A Discourse on Economic Development

This edited book builds upon Roy and Clark’s decades-long contribution to the study of comparative economic development. They focus on how “foundational” thinkers, such as Confucius and Ghandhi influenced views and cultural understandings of what is meant by economic development in their respective countries. A related focus is on how these views and understandings can be turned into concrete country-level initiatives to tackle persistent problems such as poverty and inequality.

Besides appealing to comparativists, this volume should also interest anyone pondering the future of the developmental components of the Liberal World Economic Order. As the BRICS and their allies in the Global South increasingly challenge the inequality embedded in traditional development institutions such as the World Bank, we will need more insight into the ideas and cultural understandings that undergird their efforts to reform, reinvent, or replace this existing system.

Stephen C. Ropp
Emeritus Professor of Political Science
University of Wyoming