Adversity after the Crash: The Physical, Psychological and Social Burden of Motor Vehicle Crashes

This book sheds much-needed light on the growing morbidity associated with motor vehicle crashes (MVCs). The editors have assembled an internationally recognized, multidisciplinary team of experts who not only describe the problem, but use the biopsychosocial model to help us understand why people with relatively “minor” physical injuries can have very poor outcomes, while people with more severe injuries can have good outcomes. The section on the influence of compensation schemes and processes nicely explicates how these powerful forces may operate. The sections on psychological factors demonstrate how integral these issues are to achieving overall recovery and point toward some promising early treatment strategies. Policy makers, health care providers of all stripes, and researchers interested in mitigating the enormous economic, social, psychological, and physical impacts of MVCs should learn from these authors to create better systems of care for MVC survivors.”

Charles H. Bombardier, PhD, ABPP
Professor and Head Division of Clinical and Neuropsychology
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington, USA