form a systematic approach to the field quite different from what is generally found in literature. Recently, […]

Chicago Fed 2020-2021 Economic Forecast

Here is my forecast from last Fall along with my summary of the Annual Forecasting Conference. You can see how well I am doing given my baseline economic assumption that recovery from Covid would be a halting period of fast and slower growth periods. Going forward I will be submitting comments based on my contributions […]

Trinidad and Tobago excluded from the Caribbean Travel Bubble Programme

At the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no cure or vaccine for the virus. Many countries responded by implementing measures to contain the virus transmission. Some of the measures included encouraging people to wash their hands, wear masks, and practice social distancing. Eventually, countries adopted more aggressive measures such as shutting down all […]

Productivity Theory for Industrial Engineering, Taylor & Francis, 2018, London, New York, Boca Raton.

Proposed productivity theory for industrial engineering collected all achievements in analytical and practical experience in formulating the physical productivity for different manufacturing systems with simple and complex designs. Productivity theory for industrial engineering discovers laws and reasonable links for creating manufacturing machines and systems. It is necessary to point out that this productivity theory is […]