Volume 1 Issue 1 (International Journal of Construction Project Management)

EDITORIAL Editor’s Note (Faisal M. Arain) 1. Modelling and Applications Issues in a Simulation Game for Teaching Construction Project Management (Saad Al-Jibouri and Mick Mawdesley) 2. Consultants’ View Towards the Performance of Construction Projects in Palestine (Adnan Enshassi, Abdul-Rashid Abdul-Aziz and Saleh Abushaban) 3. Encouraging Innovations at the Organizational Level: An Application of Knowledge Based […]

Educational Leadership: Perspectives, Management and Challenges

  Enmeshed in unprecedented social change, leaders of educational institutions at all levels are grappling with the demands and uncertainties of the 21st century. The challenges of educational leadership bring to the fore questions about leadership and inevitably questions about the nature and purpose of education itself. For example, ‘What is successful educational leadership?’. ‘What […]

Global South: Searching for a Suitable Macroeconomic Model

For a link to the review, please click here. The New York based Nova Science Publishers has published a collection of works, Macroeconomic Policies in Countries of the Global South, which was compiled by the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute and prominent scientists from Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, and the Philippines. Some of the […]

New Review

“Diarrhea, whose morbidity is still a non-solved problem, still creates a great deal of anxiety among parents who look for something to stop the disease as quickly as possible. Racecadotril fulfills all the characteristics that an ideal antidiarrheal drug should have, as described by Dr. Robert Edelman in 1985, when adequate antidiarrheal drugs were not […]

New Review

“This book is unique in the field of Quantum Mechanics and its applications. It is really different from others. It is comprehensive and written with an attractive personal style. In particular, key issues related to Quasi-Classical Quantum Mechanics are treated with rigor and mathematical elegance (consider the roots of Quantum Mechanics). Subjects as wave functions, […]

New Review

The Last Farewell Embrace: Spirituality, Near-Death Experiences, and Other Extraordinary Events among Nurses “For nurses, doctors, and other medical practitioners this book is a ‘must-read’. Those who have faced a confrontation with death and the grieving process firsthand will also find this book well worth the time. Finally, anyone with a general interest in transpersonal […]

Why 40%-80% of Chronic Pain Patients are Misdiagnosed and What to Do About It

Why 40%-80% of Chronic Pain Patients Are Misdiagnosed and How to Correct That Patient Compliment Letters Comments on Indian Lectures Trial Lawyer Dick Cranwell Nelson Hendler’s newest book does an excellent job at explaining why so many people today remain confused about why they still have chronic pain after visiting so many doctors. Hendler, a […]

New Book Review

“Moral Development and Behavior: New Research should be on every sport pedagogist’s, coach’s, and teacher’s bookshelf; but, more importantly, should be internalized and laid on the hearts of anyone who is an influential catalyst in the social and moral development of others. The research provided in this book lays the foundation for moral development and […]