Outcomes-based assessment

What is outcomes-based assessment? Outcomes-based assessment is a process of gathering evidence on learning based on the number of learning outcomes achieved rather than the sum of marks on different assessment tasks (James, 2019). Why outcomes-based assessment? Students know exactly what they are going to learn. Once students are clear about what they would learn, […]

Flexible Assessment Open Pathway

Flexible Assessment Open Pathway Flexible Assessment is an outcomes-based approach where formative and summative assessments are mixed to measure learning outcomes in ways that allow learner voices on assessment weights, what and how to assess as well as self- and peer-assessments. Flexible assessment usually involves using some or all of the following assessment methods: Learner […]

Microbial Synthesis of Nanomaterials

Description: The present book Microbial Synthesis of Nanomaterials is written mainly for the public’s acquaintance with the synthesis and characterisation of different types of nanomaterials (NMs) and their sustainable applications in various fields. The nano-era began the late 1990s, after which the production of NMs increased rapidly and is expected to reach 1.663 million tons […]

The White Roses and Other Poems by Senaka Seneviratnen – Published in Australia in 2014

My collection of poetry “White Roses and Other Poems” includes three sections. They are namely In Solitude, White Roses, and Miscellaneous. In this effort, my main aim is to reflect on the peaceful struggle of the White Rose Student Movement which was a non-violent and intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany. It mainly consisted of […]

Cover Design

Nova’s Cover Department creates the book design. If you wish to submit an idea, a sample of the cover may be sent for our review. If you would like to provide specific images, you must own the rights to them or they must be from a stock photography website, copyright and royalty free. Please provide […]

Fuzopuncture puts together Oriental medicine and Western medicine

Fuzopuncture : A New Therapeutic Approach to Treat Joint Disorders ♦ History of acupuncture goes back for more than three thousand years in China. Over 3,000 years, 361 classical acupuncture points were employed for the treatment of various diseases in Northeast Asia. ♦ Efforts to investigate the characteristic of acupuncture points have revealed that loci […]

Future Energy eNews, June 2021

Our Stories #2 and #5 are also quite a hopeful sign for future energy emerging. Our friend and colleague Ryan Wood, who also was a presenter at COFE7 in 2015, has an announcement in Story #2 about his Electric Fusion Systems’ successful demonstration with a novel fusion technology that also works in a small, portable setting.

Sustainable Soil Fertility Management

Sustainable Soil Fertility Management mainly focuses on issues related to soil management at the field level, which is a prime concern for crop production that may be improved by adopting several sustainable management practices. Soil fertility is the capability of soil to sustain plant growth and optimize crop yield. This can be enhanced through the […]

The Caspian is much more than “Mud Volcanoes.”

Mud Volcanoes – are they real? This debate sparked across social media platforms the same day America celebrated its birthday this year on July 4th, 2021. Miles eastward, an explosion took place about ten km from the Umid gas field located in the Azeri region of the Caspian Sea. The debate that whether or not […]