Basilar Artery: A Clinical Review (2 Volume Set)

“Patients with pathology involving the basilar artery are some of the most desperate in all of neurology and neurosurgery, and the treatment of this pathology is among the most challenging. The dolichoectatic basilar artery aneurysm is an example of a lesion that I have struggled with for decades, trying various clipping techniques to reconstruct the artery, different bypass strategies to occlude or thrombose the aneurysm, and transposition techniques to decompress the brainstem. This quixotic journey has led to humbling morbidity/mortality and a profound respect for this artery and its critical perforators. In this remarkable book, Drs. Massoud, Kirollos, and Hacein-Bey direct their full attention to this artery. These accomplished authors and their contributors explore the anatomy of the basilar artery, its responses to atherosclerosis and inflammation, associated ischemic syndromes, injuries from dissection and perforation, and treatments of aneurysms and dolichoectasias. The result is a deep dive to the very center of the cranium and to the one artery most responsible for our survival. The result is an appreciation of its mysteries and how much more we must do if we intend to advance the treatment of these diseases. All of us in the fields of neurology, neurosurgery, and neuroradiology owe it to our patients to study the basilar artery and find new ways to fight its afflictions.”

-Michael T. Lawton, MD, President and CEO, Professor and Chair, Neurosurgery, Chief, Neurovascular Surgery, Barrow Neurological Institute , Phoenix, USA

Drs. Massoud, Kirollos, and Hacein-Bey’s book entitled Basilar Artery: A Clinical Review is a didactic tour de force in the field of Clinical Neurosciences. Their work is a major contribution to the understanding of the basilar trunk, its pathologies, and the key concepts behind state-of-art clinical management; it is a must have for every clinician and medical student interested in the subject. Their encyclopedia basilaris finally fills a blatant void in the literature on the most mysterious, yet vital, artery of the human vasculature. Their opus work gathers contributions from five-star-only physicians, scientists, and educators. This “MKH” seminal book is the reference on topics related to the Basilar Artery.”

-Professor Francis Turjman, MD PhD, Division of Internventional Neuroradiology, Department of Radiology, University of Lyon School of Medicine, Pierre Wertheimer Hospital , Lyon, France

“Basilar disease has long been a challenge, not only in diagnosis of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke subtype, but far too often daunting in management, often to the despair of the clinical team. That this remarkable book justifies publication is a sign of the degree of advances in highly-focused stroke diagnosis and management for this subset of clinical stroke. A distinguished group of justly-famous international authors have been assembled to provide the information needed for modern diagnosis and management. The details painstakingly assembled in these chapters will repay the efforts of readers and offer the chances greatly to improve the clinical outcomes for patients.”

-JP Mohr, MS MD, The New York Neurological Institute, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, USA